Best Home Digital Pianos Under $1500 – 2021

Best Home Digital PianosTo find the best home digital pianos under $1500 is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of great choices in the market as every brand is making a lot of products for suiting various needs of people.

It is expected that the digital piano must be able of doing more than it has done ever. In modern times, the top pianos aren’t just much realistic for playing but also have gained a higher level of technological and connectivity mechanism which are one of the main features of the digital pianos as compared to acoustic pianos.

The reviews of digital pianos are made for making the decision about which piano must be bought. You can find a lot of pianos that lie in a range of $1000 to $1500, but to choose the one out of a whole lot is not an easy task to do.

It is easier to think that with a budget of $1500 the choice becomes easy, however in actual, though you may get many features at such price tag, various digital pianos still own their own advantages and disadvantages. Other than desiring to look for the best choice which suits your requirements, looking for the best home digital piano under 1500 is all about finding value. Features and prices don’t correlate perfectly. The best digital piano under $1000 to $1500 may offer you much more than the one which costs $3000.

Common features of digital pianos

There exist loads of information online regarding the benefits of learning the digital piano. Following are the five main benefits which can help you in deciding if buying digital pianos is good for you or not:

  1. Practice with headphones

Highly important! Digital pianos allow you to play any moment without disturbing your neighbors and family.

  1. Record and then listen to your music

There exists nothing better for improving your playing than recording your own performances and then listening to them back.

  1. Use Apps for improving your playing skills

There are many apps available online which are made for helping you out to learn to play the piano, regardless of the level you are at!

  1. Play with various sounds to keep your practice interesting

Nearly every digital piano comes equipped with many piano sounds, electric organ voices, and harpsichords and much lot. They don’t require tuning!

  1. Use a ‘click’ for developing a sense of rhythm

Metronomes can help to develop your timekeeping and rhythmic skills. Adjust the click of digital piano for helping you to be on time and to master the advanced and complicated pieces of music.

Here most of the negatives and positives along with the worth of offered money is covered for the top digital pianos so that overspending can be avoided. You can become able to buying the best home digital piano under $1500 for the amount you have with small research. A lot of products on the list below are for both beginners and for advanced pianists.

But before going through the details of top digital pianos, let’s have a look at a comparison table for getting familiar with what each product is capable of doing. Also you can read other articles on my site bout Best Guitar Amplifier For The MoneyBest Noise Cancelling Headphones , Best Earplugs For Concerts and Best In Ear Monitors For Drummers.

Comparison table of 6 best home digital pianos under $1500

ModelsKeysTouch SensitivityWeighted KeysModesConnectivityPortable
Alesis Recital88Adjustable Touch SensitivitySemi-WeightedBoth (Split and Layer Modes)USB Connectivity PortsYes
Yamaha YDP163B88NoWeightedDual/DuoWireless Bluetooth ConnectionNo
Casio Privia PX-87088Adjustable Touch SensitivityWeightedSplit ModeUSB ConnectivityNo
Yamaha DGX 660B88YesWeightedBoth (Split and Layer Modes)USB and Wireless ConnectivityYes
Yamaha P12588NoWeightedBoth (Split and Layer Modes)NoYes
ONE Smart Piano88NoFull-WeightedDualNoYes

Top 6 Home Digital Piano Reviews

Now, let’s dive into the list and talk about the best features of each in detail.

1. Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano – the best option for beginners

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

It is an 88-key digital piano, which is semi-weighted and full-sized. If you purchase this piano, you can learn to play the grand pianos in actual. It has speakers which have a peak rating of 20 watts, and it generates 128 notes at a maximum; however, this isn’t what keeps it apart from Alessi creation. As it is the best digital piano for beginners, to learn music for the first time, the piano comes with a wide range of lesson modes that break down this piano into pitch and voice via its tutorials.

Moreover, if you wish if taking these things to the next level truly, the free subscription of Skoove premium for 3 months must help you a lot. And, talking about the connectivity of the piano, it has all its ports packed: ¼ inch sustain pedal input and ¼ inch headphone out, USB-MIDI. The pedal input is sold both as a bundle set or separately. Along with this, it has an RCA stereo output pair also.


The features like reverb, chorus, and pedal resonance FX include a mix letting beginners enjoy around with the tones they make.


This is the best keyboard piano with semi-weighted 88 keys keyboard having adjustable touch sensitivity. Also, you can customize the voices even by combining two together via the layer mode. You can also assign to either right or left channel using the split mode.


