Best Musicians Earplugs For Concerts

Best Musicians Earplugs For ConcertsWe have spent hours on finding the best musicians earplugs for concerts. So, this guide is a product of great research. Whether you are performing on regular basis in front of so many fans or you are just a hobbyist, securing the hearing must always be your first priority. These comfortable and lightweight earplugs would filter dangerous and excessive noise. These would definitely allow you to hear vocals and instruments clearly.

Music is Universal

There is vast universal media and music is one of them. It plays a crucial part in every culture on this planet. There are differences in every style of music which are as superb as differences between people. Anybody can make the music. Research has proved that it is good for health as well. The audience is not very much necessary rather all this takes is the artist. The sounds could flow.

Career in Music

If you have a career in the music industry then this is the most rewarding thing that you could do. But it is very harmful too. There are so many people who have performed or practiced without suitable ear protection. This is a gambling game all the time.

The loud music actually degrades the human hearing with the passage of time. It is possible to lose hearing clarity & get tinnitus. Plus, there’s no cure for the hearing loss. When you lose hearing, you are stuck with this.

Hence finding proper earplugs pair is very crucial. By reading this list, you would have a clear notion of where to begin in your finding.

If you want to take the shows to a high level & have more faithful fans then this guide would absolutely help you.

3 Important Features of Best Musicians Earplugs For Concerts

Before starting reviews, it is good to know about what actually makes a nice pair of hearing protection plugs.

a.) Earplugs must reduce volume.

It is the most crucial point. Each pair has to lower the volume around you. How much reduction you need would rely on your requirements.

In case you are DJing at the club or playing in some metal band then you may need as much as possible.

When you are playing the acoustic instruments with your fellows in some small size room, you would want a bit less.

The average reduction in sound for the earplugs lies between 15 to 30 db. You need to search a pair which is appropriate for you & your activities.

b.) Earplugs need to have excellent sound quality.

It’s the very first reason that people do not like earplugs. They could ruin the great experience of any concert or rehearsal in case you are wearing the wrong earplugs.

You need those earplugs which reduce the volume around you just like you decrease the volume in your car.

The music quality does not lose rather a good pair of earplugs make sure that your ears are secure.

c.) Earplugs must fit your ears comfortably and snuggly.

Everybody’s ears are a bit different in shape. Some have big ear canals while others have small ones. Some people have a direct shot to the eardrum while others might have the deep curves.

Hence you should make it sure that you buy earplugs which are comfortable as well as completely fills up the ear canal. You do not want this to be very large or very thin. Otherwise, there’ll not be a fit seal & sound would leak around the earplug that makes it less effective.

You might need to try some pairs of earplugs to find the right one which fits your ears the best. With all this in your mind, let us see the 11 best musicians earplugs for concerts.

1. Etymotic Research MP9-15 MusicPRO High-Fidelity Electronic Earplugs


These noise reduction plugs automatically change the sound levels.

These provide the best hearing protection. They are designed for the musicians who need to hear naturally. The musicians want protection while the hearing is dangerous.

These earplugs are for directors & music educators, audiences, performers, entertainment industry supporting staff, and front of the house crews.

The MusicPRO electronic earplugs are quite active earplugs. The passive earplugs have effects on sound quality & reduce the ability to actually hear soft sounds. There is circuitry in the MusicPRO electronic earplugs that restores sound which has lost while ear tips seal off ear canals & give hearing protection whenever required. Soft sound is heard naturally and even raised in its enhancement mode.

The MusicPRO earplugs also use the high-definition armature sound driver, particularly designed signal processing, and high-sensitivity microphone. Their bandwidth is 40 Hz to 16 kHz. It is unprecedented that gives the most correct sound reproduction.

The MusicPRO adapts sound automatically and adjusts decibel levels passing through the ear. The hearing is quite natural until the sound exceeds secure levels. As the sound levels rise so the protection levels.

