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Best Immersion Blender For Baby Food

Best Immersion Blender For Baby FoodAre you tired of wasting a lot of time preparing for your drinks and meals at home? Are you looking for the best immersion blender for baby food so as to save time? Blenders are the best options that can help you enjoy preparing food and drinks in your kitchen. They make your work easier by blending your fruits and the hard foodstuffs within no time making you enjoy cooking. Blenders are either Counter top or immersion optimum blenders.

What are immersion blenders?

An immersion blender usually refers to handheld devices or appliances that contain a swirling blade on one end. They are mostly used to perform the blending tasks. They are small in size and they are very effective when it comes to mixing drinks, slicing vegetables, eggs and other soft foodstuffs. They can be moved from one place to another due to the fact that they are small in size. They also occupy less space in your kitchen cabinet, therefore they create space for other kitchen appliances. The products have been the best recent kitchen invention and the most popular kitchen appliance, for example, the Braun Immersion Blender.

An immersion blender is the best option for your blending needs. These blenders have a motor that is above, instead of being below the blade and the blade is usually fixed on a long shaft that drops down from the motor. When you start blending, what you are blending appears in a container that hangs under the motor instead than sitting on top. They were the first electric powered blenders. These were initially developed to blend ice cream as a way of making cold drinks that were popularly sold in the malt shops.

Immersion blenders are also known as hand blenders and popularly known for easing the mixing chores. They are a must have basic tool in any of the current modern kitchen, especially if you want to save time during food preparation. The presence of the outstanding chopping feature gives the appliance an added advantage over other food processor that you might opt for in your home. You can easily place all ingredients for either salads, sauce, pie as well as other recipes of your choice in a dish and thereafter you insert stick blender.

The best immersion blenders can also be regulated in terms of blending speed so that you can get the coarseness of your preference. It will save you the hustle of putting every single ingredient in a separate food processor and all what you require is to prepare and place all your ingredients in a single bowl and then the rest is done by the appliance. In today’s world, stick blenders have dominated the market and as a first time user, you may not be sure of which is the best mixer that can suit your preference. Always look at the different features of each blender and find out which can best work for you.

The commonly and widely used immersion blenders do not really mean that they are the most expensive blenders. Their usage is based on the features that they contain. Blender accessories such as a metal canister and the beater attachments makes them help to perform all your kitchen chores faster as handheld blenders can be turned into hand mixer quickly.

What are the factors to consider while buying an immersion blender?

Before you make up your mind and decide that you want to buy an immersion blender, there are very essential factors that you need to consider so that it can fit your needs. Some of the key features that you need to determine are; the type and length of blade, speed of the motor, the shape and material of the container among others. Models with a better RPM motor like Blend-Tec and the Vita-mix blender performs best and they have a long lasting service as compared to the low quality blenders.

It is also good to first of all determine whether you have adequate space in your kitchen cabinet. This is because it will determine the size of your blender. Consider going for the biggest shape of the container if your kitchen cabinet is too spacious to accommodate the blender. Small blenders are also fit for use at home, but they are not reliable when bulk blending is required. This is because they will force you to make repetitive blending therefore consuming much of your time while in the kitchen. The wasted time can be used in another productive activity.

You should also ensure that the best immersion blender of your choice has adjustable speed blending. This will enable you to set the recommended speed blending for various fruits and foods since they are blended at different speed rates. There are premium models that have the ability to automatically change to various blending speeds depending on the substance being blended. These immersion premium blenders have different modes that’s made them unique from the ordinary ones.

The puree mode is a mode specifically designed to enable you to make the purees while the smoothie mode is specifically designed to give the product a smoothie like texture. In case you decide to buy a premium model, other special features that you will ensure are; churn, grind, chop among others. It is highly advisable that you use them for vegetables and fruits that contain high water content. Also, you should not try and confuse between an immersion blender and a juicer since they are different.

If you are having a look around, the following features can help you find the best immersion blender for baby food that fits your preference.