This is the best digital piano under 1500 which has 88 full-sized keys on a semi-weighted keyboard. The keys respond to the touch and work by an adjustable touch sensitivity. Its lesson mode is perfect to learn its keyboard as it can target voice and pitch separately rather than combining together a few tracks for copying. The piano has got the free subscription for 3 months at Skoove premium, which makes it enough for you to make yourself professional.

Every requisite connection port is available – Stereo RCA auxiliary, USB MIDI, ¼ inch sustain pedal input and ¼ inch headphone out. The pedal doesn’t come in the form of a standard accessory. Alesi’s piano is powered via power adapters and can run on ever 6D batteries if requirement comes over. In total, it has 5 in-built sounds, which include organ, acoustic piano, synth, bass, and electric piano. Moreover, it lets you work in both layer mode and split mode with all these sounds.

  • This piano have true and natural sounds. Its lower notes are emanated from left as high notes usually stay at right speaker with mid one centered perfectly.
  • Its keys are touch-sensitive, and it depends on how much they are depressed, they affect the volume and pitch.
  • The lesson mode is easy to use and very well-thought-out. Even if a person has never played the piano before, this mode can make him a half-decent player in just a few weeks.
  • Probably, the best voice of this piano is an organ. It gives out the chills!
  • The piano is able to run on batteries, making it portable truly.
  • Speakers are sufficiently powered. You won’t need tweeter or woofer setup.
  • To be a beginner for a keyboard, can actually miss you out on a lot of the add-ons but the fundamentals are there at least.
  • As its keys are very sensitive, they don’t feel quite that good in actual. They feel springy and light instead of semi-weighted.
  • The piano distorts the bottoms and highs out on low notes while you use the in-built speakers above 60% volume. While using a pair of earphones or the PA system though, the sounds are flawless and are an excellent approximation of real things.

2. Yamaha YDP163B Arius Series Console Digital Piano – the smartest piano of the time.

Yamaha YDP163B Arius Series Console Digital Piano

Similar to other pianos, the YDP 163B digital piano by Yamaha lies in the category of Arius. It is particularly made for use at home. This is due to their upright design and bulkiness, which make them stay at a single place. Above all, this piano comes along with a lot of features which suits the growing players best and good enough for the long-time pianists as well.


Pure CF technology is used in the sound system of this piano. This sound sampling has come from the famous Yamaha’s CFIIIS9’s piano, which means that the capacity of the Yamaha YDP 163B imitates the sound and feel of a grand concert’s piano. Another main feature of this model is the 192 notes polyphony. To have such a big number of polyphony provides a quite rich sound and lets the player have great responsiveness.

Also, this piano comes with the IAC (Intelligent Acoustic Control) by Yamaha. This lets playing music much quietly without distorting or affecting bass and treble tones. This feature can intuitively adjust the treble and bass for matching up the volume. Moreover, Yamaha YDP 163B has powerful stereos speakers rated at 20 watts, which enhance its sound quality further. Plus, the Stereophonic Optimizer of Yamaha enhances the sounds of piano greatly via headphones. It provides a spacious and wide sound as compared to the direct sound produced by normal earphones.


This piano comes with an 88-key weighted keyboard which feels like an acoustic piano. It means that its lower notes are heavy and proceed as the player moves up to higher notes. Also, the piano has the best digital keyboard with the latest GH3 sensor, which makes it acoustic-like and additionally sensitive for giving more expressiveness.


The pure CF technology of sound engine faithfully generates a tone of the meticulously sampled, highly praised Yamaha 9′ CFIIIS grand piano, letting you have expressive and incredibly dynamic playing. It has GH3 (graded hammer 3) weighted keyboard which offers highly heavy touch from higher keys towards the lower keys. The piano produces grand concert-style sounds as well as an exceptional dynamic range.

The in-built music memory of this digital piano for classical pianists has 50 classic songs along with the music books named as “50 greats”. The controlling app works for iOS devices and has a rich GUI (graphical user interface), letting you have an easy and quick configuration and navigation. Its 2-track song recording mechanism lets players play with one hand or record the next hits with a single hand.

  • Have keyboard with GH3 technology which provides a real feel
  • The piano has wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Its apps are available on iOS including digital piano controllers
  • 192-notes polyphony
  • Comes with an in-built recorder
  • It has a stereo sound system rated at 20 watts
  • Comes with a classy design
  • Provided with Yamaha’s pure CF sound system
  • Owns an Auto Power On/Off
  • Doesn’t have a screen display
  • This digital piano isn’t portable

3. Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano – a flagship in the world of pianos

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

This digital piano produced by Privia, manufactured for giving you the truest experience of grand pianos. With a genuine feel and sound, this piano has got a highly stylish and modern design with powerful latest project sound system. It is indeed a brilliant music instrument to inspire brilliant performances.


