Best Keyboard Stand For Sitting

Best Keyboard StandIf you own a keyboard and practice music through it because of hobby or profession, it is necessary that you buy the best keyboard stand to complement with. Also, finding a full packaged one that is fine quality and reasonable price can be an overwhelming task.

In the best keyboard stands, you will see multiple varieties in terms of size, price, and competences. On the online purchasing platform, you will find the stands in various choices. However, you need to keep in mind certain factors during the purchasing process. It means that whether you play keyboard as a hobby or profession, you will have numerous options with respect to your needs.

All in all, portable and convenient keyboard stand is one of the essential keyboard accessories that you must require straight from the start. It is because such a stand will help you to keep up a comfortable posture while practicing. Even if you are a professional keyboard player who has a passion of playing the keyboard with a group of friends in a school band or concert, the keyboard stand is still a necessary aspect of the music equipment gear that the player should not avoid.

For those who are at their initial stage of keyboard player should opt for an X-style stand or a double X stand to accommodate their respective keyboards. Or if you own a large 88-keys keyboard, then it is advisable that you opt for Z-style keyboard stand for your convenience.

Why there is a need to buy one best keyboard stand?

There are many reasons that explain why it makes sense to buy a portable keyboard stand and when it is an essential part of the music gear. So let us have a look at some of them

  • Majority of the keyboard stand give the benefit of adjustable height
  • Keyboards are convenient and portable while carrying as the user can fold them like a flat pack
  • They give a more chic appearance even better than a flat table or an iron stand
  • As you move away from the beginner’s stage and enter a professional keyboard playing, you can avail the ready option of getting multi-level stands. These stands are perfect for advanced keyboard playing and if you own different keyboards.

The need of keyboard stand for beginners

Majority of the beginners argue that they find no need to buying a keyboard stand because they have a long way to get to make keyboard playing a profession. Nevertheless, it is recommended that to have a stand in order to maintain a comfortable posture and avoid back pain. Also, you need to position your fingers in such a manner that they should be parallel to the ground. Moreover, a portable X-styled keyboard stand does not cost much and is highly convenient in terms of carrying.

Before selecting the right keyboard stand for sitting, you need to look at certain factors. They are:

  • The weight of the music keyboard. Is it a workstation or a professional piano?
  • The number of music keyboards you use. If you use more than one, then it is preferable that you opt for a multi-tiered one.
  • If you need to carry the stand to different performances, is it convenient to carry?

An all-encompassing look at features of the majority of the best keyboard stand

Those keyboards which have the average weight ranging between 100 to 130 pounds, for them the manufacturers usually recommend that X-style stands. On the other hand, those pianos that are heavy and large, the manufacturers present the durable Z-stands to hold their weight that is up to 500 pounds.

Keep in mind that whatever keyboard stand you chose for sitting or standing with respect to your preferences, they will offer you the benefit of making height adjustments whether you are giving a seating or a standing performance. Also, with a secure lock feature, you can make such height adjustments securely.

1. On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand with 2nd Tier


It is a heavy duty stand that is able to accommodate two keyboards. Being a true professional Z styled keyboard stand, it makes it easy for the user to make height and width adjustments. Moreover, the best part of its convenience is that the stand can fold into a smaller space that majority of the keyboard spaces. Thus, created with the help of some of the exceptional manufacturers of the world, with this specimen, the musicians of the world can confidently go onstage and bring their talents in the limelight.

The presence of front bumpers is an excellent feature of this keyboard stand that enables the users to adjust and rotate the side of your keyboard stand so that it can be accommodated with the height of the pianist. So, in terms of height adjustment, the stand can line-up to 23 to 36 inches. And as far as the width adjustment comes into question, it can make adjustments from 21 to 36 inches from outer range and 19 to 34 inches from the inner side. If you extend the keyboard width to its maximum, it is able to accommodate the keyboard that has 88 keys. And in a compact position without adjustments in width and height, it can hold 55 key piano.

Highlighted Features

Item weight: 29.5 pounds

The dimensions of the stand: 27.8 by 4.5 by 25.5 inches

Imported: yes the stand is imported.

Usage: This on-stage stand is used on a regular basis in studios, showroom, and live performances or concerts.