The power potential of a blender determines how strong and powerful the device will be. Most stick immersion blenders usually have an average of about 25hp when using about 200 watts of power. Others range from 4.0 to 8.0HP when they use 300-600 watts of power. The premium models usually use close to 2.0HP when using 1500 watts of power. Types that use battery can only operate for a very limited duration. In case you decide to use them, you should always remember to keep on charging so as to ensure that the blending process is interfered with.

The Size of the Power Cord:

It is good to determine the size of the power cord. The power cord should also be retractable. The immersion blender should have a long power cord that is flexible in case you will require moving around your kitchen or even bending it down so that you can operate at your convenience. Models with retractable cord ensure that the blender is clean and can be stored with care.

Capacity of the immersion blender:

One of your main considerations must be the capacity. What will determine the best capacity of immersion blenders is the number of people that are likely to use it. It can be determined by self-assessment of the number of family members that are likely to use the appliances. Immersion blenders are of varied capacities and the bigger the capacity, the larger the size of the product. Spacious kitchen cabinet is also another factor that should be put into consideration before deciding on the best size, as different sizes have different capacities.

The materials used:

The material composition of a blender also prays a very important role in defining quality. Footing is a factor that should not be ignored while selecting immersion blenders. This feature ensures that they will not topple off countertop in the process of mixing the ingredients. The best recommended footing is the stainless steel.

Glass containers should be the most considered since they are strong and at the same time they are heavy. Glass immersion blenders should be handled with care as they are costly. The plastic containers are available at an affordable price, although they should be handled with care because they are prone to breakage. It is also recommended to try the dishwasher-safe.

The shaft material is also another important factor to consider. Check whether the shaft is made up of either plastic or chrome. Research has shown out that chrome shaft, usually cleans more easily as compared to the plastic ones since they don’t have stains.

Check for Guarantee and warranty:

It is always advisable to have a branded blender. An example of such include; optimum 9900 and 9200 optimum blenders. This branded model comes with good warranty offers. This can also be achieved by making sure that the manufactures have an active customer care Centre so that incase of any malfunction, you can return it and have it fixed.

The type blade that comes with the blender:

Blades are generally of two types, the plastic and the stainless steel. The blade type is important as it will determine the durability of the appliance. The stainless blades are stronger and likely to you for a longer duration without any malfunction. The plastic blades, although they are hard, they can easily break, melt or even crumble while blending. Blade type is also important because it determines whether your blender can be easy to clean, whether the blades can be easily replaced or removed. Always go for immersion blenders since they have the best blades that are durable.

Blending process:

Always try to find the immersion blender that gives you an easy time. Check whether it has a smooth blend or whether it is hard to blend. In your blending process, you should never submerge the motor especially the hand held part in water or any other liquid. In order for you to get the best blend, this area should never get wet and it is always advisable to only submerge to the length of the wand.

Blender size and ease of use:

Can the blender fit in your hand or is it too small or big to hold in your hand? Always go for the size that can fit your hands because you will always have an easy time when blending. Also check whether the blender is slippery to hold and whether the control units are easily accessible. Most stick immersion blenders are designed to fit the normal hand size, but since you will be the one who will use it, it is always advisable to go for one that is compatible with your hand size as the size and comfort matters.

The blending speed:

Some blenders have just one speed and others have variable speeds. As long as you mix your soap for the right amount of time, making sure all ingredients are thoroughly blended, having the variety of speeds doesn’t really matter that much. Having faster speeds may decrease some mixing time. Having variable speeds is just convenient.

Ease of cleaning:

Does your immersion blender give you a hell time during the cleaning process? Always check whether the blades and shafts are easily removable to enhance the cleaning process. It is also important to go for a blender that contains shaft or blades that are dishwasher safe. When cleaning the product make sure that you have turned the lights off or unplug the power cord. This helps to clean the outside part apart from the blade, the shaft as well as the underneath. This helps to clean out the blade, shaft and underneath the guard. When the blender is switched off, you can just run hot tap water or even warm water over the shaft as well as the blades. The point to note is that you should never insert the immersion blender, especially the electronic part and the motor into the dishwasher as it can have a great impact on the blender thus interfering with its future blending performance.