An innovative new projection sound system of PX 870 fills your room with detailed and rich sounds. It is powered at 40 watts with 4 speakers designed for enveloping the audience and listener with the voice emanating from different places of the piano, same as you are using a grand conventional grand piano. The volume EQ Sync makes sure that you listen to a clear and balanced sound all across the whole frequency range, at any volume.


The known tri-sensor 2 scaled hammering action on this keyboard piano provides you with an expression of your desired performance. The ivory textures and simulated ebony provide a comfortable and genuine touch, combined with a new hammer action which is scaled across the whole key range accurately. The adjustable touch mechanism and hammer action let the customization to settle any sort of playing style.


The award-winning air sound system of PX 870 has the latest four-layered stereo grand piano that comes alive with genuine damper resonance, activating the whole body of an instrument, not only its strings. Also, the piano has a key action sounding system, key stimulation, lid stimulator along with 4 positions, and adjustable touch response. Also, PX 870 has a string resonance which owns a sympathetic harmonic relation between the vibration of strings. Other than adding to a subtle beauty of its sounds, this features adds authenticity while playing music.

This piano features a wide range of the 19 tones, with an ability of layering and splitting them as required. With an extensive 256 notes of polyphony, the player can rest assured about the highly complicated performances with sounds that are ideally natural to listen. The new sound projection system of the piano fills your room with detailed and rich sound. It is powered at 40 watts with 4 speakers designed for enveloping the audience and listener with the voice emanating from different places of the piano, same as you are using a grand conventional grand piano. The volume EQ Sync makes sure that you listen to a clear and balanced sound all across the whole frequency range, at any volume.

In the in-built music memory of instrument, 60 songs have been added with a room of 10 extra songs of player’s choice. Also, you can record your own performances with 2-track MIDI recorder. The concert play lets you play with the 10 recordings of the famous orchestral pieces, with the ability of either listening to piano parts or silence them so, you can also play yourself. For facilitating the practice, you can slow down these recordings even without influencing the pitch.

The design of this instrument is a complement to your décor. The PX 870 comes in either white or black color. It is elegant, compact with a sliding key cover, adding to the overall beauty of your room. It’s easy controls are present on the left side of the keyboard, letting you play around without distraction. The piano easily connects through class-compliant USB with any iOS, Mac, Android, or PC device, without any installations or drivers.

  • It has an 88-key weighted hammered keyboard with ivory textures and a simulated ebony
  • The stunning latest piano sounds with detail resonance and 18 various tones
  • Powerful new projection sound system with 4 speakers
  • Versatile practice, performance, and recording tools
  • Stylish, modern wood-made cabinet with a sliding key cover.
  • The weight of the keyboard is more than 50 lbs. You would definitely need a keyboard stand for it.

4. Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano – one with the latest technology

Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

Without any doubt, Yamaha’s DGX 660 is another best home digital piano under $1000 as compared to the older model. The company managed to raise the bar again! They have updated and finely-tuned technology in each aspect. Although the design is portable, the DGX 660 has various power-related features which link forces for delivering an amazing experience. From advanced to a beginner, there are many characteristics which everyone can take benefit of.

Few of the features which this beauty owns are a delicate microphone, style recommendation, piano room, music sheet viewer, chord helper and wireless adapter. This piano is an excellent option if a player wants to use it in church, at home, on stage, in a hall and much more places which you can think of.


This digital piano has the best quality speakers installed into it, though being portable easily. This lets the piano to produce a sound which can exhibit a lot of details despite having a little output. Its sound resembles with the sound of Yamaha’s CFIII9 grand piano, so to be able to play clear and clean. Its 192 polyphones are able to produce dynamism to every genre of choice. Also, it provides superior control of the responsiveness strength.


The Yamaha’s DGX 660’s 88-keys weighted hammer action keyboard uses a mechanism which feels quite similar to the style acoustic pianos have. Keys which correlated with high notes are light to be pressed then the keys which correlated to low notes. This system is known as graded hammer standard. Because of such fins control over sound intensity, the practice can get as thrilling as your performance.


The weighted hammer action of keyboard is heavy in low tones and light in high tones, similar to the acoustic piano. The input port of ¼ inch lets you connect with a microphone so that you sing along while playing. USB MIDI and wireless audio features use Wi-Fi for streaming audio as well as MIDI via iOS devices. An assignable pedal lets you link a foot switch while configuring it to the control functions. The USB audio playbacks and recordings can capture performances onto the USB drive.

