Best In Ear Monitor System For Band

Best In Ear Monitor SystemBest in ear monitor system for band play a fundamental role in making some great and memorable music. This part of musical gear is often overlooked. Nevertheless, it is important that the musicians pay heed to this gear as this smallest object allow the musicians to hear their own voices and that of other singers. In this way, they can make their performances better by improving their voices in the light of other singers and eradicate their mistakes.

Keep in mind that if you feel that you can depend on your own naked ears and floor monitors to get a better idea of how you sound, the ear monitors will allow for to examine your singing in a more critical light. Close to your ears, your voice can travel a short way to your brain, and at that point, you get a crystal clear picture of where you stand in terms of singing.

So, it is understood that the real purpose of the best in ear monitor system for band is to make the singer focus entirely on what he or she wants to hear. So, if you happen to be a professional singer, singing and articulating your lyrical voice by being a member of your band, you will soon realize that there is a lot of noise on stage. And such noise can be extremely distractive if it is coming from the drummer’s end. So, in order to make yourself focus and hear exactly what you want at that time of singing so that you do not lose focus, ear monitors fixed in your both ears with help you considerably.

If at that time you decide not to wear an in-ear monitor when your band is vigorously playing their respective musical instruments, you will find it hard even to hear yourself while singing. So, you will end up shouting by singing louder, and this will put a strain on your voice. In this way, your lyrical voice will deviate from its purpose, and all you will aim is that making yourself heard. Therefore, once you use the ear monitors, this sound engineer will allow you to focus only on your voice.

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Why and how should you choose Best In Ear Monitor System for Band?

The main purpose of choosing the In-ear monitoring is to hear what you want, hear how you want and hear when you want. Keeping these three principles in mind that govern the use of In-ear monitors, let us first see why the musicians should incorporate this gear in their musical gear?

As far as live performances are concerned, the main factor that leads to the transition from traditional floor monitors to modern in-ear monitors was clarity. It is because the emerging musicians realized that the floor monitors were not being efficient in making them focus. They were not enabling them to articulate the lyrical voice that is related to the theme of the music, and they were not able to hear themselves clearly and especially when the on-stage music volume is very high. Therefore, the singers may suffer from the extreme form of voice straining as they are putting the huge amount of effort into making themselves heard admits the booming onstage voice.

Moreover, another reason why there was a shift from the traditional floor wedges to the contemporary in-ear monitors was lack of clear feedback. It is because the floor monitors were contributing greatly towards the rising level of noise on stage. In this way, the singers were not able to concentrate on the feedback and the reaction of the audience as they were both intermingled by the rising noise levels by the floor monitors.

In addition, one of the main reason, the emerging drummers and musicians are preferring the in-ear monitors is that they want to harbor control on what they want to hear when they are onstage. This shows that the Inear monitors have tailored programming that suits the respective needs of the singers. In this way, these singers can work of giving their best of each gig. Some artist, on the other hand, makes use of these inear monitors so that they can restrict the exposure to great amounts of sound pressure that impairs the hearing conversation.

Two basic types of In-Ear Studio Monitors

You will find two fundamental categorizations for In-ear monitor; one is the ear monitor that you wrap around your ears, and the other is the one that hangs straight down as you stick in with cables. So when these basic configurations are present before the singers, it is up to the preferences of them which they choose. Some of the singers or artists are stage not comfortable with the ear monitors that wrap over their ears. Rather, they prefer the other one.

However, it is the universal preference of all those individuals who are serious performers is that they choose the over the ear monitor. The reason is that as they are indulged in live performing or broadcasting, they need a robust ear monitor that wraps around their ear securely and conceals the cables. In this way, they are not entirely visible.

Also, with the passage of time, the performers are becoming so much accustomed to made to order molded IEMs as they give a professional touch to their personality onstage that they do not even see the straight hanging ones even as an option.