Noise production:

In case you fill irritated by noisy blenders, always consider buying the immersion blenders that produces less noise. This will give you an easy time and ensure that you enjoy the whole process.


They usually come with a wall storage bracket. With such blender, you can easily mount it on the wall for easy use and accessibility. Medium sized blenders can be easily stored in your preferred area in your kitchen cabinet together with other accessories.

In conclusion, the immersion blenders can greatly save you time spent in your kitchen to prepare drinks and meals. The above clearly explained features make this special type of blenders to be the choice of many as they enhance the blending process and also making it more enjoyable.

Below we write reviews about 4 immersion blender for baby food to help you to choose the blender that fit not only your needs, but also your budget.

1.) KitchenAid KHB3581CA

KitchenAid blender

The KitchenAid KHB3581CA Candy Apple Red Pro Line Hand Blender is wonderful for those who are adventurous chefs and like to try a variety of recipes and cooking methods. This hand blender is also great for people with smaller kitchens or who are simply a bit challenged when it comes to storage space.


The KitchenAid pro line hand blender is designed with an ergonomic handle. It comes with five attachments, and includes a special bowl with a lid to turn the blender into a food processor. It has 5 blending speeds and also comes with a 13″ inch and 9″ blending handle. The KitchenAid pro line hand blender is a cordless kitchen appliance. It gets its power from a rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery.


Because of its ergonomic design, this hand blender is easy and comfortable to use. Those who cook frequently will love this tool’s versatility; they can use it to puree, shred, beat, chop, froth and more! Owners of this hand blender can use it for soups, desserts, food prep, salads, sauces, dips, even homemade baby food – and many other types of recipes.

The five adjustable speeds help the user to achieve the food consistency he or she desires. With two different lengths of blending handles to choose from, owners can use the blender with a variety of different sized bowls without it being awkward or messy.

There are no cords on this appliance to potentially cause a messy accident, or force cooks to work in a certain place in the kitchen because of the location of the outlet. Best of all, the 12V lithium-ion battery is rechargeable.


In a few very rare cases, some users have reported that the battery charge did not last long. It is hard to tell though, when speaking about a kitchen appliance, if it is indeed the appliance or the person using it. A user making cupcake batter that is the consistency of krazy glue might have had trouble with the battery charge not lasting as long.


This product is a great purchase because of its features, versatility and ease of use. From our research, many people seem to be satisfied with their purchase.

2.) Waring (WSB40)

Waring (WSB40)

A blender is a machine that can blend different types of mixtures. A product like the Waring (WSB40) Quik Stik Plus Immersion Blender is worth looking into if you are looking for a immersion blender. This machine is great for many kitchens and it features a heavy duty motor.


Stainless Steel Blade

The presence of stainless steel blades makes this blender versatile. This means that it can handle different blending tasks. For this reason, you can use the machine for emulsification, whipping and preparing light mixtures.


Using a heavy blender can be a little difficult as compared lightweight machines. This model is designed to provide you with a comfortable operation for easier control and operation.

Large Capacity

If you have a variety of items to blend, you can achieve that quickly. This is because the blender is designed with a 10 inch fixed shift that is able to blend up to 6 gallons at once.

Rubberized Comfort Grip

When you are using any appliance, comfort should be put in mind. You do not want to have frustrating moments because of a poor grip and other negative things.

Heavy Duty Motor

The motor is the heart of any blender. If the motor is not powerful enough, you might not get the desired blending results.

This blender features 350 watts 2-speed heavy duty motor that will allow up to an 18,000 RPM processing speed.

  • It has a powerful motor
  • The blender has a large capacity
  • Comes with a limited one year warranty
  • The blender is versatile
  • Designed with rubberized comfort grip
  • The warranty is void if the machine is purchased for home use


This blender is a great purchase. You can blend a variety of things thanks to its stainless steel blade. Not to mention its design, lightweight, ease of operation and comfortable grip just to mention a few. It is also backed up by a limited one year warranty.