Protection: the onstage stand has an EVA padding that is velveteen rubber

Manufacturer’s warranty: from the customer service of the authorized dealers you can request the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Affordable
  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Impressive in look and gives an add-on impact on the pianist personality on stage
  • Innovative design
  • With two securing knobs, it is easy to install or remove the second tier
  • Only for that pianist who is experienced, not for the beginners

2. RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Infinitely Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps


This heavy-duty, portable and pre-assembled Xfinity keyboard stand has sufficient capability of accommodating a heavy electronic keyboard. Most importantly what makes this keyboard stand, stand out among the others in the market is its flexibility in height adjustments. This flexibility is fostered through quick release mechanism that allows the pianist to make adjustments on height, width, and depth to maximum dimensions. In terms of height, the pianist has the flexibility to adjust it from 4 to 36 inches, depth is adjustable from 14 inches at the top, and 19 inches at the base and the width is amendable from 7 to 39 inches.

This adjustable feature is a makes this keyboard stand a perfect choice for people of all age groups and the varying postures that want to give such as sitting or standing while playing the keyboard. Furthermore, the fact that this keyboard stand has many add-on specs that prevent the keyboard on it from falling, this makes it an ideal present for the children.

From a price point of you, this type of X stand is an all-time favorite of the people because as a durable X stand, the price is highly reasonable. People generally admire that fact that it is highly adjustable and the best part is its before-hand assembly. Along with being immaculately designed, this X stand is also securely locked. The locking feature is provided through the high supporting and durable strap which once fastened with the keyboard eliminates any risk of the keyboard from falling. The keyboard on the stand receives the further stability, firmness and immobility thought the non-slip rubber straps that are present towards the upper side. If the rubber strap on the upper side gives stability to the keyboard, the lower end rubbers prevent any form of movement of the keyboard at the time of active stage performances when the pianist himself is swaying with the music he creates.

Another appealing feature that makes the pianist readily opt for this type of X-stand is it wrapping up feature. So, once the pianist is done with his performance, in order to save room and space, the XX finity stand can conveniently be packed up. The pianist does not need to undergo the complex procedures of wrapping and to fold the keyboard stand nor do they need to assemble the stand’s part before the beginning of any performance. It is because its assembly is in-built with all the necessary screws and attachments.

Highlighted features

Imported: Yes it is imported

Appearance: this double X keyboard stand has a sturdy metal and durable look that is capable of holding digital keyboards of maximum weight 45 pounds.

Highly adjustable: this features sets this XX finity stand apart from other stands that have only 5 preset adjustable positions. This stand is best for all height types and different postures while playing the keyboard.

 Protection: during performances, these straps provide add-on strength and safety so that the keyboard remains secure and safe. Also, the non-slip rubber caps prevent the keyboard from moving during performances.

Comes pre-welded: this means that there is no need to fall into complicated assembly constructions.

Manufacturer warranty: you can seek it from your respective customer service

  • Made of durable and heavy duty metal material that allows you to rest the keyboard without any fear of falling and damage
  • No need to assembling the parts because of its built-in welding
  • Has great flexibility regarding height modifications
  • The protection provided through straps and runner caps
  • As this keyboard stand can only withstand the maximum weight of piano that is 45 pounds, placing a heavier keyboard on it is out of the question.

3. Quik Lok QL742 Keyboard Stand, Black


A hands-down choice for experienced and professional musicians, this is a double braced keyboard stand that is renowned for its height, tilt, and angle and depth modifiable tier. As it provides the benefits of reliability, durability, and strength, this is the topnotch choice of the band musicians so that they can make rocking performances on stage.

The best and appealing aspect of this QL 742 keyboard stand model is that presents the customers with its signature locking disc system that has further add-on feature of easy to use push button. Furthermore, the steel tube bracing that is renowned for giving a heavy duty extra structural support and robustness explains why the musicians opt for this stand for their important performances.

The alluring aspect of this keyboard stand is its second tier. This tier makes a stand extremely flexible in terms of usage because it can be adjusted to maximum height, tilt and angle thus favoring whatever posture and position the musician wants to assume while performing or practicing.

Thus, all the keyboard stands that belong to the “Pro series” and in this respect the QL 742 model is capable of holding the heaviest piano with safety and security.

Highlighted features

Shipping: this item is not qualified for international shipping. And at present can only be shipped within the US countries.