Dealing with the ear tips

Majority of the times, in the wide range of in-ear monitors, you will find that the ear tips are made of silicone or foam. And it is also important to note that there is nothing right or wrong regarding them, in fact, whatever you choose, it defines your preference and taste. Both the two types of ear tips function well in their respective places. Both of them block the unnecessary sound that might distract the performers and both help in locking the sound of your desired mix.

However, those individuals who need to give active gigs onstage normally opt for the silicon material ear tips. As they use suction to stay in place, they give the ear monitor add-on stability and are light in weight as well. On the other hand, the foam ear tips do not soak in sweat, are dense in weight as they place pressure on the ear canal and are more isolating in nature.

So in the light of these factors and various features of the majority of In-ear monitors, let us now examine some of the options:

1. Shure P3TRA215CL PSM300 Wireless Stereo Personal Monitor System with SE215-CL Earphones, G20


The manufacturer Shure has a history of development in audio over the period of 90 years that has to make a revolutionary change in the field of sound electronics and microphones. This innovation is evident in this piece of ear monitor. The main attraction of this earpiece is that from every corner of the stage, it has the ability of delivering authentic and reliable wireless freedom and 24-bit digital audio network.

Moreover, with this patented audio reference wireless monitor, the performers will have the manufacturer’s guarantee in the receiving low noise and sound that is the clearest. In addition to clear sound, the dependable wireless feature of the monitor demonstrates that it covers the expansive area of 30 feet. Along with being highly convenient in setting the system up, it also fosters a clean channel so that the wireless feature of the system can thrive.

Also, the MixMode technology or the stereo mode allows the performers the liberty to mix any of the two channels of audio of their own choice. Within the design, there is a bodypack receiver that shows the sturdy yet immaculate aluminum construction that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery along with the ability to get an uncompelled recharge. In conclusion, this set is completed with improved bass and detailed sound through 37db sound isolating earphones.

Highlighted features

Innovative components: Sound isolating earphones, optimized receiver controls and the ability to recharge through the uncompelled receiver.

Wireless feature: covers the wireless range of 300 feet and within such range, there is clear sound and least distraction from other audio modes onstage.

Additional components: antenna, bulkhead adapter, BNC cable supply, battery adapter kit, 2 amperage battery, zipper bag, and a user guide

  • Clear wireless channel
  • A personalized mix of two audios
  • Least distraction from other noises on stage
  • Rock solid wireless connection
  • Need to recharge the batteries often as they do not have much longevity.

2. ANLEON S2 UHF Stereo Wireless Monitor System In-Ear System (1 Transmitter 1 Receiver)

ANLEON S2 UHF Stereo Wireless Monitor System In-Ear System

The IEM system is specifically designed for live stage performances and broadcasting. The high-grade optimal quality of the ear monitor is fostered through a high S/N ratio and energetic range. The alluring aspect of the ear monitor system is that its double XLR inputs enable the functioning of mono or stereo or 2-channel operation in a convenient way. As a result, through this convenient functionality, you can operate two sources into S2.

Although this in-ear monitor wireless system comes with one transmitter and one receiver, it is possible to expand the system by adding an unlimited number of receivers.

Also, the users can employ a dual mode in the system that is the stereo mode and mono mode. By using the stereo mode, the users will find that from the left input to left headphone, and from right input to right headphones, signals are fed in a convenient manner. In the Mono mode, the signal transmission is fostered through the amalgamation of Channel L and R.

Highlighted features

Stability: the stable connection is fostered through the synthesized technology in PLL and UHF frequency band

Versatility: the ear monitor system is highly flexible as through a single transmitter, you can operate numerous receivers set within the wireless range

No mutual interference: this is possible through the intricate anti-interference circuit that makes use of six sets at the same time.

Distinguishing component: the best part of this system is the LCD receiver that showcases frequency, battery level, and channel.

Operating range: operating range is up to 100 meters.