In order to get an optimal level of sound quality & noise isolation, the eartips should properly seal your ear canal. The MusicPRO electronic earplugs are actually packaged with different eartips. We do recommend checking which eartips give you the best seal. A customization is a good option, but generally, it isn’t tough to get a good seal with eartips given.


Imported: These earplugs are imported.

Ideal for: Theses earplugs are good for the directors, audiences, music educators, security personnel, performers, entertainment industry supporting staff, and front of the house crews.

9dB or 15dB Protection: These give you 9dB and 15dB protection at one switch that allows clear communication. These are made to give full fidelity up to 120dB.

Boosts soft sound: These earplugs protect you from the loud and percussive sounds.

A Large variety of fit eartips: There are different fit eartips and there is no need of custom molds.

Manufacturer’s warranty: It is provided for the products bought from the authorized resellers.

  • These earplugs give 9-dB and 15-dB protection.
  • Clear communication
  • protects from loud sounds
  • Boosts soft sounds when needed.
  • Ready-fit eartips
  • These earplugs cut the bass.
  • When the sound pressure exceeds 120dB then these things distort.

2. Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip


ETY-Plugs earplugs typically use the patented technology which replicates natural response of your ear canal hence the sound heard with them is very much clear like the original. These earplugs have the same fidelity as the Etymotic’s Earplugs (the custom earplugs that are worn by the professional musicians) & are not very much expensive. Hearing loss is the function of your exposure time, average sound levels, & peak level of loud sounds. And, exposure to the excessive noise might cause some permanent hear loss. It depends on the duration and intensity of sound. Some people are quite susceptible to hearing loss from the high-level sounds as compared to others. So, you need to protect ears. In the high-noise environment, wear the Ety-Plugs earplugs. These include Ety-Plugs, instructions, carrying case, and black neck cord.

The ETY-Plugs earplugs are the highest fidelity earplugs. They decrease most of the noise to the safe levels whilst preserving clarity of the speech and richness of the music.

Noise-induced hear loss is irreversible and cumulative. This is entirely preventable.

Constant use of the ETY-Plugs assists you in protecting your ears from lifelong impacts of too much exposure to the loud sounds.

The ETY-Plugs earplugs use acoustic resistor and proprietary tuned resonator for replicating natural response of your ear canal. The sound is actually reproduced unchanged.

The standard foam plugs also reduce the mid-range as well as high frequencies that ultimately results in muffled music and speech. The ETY-Plugs earplugs decrease the sound levels quite evenly that preserves clarity of the communication and speech, & richness of the music.

ETY-Plugs earplugs are in two sizes that are large and standard. Each yields about 20dB reduction in sound while worn properly.


Standard size: These fit most of the ear canals.

ETY-Plugs earplugs are reusable. You can use them again and again. With heavy use, their eartips might weaken & can break. You need to replace every three to six months.

Accessories: these earplugs come with neck cord & carrying case.

Gunfire, Sleeping or Swimming: These earplugs are not good for sleeping, gunfire or swimming.

  • Removal and insertion are simple.
  • Removable cord typically adds more versatility & keeps earplugs from dropping.
  • They are comfortable & remain in place.
  • Its case is cheap and is quite effective.
  • Hearing clarity is lost with the foam earplugs.
  • They cut back the sound levels when worn.

3. Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs, 31dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Hearing Protection for Shooting, Travel, Swimming, Work, and Concerts


These earplugs make sure comfortable hear protection for the concerts, shooting, work, travel, and swimming.

The Decibullz Custom Earplugs are quickly and easily fitted to your ear. It creates a great fitting earplug which would not hurt and fall out. These earplugs give you great noise isolation.

Just heat the thermoplastic molds in hot water and let these cool a bit, & then shape them according to the ears. That is it. If you do not get a good fit then do not worry about it as Decibullz are custom plugs which are re-moldable.

Decibullz are manufactured in the USA. These earplugs include Earplug Carrying Pouch with Decibullz Logo, 2 Decibullz Custom Thermoplastic Molds, 1 Set of the Max MEDIUM Protect Foam Tips, and 3 Sets of the Triple Tips S, M, L.