Protection: the Signature locking system of the model through a user-friendly button and steel tube bracing make a stand robust and give utmost security to keyboard

Highly adjustable: the second tier is flexible in terms of height, angle, tilt, and depth adjustment.

Manufacturer’s warranty: it may not apply to this model

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Reliable due to heightened protection mechanisms so that the keyboards do not fall or suffer damage
  • Can hold the heaviest professional piano of the musician
  • Only for experienced musicians. And not advisable for those who are at the beginning stage.

4. K & M Keyboardstand Spider


The manufacturers of this keyboard stand, Koing and Meyer have been providing different music equipment gear in the market for more than 65 years. In this respect, this equipment is one of their most trusted choices. The reason why these manufacturers are able to thrive in the market of musical gear is that they make use of high-grade materials and intricate processing methods that lead to fine quality tangible manufacturing that takes into account even the smallest details.

The consistency and stability in the tolerances and dimensions of the keyboard stand are fostered through the manufacturer’s choice of steel tubing. Moreover, the metal and plastic parts have in-house manufacturing that is a plus sign on the quality of the keyboard.

The reason why it is an all-time favorite of the musician is that of its appearance in look, innovatively designed and a keyboard with high-on functionality, style and fine finishing coupled with well-thought-out assembly, and it is convenient in folding, usage, and transportation from one destination to another. In other words, the keyboard stand is highly suited to match the back to back performances of the musicians.

The double tier supporting arms and the 5/8 inches microphone stud for goosenecks, booms and other accessories are built-in features of this keyboard stand. With the featured of the threaded connection of  the microphone, there will be no need include a separate mic stand in your set as the set already comes with an integrated mic.

The dominant feature that is highly visible is the keyboards column styled look that provides it with flexibility. Moreover, as it is tiered keyboard stand, what gives each tier super durability is the supporting extendable arms. In this way, these tires are able to withstand the maximum weight of the piano up to 70 pounds.

This keyboard stand is extremely friendly in terms of carrying as it has a special folding mechanism in it. It has different folds that make it easier to wrap up and carry to different performances that are scheduled back to back. The legs of the stand remained attached and simply fold at the bottom of the column. And the extendable supporting arms that provide support to your keyboards fold at the top of the column. Thus, for home studios and frequent touring of musicians, this keyboard is an ideal choice for them.

Highlighted features

Appearance: A tiered, column styled stand

Mic facility: has an inbuilt integrated microphone through a threaded connection.

Convenience: this stand is highly convenient in terms of traveling as it can be folded easily to manage the back to back performances of the musicians.

  • Adjustable height
  • Great support through the supporting arms
  • In house manufacturing of metal and plastic parts
  • Can carry a heavy piano set
  • Ideal for those musicians who have a busy schedule. A waste of money for the beginners to invest.

5. Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand w/Wheels – Z Style Adjustable & Portable Professional Heavy Duty Digital Piano Stand (Fits 54-88 Key Electric Pianos)

Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand

Every keyboard is in need of a flexible and high-quality stand, and this stand stands up to these requirements. In this respect, this Z-styled keyboard stand is manufactured with the idea that it will be able to withstand all sizes of keyboards from the smallest weight to the heaviest. Moreover, the key board’s stand flexibility is proven by the fact that it is able to accommodate the extreme width and the height of any musician.

The dual support to your respective keyboard is given through the 1.4 inches box frame, and a doubled steadied base. Furthermore, the stand has an inclusion of flexible feet and movable wheels. With such robust support, this keyboard stand is capable of holding the weight of the piano up to 250 pounds.

The fast spring embedded knobs help in the easy adjustment of the keyboard stand with respect to height and width. The best part of this keyboard is that it is highly user-friendly in terms of wrapping and opening it. It is because so assembly is required and within less than a minute you can set up or wrap the accessory down.

The padding support prevents the keyboard stand from any kind of scratching and wearing down due to traveling, and they also provide add-on support to the piano.

The adjustable wheels provide ease of mobility of the stand and provide adjustment on the level of the stand.

Highlighted features:

Adjustable height and width: this feature makes the stand ideal for the accommodation of any kind of keyboard. In this respect, this stand is compatible with topnotch piano brands such as Casio, Roland, Yahama and many others.