  • Good versatility in the system
  • A stable and a robust connection up to 100 meters in length
  • Perfect for live performances.
  • For a vocalist it is fine, but for a bass player, this earpiece is not advisable
  • There is no appreciative amount of clipping received from the band

3. Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3-G-US In-Ear Monitor EW system

Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3-G-US In-Ear Monitor EW system

Sennheiser ear monitoring system models are highly trusted by professionals all around the world because they firmly believe that the main factor that contributes towards good performance is good hearing. Therefore, they have incorporated a flawless receiver in the system that is adaptable and diverse in nature employs headphone cable as a secondary antenna.

The standing out component of the system includes the different kinds of ear fitting pads or the ear canal that are personalized in nature. They fulfill the purpose of reproducing the signals from the adaptable and diverse receiver precisely. The inputs are split easily through the pass-out outputs so that it can become accessible to other devices.

In order to make the sound personalized and hear what you want, the system also has an integrated 5 band equalizer. And the best part is that this comprehensive set of ear monitor system can be controlled and regulated through the wireless system manager. Such control is made possible as the ear monitor set has a built-in Ethernet port inside.

Highlighted features

Reception of sound is free of any interference

The wireless integration: this is possible through the Ethernet port that allows proficient management of data and good monitoring

Compatibility: it has compatibility with 16 frequencies

  • Improved frequency bad network
  • A great wireless feature that manages and controls the data and monitoring
  • Sometimes the wireless connection is lost through the disturbance in the network. So, the wireless connection is not reliable at times.

4. Pyle Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System

Pyle Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System

Once you incorporate this ear monitoring system, it is going to give an add-on impact on your sound and style on stage. And the manufacturer has recommended this ear monitoring system for all the drummers and musicians.

The sound experience of the musicians and singers is enhanced through the innovative integrated technology and friendly controls both in-ear monitors and receiver system. Also, this ear monitor system has a remarkable sound production for types of music, speech, vocals or any event that takes place on stage.

No matter what the size and capacity of the venue are, this ear monitor system by making use of its wireless feature is going to give you the audio of admirable quality, ideal on-stage performance, and zero distractions. So, utilize this contemporary modern sound technology and enjoy stress-free and trustworthy sound transmission.

Highlighted features:

Wireless: this feature ensures that the ear monitor covers the range of 330 feet in giving the wireless signal. In this way, the performers can move freely on stage without losing the connection from the sound.

Additional components: in-ear headphones, audio system transmitter, and digital belt-pack receiver.

Perfect for audio and stage ambiance: the ear monitor has a feature of UHF audio signal transmitter that covers the frequency range of 902 to 928 MHZ.

User-friendly: it system does not have any complex controls

  • Freedom of movement
  • Modern and contemporary design and technology
  • Wireless signals can be transmitted through a wide range.
  • LCD panel display for at a glance monitoring
  • The wireless feature is not up to the mark.

5. AudioFly – AF120 Hybrid Dual Driver Universal In-Ear Monitors – Roadie Black

AudioFly - AF120 Hybrid Dual Driver Universal In-Ear Monitors

This product is a balanced and a dynamic carcass driver that makes use of exclusive technologies that imitate every details and feeling in your music. The best part is that you can purchase this headset at a reasonable price and receive an enhanced mid and high-frequency detail.

Highlighted features

Listening and performing: in order to foster perfect listening and performing it has a user-friendly warm and clear rich bass great.

Technology: this product amalgamates two technology that is balanced carcass and dynamic driver technology.

Internal crossover: this provides warm and inviting tone and flat frequency response.

  • Good sound clarity and treble is balanced
  • Comes with helpful accessory
  • Highly comfortable and portable to carry around
  • The performers and singers first need to undergo a good tutorial to learn how to wear them
  • Not preferable for bass players.

6. Audio Technica ATH-IM02 SonicPro Balanced In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-IM02 SonicPro Balanced In-Ear Monitor Headphones

This earpiece fosters three main functionality areas; they include, sound, performance and the fitting in ears. As the manufacturers are astutely focused towards these three areas, they have designed the earpiece and ear monitoring system in its accordance.