  • The keyboard of this piano is wonderful, which has been made specially to mimic the sounds of a conventional acoustic piano.
  • Its price is genuine and lies in the mid-range piano.
  • The range of wireless connection is limited.
  • There is no inbuilt mic in piano.

5. Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano – amazing features in such a small size

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha’s P125 is 88-keyed digital piano, which weighs almost 26lbs. Along with its dimensions of around 52 inches in width, 11.6 inches in depth and 6.5 inches in height, it is a digital piano which makes you able of tucking under an arm (or throwing over the back as it can be zipped up properly inside a cover case), and take with you to your future gigging experience.

Its size can also be quite helpful for players when it comes to placing it at home. It is a very light and slim digital piano; thus if you own a small home, you can fit this in confidently while knowing that you’re not going to have a bulky, big piece into your place.


One of the highly important components of pianos is the speakers. They are made of an excellent job along with their placement on Yamaha P125. The sound generated by the speakers is directed to the player. It is their detail which can make a difference. It is not the same thing when the sound waves go up and other directions. You can never enjoy the performance in any other way better than this!

Another amazing characteristic of its sound system is quite similar to the modern generation TVs. It is capable of determining whether it is placed on a hard area, such as a table, instead of a stand and changing the direction it generates sound. In this way, you become able to get the most, regardless of the kind of support you are using with your P125.


The weighted keyboard used in this instrument is the graded hammer standard keyboard. It can simulate quite well genuine grand concert piano keyboard’s feel. If you have played the acoustic pianos, then you may find that it is not very different from using this digital piano. The piano has good responsiveness, probably even better with the black keyboard.


While the Yamaha P152 can’t be regarded as an overly sexy digital piano, it provides the players at their beginning stages everything that they require. There exists a button of the demo along with a button used for switching the metronome on and off. The feature of a metronome is especially great for the players that feel that they can use a little extra help while making sure that they are on tempo. Also, there exists a button rhythm which can provide you with things such as bass lines and drum beat.

This digital piano features a button of play/stop and recording as well. It means that you can record your performance if you push the button and can play it later for seeing how good you performed while you are practicing. Next is the button of play/stop, which is used to find the in-built sounds of P125. Again, for around $500, you can never expect a lot much, but this piano has really satisfied its customers. The number of preset voices in P125 is 24.

  • This piano sounds like a grand concert piano
  • 2-track MIDI recording system
  • 20 various rhythms with almost 50 songs in –in-built memory
  • Enhance speaker system offering an amazing playing experience
  • Piano with 192 notes polyphone
  • Compatible with pianist apps.
  • Can be played at homes and also in front of the people
  • 24 sound option with good quality
  • Sound effect solutions are limited
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not a good key-action. The texture of keys must be enhanced just like the high-end models.

6. The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Digital Piano – a treat for both beginners and professional

The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Digital Piano

The ONE smart digital piano is the 88-key piano keyboard. It has recently become a lot popular among the piano communities and music lovers. Its unique integrated software can help you to become a proficient player over a little practice or just giving it your time. If you are a beginner, then this platform is perfect for you to practice under a low budget as well.

Although it was first created as the piano for beginners, it provides a great number of other features that are quite useful for professionals. It not only helps you stay organized but also helps you improve even if you’ve been good at it. It can make you the best.

Since people have created a great hype about the ONE, beginners aren’t slowing down to show off their techniques by using this software’s innovative features. However, it might be good for you if you learn to know how to play on any piano. Since this is just a software, it concerns with a virtual world. To have a better experience and feel reality, you’d need to practice on real pianos sooner or later. This app will prove to be a good starting push in your piano journey.


This app recorded the stereo piano sound from an acoustic grand piano, just like the other apps do. The sound, however, is nowhere near the sound of an actual quality organic piano. Still, it’s the best app for beginners to learn, play with and enjoy its interactive lights.


Although the 88-key piano style weighted action of this keyboard is not the grand piano key action. Still, it is quite better than the other apps and is enjoyable to use. It has a key action response similar to that of an acoustic piano. And you will find the white keys moving nicely but with a slight hindrance in the black keys. The black keys are different than the acoustic keys, and they are difficult to operate with. Since people like resistance and weight in keys, this app took great concern in accomplishing that. Regardless, too much resistance might just become a problem for the users.


Since it is the best digital piano keyboard for a beginner to learn on a weighted keyboard, this app is perfect for you if you are searching for where to start your piano journey. The muscle memory requires the fingers to develop the correct technique for further traditional plays easily. Thus, this app has 88 fully-weighted hammer-action keys, which is quite amazing for an app to acquire. It has its own usefulness in the system. If you’re a beginner, then three-foot pedals will help you a lot. They are made up of metal and offer soft, and sustain functions to everyone.