Custom Molded Plugs: Quickly and easily fits in your ear. It creates great fitting earplug which would not hurt you at all.

Simple Shape System: All you need to do is heat the Decibullz molds in water and shape them according to the exact shape of your ears.

Perfect For All Situations: Decibullz earplugs work great for the safety, shooting, loud concerts, traveling, and working.

Included: These earplugs come with a carrying pouch with the Decibullz Logo.

  • Molding procedure is quite easy.
  • These earplugs are cool to wear rather than earmuffs.
  • Easy to mold & fit.
  • Noise reduction is higher than the other products.
  • Two buds are somehow connected.
  • These do not provide perfect ear protection.

4. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts


These earplugs give you hearing protection even without any sacrifice of sound quality. Eargasm Earplugs are not expensive. These are ready-fit which means that hearing safety for the noisy environment along with NRR or noise reduction rating of 16dBs.

Unlike earmuff or foam protection which blocks all sound out, the Eargasm earplugs decrease the noise levels while also maintaining the sound integrity along with the patent pending design. So you can hear anything but at enjoyable and safe levels.

Many people forego the hearing protection as it might be uncomfortable & stand out just like some neon sign which says, “I am old fogey”. These earplugs decrease noise to secure levels whilst preserving the speech clarity & richness of the music. Plus, sounds are also reproduced exactly when your ear will hear them at some reasonable volume.

The Eargasm Earplugs have a clear and soft silicone exterior hence they are inserted gently in the ears. Moreover, every unit includes 2 pairs of different earplug shells that allow the great fit possible. You can check which shell actually fits the ear better then insert attenuation filters & the earplugs are just ready for the immediate use.

The Eargasm electronic earplugs are perfect for the concert goers, noise sensitive persons, motorcycle riders, musicians, and anybody looking to reduce the volume. It has an aluminum case that keeps your Earplugs at the fingertips, wherever the noise threatens hearing.


Protect Hearing: You need to secure hearing from the dangerous noise levels. Cut out loud sound from your life with these earplugs.

Preserves Sound Quality: These earplugs come with the patent-pending attenuation filters. These decrease the noise evenly & maintain a complete spectrum of the sound whilst protecting your hearing. These earplugs do not muffle voices or music as the foam plugs typically do.

Get The Superb Fit: These earplugs come with 2 different sized shells. These can fit most normal and large ear sizes. You can easily remove them.

Hypoallergenic Silicone: These earplugs are non-toxic & comfortable for the prolonged wear. They do not cause itching and pressure pain. These are great for whole day wear at long band practices and festivals.

Aluminum Ergonomic Case: The anti-stick interior does guarantee that earplugs would be removable easily. Waterproof rubber ensures that they offer security from debris, moisture, and dust. Threading is placed on the canister exterior that keeps the earplugs secure while opening & closing.

  • You can easily hear what an artist is saying & singing.
  • It is not a muffled mess.
  • These earplugs dampen sound to not cause any kind of ear damage.
  • For constant use, these might irritate your ears.

5. SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Earplugs, Triple Flanged Design, Reusable


The EP4 Sonic Plus earplugs protect hearing even without any interference with the ability to hear usual sounds and conversations. The triple-flanged stem actually fits large ear canals & gives the NRR of 24-dB.

At a safe level, the sounds can pass through your ear canal and potentially dangerous noises (which are more than 85dB) are decreased through the proprietary design which incorporates a special noise-decreasing filter. The EP4s also include filter caps that could be easily inserted for more protection & blocking out the lower-level noise.

Right and left color-coded Defenders Plus earplugs are soft and durable. Their hypoallergenic polymer provides you all-day comfort & more product life (that is up to 6 plus months, relying on care and usage). The EarLock rings actually lock earplugs in the correct place. The soft triple-flanged stems give safe seals in your ear canals.