The pure and undistracted listening experience to the users is only possible through the designing of the ear monitor system that is a horn-shaped conductor pipe and double balancing carcass drivers.

And the best part is that the innovation in design does not only stop here. Rather, the advancement and uniqueness are visible in the headphones of this ear monitoring system that are designed to fit and seal within the performer’s ear.

The designing and the add-on features of these headphones is that they come with silicon padding and foam padding so that they can foster personalized fit.

Highlighted features

Cable: Y shaped and detachable

The technology employed: Doubled balanced armature driver technology

Convenience and fitting in the ear: this is possible through the detachable cables that have a formable wire that gives ease of wearing the headphones.

Extras: silicon and foam earpieces, foam and gold plated connector

  • Pure reproduction of sound through armature technology
  • Inhibits audio radiation resistance through the horn-shaped conductor pipe
  • Does not have a clear and balanced sound
  • The foam earpiece is dense and exert pressure on the ear and have no sound isolation. They also do not soak in sweat.

7. Shure SE535LTD Limited Edition Red Sound Isolating Earphones with Remote (Old Model) + Microphone

Shure SE535LTD Limited Edition Red Sound Isolating Earphones

The attractiveness of this product lies in the fostering of spacious sound through high definition drivers and high quality low-pitched cinematic audio s delivered in this portable and convenient package.

Furthermore, through the detachable cable feature of the ear monitoring system, there is an ease of availing numerous connectivity options so that the device can remain compatible, upgraded and maintained with ease.

As the ear monitoring system features the design of sound blocking, it means that the performers will have no disturbances and distractions while they are performing on stage or practicing.

As the earphones have over the ear configuration, it means that they are wrapped securely around the ear. The cables are not intermingled with the headphones, and this fosters an enduring comfort.

Highlighted features:

Detachable cable: Through this cable, the ear monitoring system can connect to various devices. Also, this feature allows frequent upgrades and the convenience of maintenance

The over the ear configuration: this feature fosters a high level of comfort and attaches the earphone firmly in place.

Extras: wireless earphones and Bluetooth enabled the cable to pave the way for wireless connection.

  • High definition drivers for spacious side
  • Innovative detachable cable
  • Headphones have a good fir through the over the ear configuration
  • The physical design is not up to the mark, it is not durable, and the pods are irreversible.
  • The product is overpriced and not proportionate to the poor makeup of the product.

8. ER4XR Extended Response Earphone

ER4XR Extended Response Earphone

The immediate response by the users just at the sight of this earphone is that the world’s leading accurate earphone’s design appears improved and enhanced. If we look at the brief history of the manufacturer, we will find that the creator behind this model of earphone has been in the market for thirty years. And in that time period, Etymotic was the driving force behind the creation of noise-isolating, in-ear earphones. Originally, the main purpose behind the creation of the etymotic models was to foster the ease of hearing in the field of hearing testing and auditory research.

Furthermore, the standing out features is the driver technology armatures and high definition acoustics in earphones.

The signature aspect of the Etymotic designs is that they are a manufacturer with the purpose of improving, protecting and enhancing the hearing and listening capabilities of all those who harbor an interest in music. Therefore, these earphones appeal to those individuals who are music enthusiasts and hi-fi music lovers who are not ready to compromise in the mid-range and high frequency. However, in the process, they prefer a little add-on presence of frequency in the lower end.

Highlighting features

The Detachable feature of the cable: in order to remove the cable, it is advisable by the manufacturer to detach the cable connector from the earpiece. As a rule of thumb, pull the cable straight out and avoid twisting.

The unique feature of filters: in order to avoid wax accumulation in the earpiece and streamline the frequency response, the earphone has a special inbuilt filter. You can easily locate these filters at the end of the earphone and whenever, you remove the ear tip, you can spot them there easily. However, due to blocking the wax and streamlining the sound frequency, it so happens that the filters become clogged. At that time you need to replace them. Whenever you feel that these earphones are not fostering or delivering clear sound and muffling is taking place, always check the filters. You need to replace them immediately or clean them to get the original sound quality.