The ONE has a built-in metronome to help you with your timing. Since the beginner keyboards light up the entire key, the key light system in the ONE is much more efficient. It has small lights above the keys and a system that helps you for more accurate hand position learning. It has to surround sound speakers with volume control. It’s loud and clear for you to enjoy. It has access to all kinds of headphones, amplifiers, external speakers since it consists of a headphone jack on the front and an audio port on the back. The rest of the data cables that are accessible on the back are proprietary, non-standard data connections.

  • It has an attractive and modern console, with a greater compact than a traditional piano. It has good looks, a sliding dust cover and a music stand that makes a visual impact.
  • You can build your skills easily in the transition to any keyboard or acoustic piano with the help of its Full size, fully weighted, 88 key keyboards. (the best way for you to learn)
  • It has a key light feature that instructs and commands without grabbing attention. It is helpful and discrete. It does not look too simple or toy-like.
  • It has three-foot pedals that are beneficial and helps you learn complex advanced music. It fulfils the traditional look of the console
  • It has a good range of instruments for different musical styles and expressions because it consists of 128 instrument sounds and 4 built-in rhythms.
  • It consists of a special feature (Crash Course) that allows you to learn and play your favorite songs without the boring, mandatory steps.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon devices.
  • It has an online learning library that allows you to learn interactive (the key light system) good piano techniques and also practice them through video lessons.
  • You can practice and improve specific skills that you want to reach, and enhance your levels according to your wishes and requirements, by the specialized learning tools.
  • The keys are not touch-sensitive. They have high resistance.
  • The black keys are unstable.
  • You will have no storage memory in the app for your downloaded or purchased songs. These will consume some external storage medium.
  • Almost all the contemporary songs need to be purchased (the Songs cost ranges from $0.99 to $9.99 each) The online free song library only consists of classical, public domain music.
  • Its proprietary USB connection cable can only be purchased from The ONE company.

Things to know before buying a digital piano for home

The home digital piano has its own advantages. People love them mostly because they are compact and portable. If you’re looking to buy a home piano, then you should know about a few things beforehand. A guide to knowing your steps is all a beginner needs so he can avoid the mistakes. You don’t want to waste all that money buying the wrong piano, obviously. Thus, you should first read and know what you truly want. The key to not make mistakes is to figure out what you need rather than what you want.

Sensitivity and Response of the Keys

Acoustic piano keys have really high resistance, and there is no digital piano that can perfectly acquire the traits of an acoustic piano. Hence, there is a greater meaning to the response of the keys. You should know how much weight and responsiveness the keyboard keys hold.

Sound quality

Another important attribute of a digital piano that you need to analyze is the sound quality. If you are a beginner, then you can improve better and in a proficient way by buying a digital piano with great sound quality. Although the higher the quality, the higher will be the budget.


The sound effects and all the sounds are stored in the piano by direct recording from the acoustic pianos. The number of samples taken for each sound effect varies with the quality of the keyboard. The more the quality, the greater the effects there’ll be. This is due to the different textures of sound on an acoustic piano.


This is the number of notes that you play at the same time. The basic model range starts from a polyphony of 32 notes, while the best model’s polyphony rate exceeds 200.

Sound Library

The music library is independent of the piano model you choose, or you want to buy. Mostly pianists upload their work on the internet as a freebie. Thus, due to the connectivity option of digital pianos, you can efficiently download and utilize them in your models. Some music libraries are not free, and you’ll need to purchase them (they are expensive); however, most of them would be free too. Though, some pianos come with built-in music libraries.

Materials Used

The cheaper models consist of plastic keys, and mid-range or expensive models are made up of synthetic ivory-built keys. If you want to reduce the difference between a digital piano and an acoustic piano, then you need to get the later key types that improve your grip, in addition to providing a realistic execution-style. You need to know these materials and consider them, to learn better and earn benefits when you’re going to invest.


The portability analysis is another important detail that needs to be analyzed before buying a digital piano. The four main styles of digital pianos are contemporary, vertical, portable and stage.

  • The contemporary keyboard style looks a lot like a standard keyboard than that of a piano.
  • Vertical pianos look more like an acoustic piano. They have their speakers placed in a stand’s case.
  • Portable and stage pianos are the type of pianos that are easy to carry around. They also provide a very strong sound for pianists who want to get the most of the volume out of it.

Final words

So, checking these types, you should be able to figure out the kind of piano you require. If you only need it for your home, then you might consider a heavy one according to your assigned space. If you’re looking for one to carry around then simply buy a lightweight one!