24dB NRR: It provides hearing safe levels of sound (with the filter caps) like you are not wearing any earplugs.

Adjustable, Soft, and Triple-flanged stems: These earplugs give you safe seals in your ear canals.

Low-profile Design: These earplugs let you keep them in the correct place when wearing a hat, mask, or helmet.

  • Fits very well
  • These earplugs work great at decreasing wind noise on the motorcycle rides.
  • They came with a carrying case & a lanyard.
  • There is an under-muff option. It is for those who are working at ranges.
  • More versatile and sanitary.
  • They are not much faster to insert.
  • The earplugs are a bit stiff.

6. DUBS Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs: Acoustic Filters High Fidelity Hearing Protection


DUBS Acoustic Earplugs are advanced technology earplugs which decrease volume even without sacrificing clarity of the live sound. if you are in a city, at a game, at the concert or on the plane, DUBS earplugs protect ears and keep you going longer and louder.

These provide clear sound. The advanced tech plugs use a dynamic attenuation for reducing the volume and preserve sound fidelity.

These earplugs provide a high level of protection with 12dB NRR. In case of critical midrange frequency – where the risk of hearing loss is quite high – the DUBS earplugs provide 24dB of attenuation.

The DUBS earplugs utilize the minimalist factor & sleek design fits greatly to the ear. These earplugs have a compact size. These earplugs come in one size and are made to fit maximum adults from ages 16 & up. They are also available in 4 different colors that is teal, white, blue, and pink.


Block Noise and Keep Sound: The DUBS Advanced reusable earplugs provide the highest hearing protection. These block damaging loudness and allow sound to the ears in crystal-clear tones.

Advanced Technology:  The earplugs use Dynamic Attenuation that serves just as the volume reducer for controlling midrange frequencies. These offer great insulation for snoring and sleeping to live music and concerts.

Multi-Use: These halt the hearing damage in many works & public venues including musicians, motorsport fans, club and concert goers, airplane workers, construction, and industrial.

Compact Size: The silicone design is actually made from seventeen intricate pieces that include ABS, stainless steel, & polymer foams.

Carrying Case: These plugs actually come with the storage case. It provides for convenience for its users. Children and adults might get best sleep while decreasing ambiance to white and soft noise.

  • These earplugs are not very expensive.
  • The earplugs are great in blocking the yelling.
  • The glue is cheap to hold its rubber part.
  • These are not enough to assist in preventing the discomfort & post-concert ears ringing frustration

7. LiveMus HearSafe EarPlugs Comfortable

LiveMus HearSafe EarPlugs

The HearSafe plugs contain a precision damper or filter with different levels of the strength. They are precisely structured filters that reduce and weaken background yelling. The high-frequency attenuation keeps useful speech and music signals that are appropriate for drummers, clubbing, musicians, concerts, percussionists, and more.

You will just forget about the ringing of your ears after some clubbing or attending a concert. The HearSafe earplugs protect ears from the hearing loss even without any compromise on the quality of good sound.

Hearing protection actually safeguards your ears against noises and loud sounds which could leave a lasting loss to the hearing such as tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.


Great Hearing Protection: These earplugs safeguard your ears against any loud noises.

100 Percent Seller Feedback: There is satisfaction guaranteed. You need to be aware of cheap generic plugs which may be not good in efficacy. These earplugs have earned 500 plus positive reviews & counting.

Professionally Retain voice, Music, and Conversation: They ensure volume through two different sets of plugs with different attenuation filters which do not actually muffle any sound.

Fits Ear Canal: These earplugs come with accurate flange design. These are cone=shaped earplugs that fit different ear sizes. They also make sure a lasting and great seal for the specific requirements.

Soft Silicone Material Which Is Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic: These are for better prolong usage and comfort. They do not cause any itch and allergic reactions.

  • Fitting of these earplugs could be more finicky.
  • Filters on the earplugs are of superior quality.
  • Midrange melodies and sounds come without any discernible muffling and distortion.
  • Expensive earplugs.
  • Not suitable for audio experts.

8. Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

All-night-rave, music festival, or sporting event, the Vibes earplugs are a superb companion in order to protect the ears without any sacrifice on the sound quality. The earphones lower the harmful decibel levels by 22 decibels and significantly increase the sound clarity for making any music-related experience memorable.

Just opposite to the foam earplugs, these do not muffle any sound that allows you to continue on some conversation or listening to the music. You can easily enjoy the clear, clean, & controlled sound. You can experience high fidelity of the music.


Protect Your Ears: Vibes Reusable High Fidelity EarPlugs reduce damaging decibel levels by up to 22db (15 NRR) — protecting your ears while in noisy areas, without compromising sound quality. We’ve fitted the noise cancelling earplugs with cutting-edge attenuating filters that lower volume without affecting sound fidelity. As opposed to outright noise cancellation, Vibes filter out specific frequencies. Thus, our sound reduction/insulation earbuds ensure a clear sound experience

Invisible Design: These earplugs are of a glass-clear shell & clear low profile silicone buds. The noise isolating plugs are invisible practically.

Sensory Processing Disorder and Protection of Noise Sensitivity: You do not need any bulky earmuffs which block & muffle the sound. The Vibes decibel earplugs work perfectly for those with sensory disorders & people who are sensitive to the sound like ADHD, hyperacusis, concussions, tinnitus therapy, traumatic brain injuries, and TBI.

Suitable Size Options: These earplugs are designed to give a snug and comfortable fit for every ear type. There are different sizes of hypoallergenic silicone earplug buds (Medium, Small, and Large). It means that you could wear these earplugs for the prolonged periods.

  • Soft ear tips
  • The hypoallergenic earplugs are easy to wear.
  • These are high fidelity earplugs that are invisible.
  • You can face great difficulty while removing them.

9. Earasers Musicians Plugs Medium


The Earasers earplugs utilize a rare attenuation “V filter” in order to give 5dB EPA protection rating. The result of this is the world’s very first flat frequency earplugs. These earplugs are the most comfortable ones with enhanced sound. This Earasers soft design is the widely used aid tips available on the market. You do not need costly trips to your specialist for getting the customized ear molds. Its Smart Seal tech also conforms to shape of the ear canal that you could wear the whole day.


Musicians Earplugs Medium: If you’re a musician or are typically exposed to the music that Is played at higher levels, the Earasers do not plug your ears up & muffle the sound.

Filter Loud Noise Out: These earplugs are designed by forty-five years hearing aid firm & developed by a leading engineer. The Earasers earplugs filter out the loud noise allowing you to actually hear at some comfortable and safe level.

V filter: These Earasers earplugs utilize a rare attenuation that is V filter to give a 5-dB EPA protection rating.

  • Perfect earplugs
  • Not much costly
  • Most comfortable earplugs
  • Easily fall out
  • Can be easily broken

10. EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs – High Fidelity Hearing Protection for Music Festivals, DJs & Musicians (Standard, Red Case)


Earpeace earplugs are quite comfortable to wear the whole day. These are low profile concert earplugs that are used by the expert musicians for more than a decade. These are premium silicone plugs which are hypoallergenic and soft, giving hearing protection while you want it most – if the music is loud and live.

Every set of the EarPeace earplugs comes with the ultra-premium carrying case along with 3 earplugs and 3 filter sets.


High Fidelity EarPlugs: The EarPeace hearing protection earplugs give crisp and clear sounds at the safe volume. High, medium and max filters give in-ear safety for the concert sound reduction. So it makes them festival essentials.

Whole Night Comfort: These are premium silicone earplugs that have a double flange design. It gently seals your ear without any hard edges. The hypoallergenic and soft reusable earplugs actually keep you quite comfortable whether you are dancing or making music.

Invisible EarPlugs: The EarPeace earplugs give in-ear hearing protection which seems to generally disappear in the ear, such as custom molded earplugs. These are professional earplugs which are small & low profile.