3.) Dynamic Mini Pro MX070

Dynamic Mini Pro MX070

The Mini Pro – MX070 Commercial Hand Mixer – Immersion Blender is a quality electric mixer with a 200 watt motor and an ergonomic look coupled with an easy grip design.

This commercial mixer boosts of a 7 inch shaft that is detachable, a 4-blade knife and runs at 1300 RPM. As an additional feature the Mini Pro – MX070 comes with a dynamic speed control that will allow you to select the speed that works the well for your job. With this compact and easy to use Mini Pro immersion blender, you can chop, grind, mix batter, blend smoothies and many more. Another positive thing about this immersion mixer is that the detachable stainless steel shaft is easy to clean and comes with a support of accessories. Not to mention that both the mixer attachment and the removable shaft bell are carefully polished and milled.


  • Variable speed from 0 to 1300 RPM
  • Power: 200 watts
  • Four cutter blades: Standard, Batter, Emulsify and Dairy
  • 0.25 to 3 gallon capacity
  • Light weight
  • Mini Pro mixer
  • The detachable shaft makes it easy to clean the immersion mixer.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and work with.
  • You can vary the speed of the motor RPM performance to suit your task.
  • The Mini Pro mixer is light in weight.
  • The 3 gallon capacity might not be appropriate for individuals with a huge work load.


If you are looking for a quality, sturdy and a durable commercial immersion mixer, this is a great purchase. With an assortment of tools, you will find yourself in a position to be able to experiment with new recipes. Also, the mixer is easy to clean after a mess. And by the way, the Mini Pro Mixer comes with a one year labor and limited parts warranty! You read it right.

4.) MR 740cc bk Braun Multiquick 7

MR 740cc bk Braun Multiquick 7

The beauty of a processor, a good one anyway, is that it can chop, crush, knead, blend, mix, grate and slice. While there are many products in the market, today we will be looking at the MR 740cc bk Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless Hand Processor.

If you want to crush some ice, mince your turkey or beef, chop that steak, blend that smoothie you read about, knead that pizza dough, to name a few, the Braun Hand Processor can do it. This is a product that is suitable for the stay-at-home mum, the college student and right up to the most executive of chefs.


The MR 740cc bk Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless Hand Processor is a compact hand processor made of stainless steel that is used for multiple uses. When you purchase the product, inside you will find the BRAUN MQ 940cc Multiquick 9 cordless with Smart Technology. This is the part of the processor that hold all the power in this kit. It has a safety button that allows you to stop and start the blending process safely. It also has a Smart Technology button that allows you to control the speed the more you press it. The processor comes with a charging 110-220 Volt Dual Voltage 220 Volt Plug and charging station.

The Braun Hand Processor comes with a 1000ml jug that holds the food or drink you are preparing. There is also a 600ml measuring cup that sees to provide correct food measurements. There is the mini chopper that allows you to chop, crush and blend spices and other small foods. The hand processor has stainless steel blades as well as ice crushing capacity.

  • The MR 740cc bk Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless Hand Processor is compact and this saves up on kitchen storage space.
  • It offers multiple functions such as crushing, blending, grating, chopping, mincing and juicing.
  • Its Smart Technology speed button and the safety button enable you to control the hand processor, which means it is safe for use.
  • Its anti-spill design means that you can blend your favorite smoothies and shakes in the jug and you will not have to worry about spillage.
  • The charging station is not only good for charging the processor, but also storing it as well.
  • It’s durable as it is predominantly made of stainless steel.
  • When in the USA or Canada, you need to have a different plug to cater for different voltages in these countries.
  • It can get tiring to work a hand processor. On the plus side, it makes for good hand exercise.


Signs point to yes. The main reasons, if not already covered, means that you can do multiple cooking functions with one compact hand blender, it is definitely easier to clean and maintain, it is easy to store and it will keep your kitchen cleaning chores to a minimum because it doesn’t spill while mixing.