Play in any position: this is only possible because the Z styled piano is well suited to accommodate the piano of any width. In this way, you can play both by sitting or standing.

Can withstand the weight of the heaviest piano: the stand can accommodate the heaviest piano because of its sturdy and heavy duty construction. Moreover, its robust design eliminates the risk of the stand tipping off and guarantees a firm grip on the ground.

Ease of transportation: this is fostered through the movable wheels that are covered with anti-skid pads. This padding prevents the piano from slipping or from any form of damage or scratch

  • Heavy-duty construction that fosters firm grip of the stand on the ground and the ability to withstand the heaviest piano.
  • Movable wheels foster ease of transportation in the home, concerts, and studios
  • Due to adjustable height, it can allow different playing postures such as sitting or standing
  • Extremely easy to set up or wrap
  • It is only suitable for the heaviest pianos. So if anyone is on a practicing and learning stage is better to invest in a portable stand that suits their purpose.

6. K&M Stands K&M – Table-style keyboard stand – Omega – black 18810.015.55


The reason why this keyboard stand is the top choice of the manufacturers is that of the stability that the compact steel tubing and the large round floor protectors provide. Along with giving standing, these two features give the attractive look of the keyboard. The height can be easily adjusted to suit the varying postured through the spring embedded secure knobs.

As per the experience for being in the market for a quite a long time, the manufacturers clearly realize that the musicians especially the pianist often subject their gear to rough and tough treatment. It is because they need to reach to various performances in a short time and thus required a robust supporting stand that can accommodate their heavy instrument and rigorous schedule. Thus, by keeping in mind the tough pianist schedule, the enormous weight of the professional keyboards and the convenience that the pianist require at their workforce, they design this table styled keyboard stand. Therefore, this stand reflects all the elements of height adjustability, reliability, and firmness for prime transportation so that back to back performing schedules of the pianist can be fostered.

Highlighted features

The knob: the knob of the keyboard stand is clamped with spring locking screws that make the modifications in height easier. So, in order to adjust height, all you need to do is release the spring rather than screws.

Leg height adjustment feature: this possibility is fostered through four Velcro tapes that escort the cable. Also, the supporting arms can be amended to suit the keyboard width.

Saves a lot of space after wrapping it up: the stand looks impressively flat once it is wrapped up. During travel, you can disassemble the stand in order to save the space.

Extras: there is an additional tier provided to accommodate a second keyboard or laptop. Also, the adaptor 18814 is provided to hold the microphone boom arm, Ipad holder, musical holder, and universal holder.

  • Has an attractive look
  • Height adjustments are conveniently made through spring-loaded knobs rather than screws
  • Saves a lot of space after being folded. This fosters ease in traveling and reaching to back to back performances of the pianist.
  • Due to its frequent wrapping feature, it is possible that the keyboard can wear easily.
  • Does not have sufficient strapping for heavyweight pianos for extra protection.

7. Neewer Collapsible Piano Keyboard Stand for 61-key / 76-key / 88-key Keyboard with Adjustable Height from 25.6″to 43.3″/65cm to 110cm and Length from 29″to 51.2″/73cm to 130cm, Black

Neewer Collapsible Piano Keyboard Stand

This keyboard stand is specifically designed to meet the growing demands of the top pianists. Moreover, the fact that this stand has the shape of a table top, it makes it a durable, strong and a sturdy keyboard holding material. Also, in terms of height and width adjustability, it is programmed to suit this feature extremely well and also works perfectly for that pianist who prefer to make use improved and advanced features of larger and heavier keyboards such as the weight-key action.

The U styled keyboard stand provides the flexibility in height ranging from 65 cm to 100 cm. Furthermore, through the convenient line it up positions and friction locking screws, the user can make modification in its heights to suit his or her posture and angle while playing.

Highlighted features

Heavy duty construction: making use of a robust material that is steel, the keyboard stand is ideal for holding keyboards ranging from 61 to 88 keys. Moreover, on this stand, we can also see the positioning of the antiquated vintage style piano models g the 1970s time.

Support: the support to all heavy and light weighted digital pianos is given by the supporting bars and hinges

Ease of wrapping: the keyboard stand can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation.