Extras: in the box, you will find a stereo phone adapter, assorted ear tips, replacement filters, filter removal tool, performance certificate, carrying case and a short clip.

  • Accurate and clear sound
  • No sound leakage
  • Well defined mid-range
  • You need to replace and clean the filter continuously whenever there is a sound construction
  • The propriety cable is not the standard MMCX cable and tends to break easily.

9. Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

In the E series of this earphone manufacturing design, this model is standing out one. It is an ideal model for mixing on studio and monitoring of sound on stage because its preciseness and accuracy it is able to harmonize the mix. This model is purely designed for professional singers because it is perfect in offering the perfect sound stage and high-resolution audio. This model has the manufactured to fully respond to the growing demand of the musicians and sound professionals whether they are onstage, on DJ booth or they are practicing in the studio.

Throughout the comprehensive an all-encompassing frequency range, the model features three armature driver technology cables that provide an accurate and extended response.

The cable loops feature over the ear configuration that provides a comfortable fit, customized satisfaction and most importantly, durability. The earpiece mechanism has a built-in feature of maximum isolation so that the performers can only focus on the music.

The impressive aspect of the ear monitor is the presence of detachable cables that give a sturdiness to the set and leads to boosted performance.

Highlighting feature:

Detachable cables: this provides durability to the ear monitoring set and allows enhanced performances

Specifically manufactured housing: this inbuilt feature allows the performers to concentrate on sound only through an extreme level of isolation and lack of interference.

Extras in the box: adapter, carrying case, silicon ear tip and Comply foam ear tip.

Driver type: Triple balanced armature that fosters increased frequency response and accurate sound delivery on the stage.

Connector: L-shaped, 3.5mm gold plated stereo mini plug.

  • This ear monitoring set is built for quality. There is high-grade plastic around every component, and the chord itself is made from a thick material that prevents it from breaking.
  • The sound delivery of the earpiece is superb
  • The earpiece is uncomfortable in wearing as they are not custom fit.
  • You will find the missing bass majority of the times in performances especially the rock band performances. In this way, they are not ideal for high-end performances.


Why are in ear monitor system a better choice than the traditional floor monitors?

There are many reasons why the rock star performers, singers, artists and active individuals on stage, booth or studio prefer the modern in-ear monitors over the traditional wedge ones. So, let us have a look at them:

The best in ear monitor system foster sound quality that is superior and matchless:

The best thing about the in-ear monitor system is that they reproduce and deliver the sound that is crystal clear irrespective of the size of the venue. Through this modern and contemporary action, you are able to adapt your performance to show what you hear. This benefit will give you and your audience an augmented experience with one another. On the way, you will feel that your confidence as a performer will reach a new level as well.

Finest quality volume levels

In the old times when the floor wedges were used in performances, the manufactures of these sound monitors were stuck in the battle between the amplified and the unamplified. The reason for such flux was that the singers, high-end performers, acoustics and artists were not able to hear themselves in the midst of the other musicians on the stage. The voices of the singers became inaudible among the booming guitarists, bassists, and the drummers.

However, with the emergence of these modern in-ear monitoring devices, such inaudibility was eradicated, and the performers got access to studio quality sound in the context of live sound broadcasting. In this way, you can choose what you want to hear, when you want to hear and how you want to hear.

The impairing hearing health

Keep in mind that the traditional floor monitors or wedges pose a threat to the hearing ability of the singers and performers as they give high pressure of sound on the ears. Thus, the in-ear monitors prevent and safeguard your ears from the noise of the outside and allow you to hear what you want to hear.

Therefore, the above options regarding best In ear studio monitor system for durmmers have all these benefits, features and innovativeness that make them stand out from the traditional wedges.