  • Clear filtering
  • soft handle
  • extra plug (if you lose first one)
  • 2 different filters
  • Well-built
  • A carrying case
  • unnoticeable (could get lost, but you have got one extra plug)
  • inserting is a bit difficult
  • carry case is small
  • without neckband

11. Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Universal Fit Hearing Protection


The ER-20XS Universal Earplugs feature the stem-less design. These earplugs are quite comfortable to wear. They have flexible and small pull tab that allows removing the earplugs easily.

There are standard foam plugs that reduce sound in the high and mid frequencies creating a muffled sound. The ER20XS earplugs decrease sound evenly. Speech and music are clear, resulting in the maximum listening experience.


Includes: One pair of the high-fidelity plugs come with three-flange eartips & removal tab attached, one pair of big fit three-flange eartips, one pair foam eartips, carrying case, and neck cord.

Interchangeable & Replaceable Eartips: It makes earplugs most cost-effective and high-fidelity earplugs.

Low-profile Design: The earplugs fit in your ear without any disturbance. They are easy to wear.

  • Works great & good value
  • The ER20xs earplugs are not much expensive.
  • They come with a great improvement over the foam earplugs.
  • They are not comfortable.

Preventing the Hearing Loss

Some people might have a non-stop loud sound exposure for a long period of time and do not suffer any ill effects while others suffer long-term loss after even one event. The good thing is that in the presence of harm, the progression could be actually prevented by just taking some crucial steps.

Firstly, it is very crucial to defend the ears. In case you enjoy loud music at some rock concert then make sure that you are wearing ear protection hence you do not damage your hearing.

Secondly, you need to pay keen attention to the levels of music volume by using the dB meter. In case you do not have some dedicated device then you could just use some smartphone app. There are so many apps that are free. You should use quality in-ear monitors, speakers, or headphones to get the correct frequency response. You need to be very careful to keep the volume level in check.

Thirdly, you should use earplugs or buds when you are in a loud environment. Put these in while using some power tools, mowing grass, shooting the firearms, or going to the sporting event.

And, fourth, while you are using in-ear protection then use the best practices. You need to be sure that they seal nicely in the ear canals and not just for the comfort. A leaky seal actually defeats the main reason of using earplugs. You should not use one in-ear monitor out &one in because that will damage the hearing with the passage of time. For the musicians onstage, in case you are facing some trouble in hearing what is actually going on (that means you have got some nice seal) then consider adding the ambient mic to the in-ear mix.

Important Things to Keep In Mind before Purchasing Musician Earplugs

First of all, in case you have tried wearing some foam earplugs then you must know about how much these could detract from the real experience. The standard plugs are always designed to block the sound, making the music sound muffled & flat. Music earplugs are different from the standard plugs as they are built to allow soft sounds and blocking loud sounds. They maintain nuances in a music party. There are many expert musicians who go with the custom earplugs that are quite practical as well as affordable.

Secondly, for the earplugs to work in a proper way, they need to fit exactly. It means to find one which is of the correct size. In case you are wearing earplugs then make sure that you are wearing them right.

Thirdly, you should be prepared to regularly clean the plugs for avoiding any irritation & infection.

Fourth, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that every earplug includes NRR or Noise Reduction Ration that represents the decibels (dB) which are decreased while plugs are properly worn.


There you got it. One of the above-mentioned pairs of hearing protection earplugs is the perfect fit for you. Do not forget that you may have to actually try a few earplug pairs before you get the one which is best earplugs for concerts in which you are going. Each pair of earplugs is quite different. So, you need to be patient & you will find earplugs which you love.

Earplugs are developed to compress into small shapes, & you can re-expand them whenever you want to so they can fit into your ear canal for the huge noise reduction. The earplugs come in a large range of different shapes to accommodate the users with varied bodily dimensions & preferences.

This guide helps you in finding the best musicians earplugs for concerts. Our list is based on the verified customer & owner experiences, along with intensive research & analysis.

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