  • Suitable for all range of pianos ranging from the heavy old fashioned one to the present day modern digital ones
  • Support to the keyboard provided through supporting arms and hinges
  • Can be folded flat easily that fosters storage and transport facilities.
  • Despite having the protection of supporting arm, there are no rubber padding that may cause scratches and wear and tear on the keyboards.

8. Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand, Black

Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand

This keyboard stand is specifically designed for the pianos that belong to the Yamaha brand. In this way, this accessory completes the exclusive look of the Yamaha piano. Therefore, the purpose of the manufacturing of this stand, in particular, is to suit the feel and appearance of the pianos of the P-series such as P-85, P-105, P-35, P-95 digital pianos.

The dominant aspect of this stationary keyboard is the stable base that gives adequate and firm support to your instrument. Also, the robust paneling of its legs gives the stand an impressive look and professional touch as it looks perfect in your studio or jam room

Highlighted features:

Perfect for various P series digital pianos

Professional look and immaculate finishing

The construction: furniture styled construction that matches with the interior of your personalized studio or jam room

Provides robust support to the pianos of the Yamaha brand.

  • Solid construction
  • Sturdy support through leg paneling
  • Professional look
  • As it is designed specifically for P-series pianos and Yamaha Brand, it will not be able to hold other keyboards.

9. ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps


The best part of this keyboard is that it provides double braced square 1-inch tubing that heightens the durability and strength of the stand. In this way, they are able to accommodate the weight of the heavy pianos. It has a universal appeal as the adjustable arms are well suited to meet the needs of all the keyboards.

The simple adjustments in height can be made through the disk clutch bullet shaped knob. So the adjustments in height range from 24 to 89 inches and in terms of width, it can be modified from 12 to 33 inches

The security of the keyboard on the stand is fostered through non-slip, rubber caps and secured locks that prevent any form of misbalancing of the keyboard during practicing and performances.

Highlighted features:

The locking mechanism: the bullet-nose pull makes allows the easy adjustment in the height of the stand.

150 pounds weight endurance capacity: this stand is designed to withstand the weight of the heaviest piano even the entire lunch buffet!

Security and protection: Through protective non-slip rubber end caps, the piano will receive add-on security on the stage. In this way, any form of movement during high-end performances can be avoided.

No need of assembly: this is the alluring feature of the stand as the stand comes assembled from the manufacturer. So, instead of wasting time in assembly, use it to shine in the limelight.

Extras:  There is the possibility of adding another level to the Chromacast Stand so that you can convert the single keyboard system to a dual one.

All in one: the wide range of bundle options enables you to include all the music gear in the keyboard stand.

  • Able to carry heavy weights of piano due to its robust construction
  • Improved and dual security through the bullet-shaped knob and non-slip rubber caps
  • No need to assemble the parts.
  • Double part support mechanism provides durability for active energy-filled performances
  • Only designed for those musicians who are active performers
  • Locking straps may not be applicable to all keyboard types.

10. On-Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand

On-Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand

No matter how much experienced or professional a musician is, he or she will always look for a stand that is devoid of any complexities in the spec, is straightforward and within the budget. For this reason, the manufacturers have improvised the classic X styled keyboard stand as it is the number one priority of majority of the keyboardists.

Highlighted features

Height adjustments: the bullet nose pull knob provides the 5- position disk clutch that makes wide modifications in height

Can accommodate keyboard of any width: this is possible through the wide arm sleeves position.

Replacements: there is also the added benefit of availability of replacement parts

Security: security and the standing of the accessory is provided through the screws located at the end of each post.

  • Straightforward and affordable stand
  • Height can be easily adjusted to suit the varying postures of the keyboardist
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Scratch resistant powdered coating
  • There are no non-slip rubber caps that provide extra support to the piano. In this way, the keyboard can lose its balance during active performances.


It is clear that the majority of the portable keyboards do not come with a stand. Thus, it is essential that the keyboardist should look for a reliable, sturdy, heavy duty and versatile keyboard stand that can suit all their needs and foster comfortable playing of the musical instrument. So whether you are a professional musician, a beginner who want to pursue keyboarding as a profession or want to play piano in leisure, you still need a best keyboard stand to provide you with a stable platform for playing. Thus, as these devices mentioned above are designed to suit the varying needs of the musicians are attractive and impressive to be accommodated in home or studio or jam rooms.

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