Top 10 Products Bought Together with Immersion Blenders:

You probably bought an immersion blender, but now don’t have any idea as for what to get next. It’s alright. Those who’d rather get a full-tang culinary expert’s blade over a 4k TV can be pickier than Thomas Keller at a rancher’s business. Be that as it may…. that is the reason we looked high and low to choose these 10 kitchen-driven things. From a set of NASA-determined cookware that spreads the warmth to a pasta creator that pushes out noodles quickly, these product can help fulfill culinary tastes. Here are the top 10 items frequently bought along with immersion blenders:

The sharp balances ascending the base of the cast aluminum Flare Pans aren’t only for looks: planned by an Oxford University scientific genius (regard), they help lead and appropriate hotness all the more productively.

This is a great system for espresso making for a reason: the methodology of gradually spilling bubbled water over your grounds so they “sprout” yields a measure that is full bodied. The arch like Manual Coffee Maker No 1 is made of twofold walled glass and sits over your mug, protecting both it and the water poured.

Novice move: Filling up a glass growler at the bottling works. Most importantly, these permit light in, bringing down the lifespan of your suds; second, they’re inclined to shattering. Rather, cosset your specialty mix in this stainless steel growler. The 72-ounce vessel is shatterproof and shields from any light. Also, it has a simple to fill wide-mouth and a strung top that keeps a tight seal on the top for holding that sweet, sweet carbonation. It likewise fits a group of sold-separate embellishments, including a Co2-chargeable crisp top framework and a neoprene sleeve that includes additional protection.

Since in some cases you need to throw together a solitary serving shake or smoothie, this blender accompanies a 40-ounce pitcher and a 20-ounce compartment. Each one fits into the 750hp, 10-speed blender’s stainless steel cutting edges, which are sufficient to tear through stuff from ice to almonds. The 20-ounce holder accompanies its own flip top and is twofold walled to keep it substance frosty for a couple of hours; the vast compartment is great for at-home mixing of soups.

The titanium-carbide surface of the Furtif Evercut Knives endures many times longer than standard steel, importance you just need to hone them once at regular intervals. The dark sharpened pieces of steels have a full tang for steadiness and a polygonal handle.

Drinking beverages this holiday? Sling this sack over your shoulder. Made for mixologists and made by W&p, the cowhide stressed canvas pack comes supplied with two roadster glasses, a bricklayer jug shaker, wooden muddler, and jigger. It’s roomy enough for a couple of spirits, some of your favorite sharp flavoring and other things you have to throw together several rounds wherever you are.

Don’t tell grandpa: this programmed noodle producer pushes out a pound of pasta in 15 minutes. Just include your fixings and the machine blends and works the batter before encouraging it through one of four snap-on forming plates (browse fettucini, spaghetti, penne and lasagna). It brags 1,600 pounds of expulsion compel, so the pasta you make reliably turns out at a nice thickness.

You purchased that lovely immersion blender that is more marbled than Warren Buffett’s lavatory. Don’t fall back on testing it against the cushion of your finger or whatever other kind of steak soothsaying. Rather, stick this nail-formed remote meat test into its side. A red light on the test’s tip flashes not when your steak has arrived at precise temperatures, but instead when now is the right time to expel it from the flame broil. Given it a chance to rest until the test quits blazing and you’re prepared to delve into your food. Accessible with presets for rare, medium-rare, medium and medium well.

Despite the fact that its wooden cupboard and slatted aluminum cast an outdated vibe, the Revo Superconnect is a music framework that merits a spot in your kitchen. Matched with your home Wifi, the speaker stipends you get to many FM, AM and Internet radio stations around the globe, so you can set the soundtrack that combines with your cooking. The framework additionally emphasizes a Bluetooth association so you can stream tunes from smart gadgets.

They arrive in a mixed bag of shades and materials, from calfskin stressed material to a denim-cotton combo. Our most loved is the Razor Clam, which is agreeable and equipped with two lap pockets and a midsection pocket.