SKG Wide Chute Masticating Anti-Oxidation Slow Juicer Review

SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer ReviewThe SKG Wide Chute juicer is one the best choices among all the juicers. It is a low speed juicer which operates quite slowly as compared to the other centrifugal juicers. It can crush the content for extracting a large amount of the juice out of them. Because of the low speed of the juicer, you can get the naturally flavored juices which are produced by the blending action having the minimum amount of the oxidation. The slow speed processing ensures the smooth blending without causing any resistance by clogging or jamming and makes it easier to clean out the juicer. You can have the maximum amount of juice from different items like carrot, apple, celery, orange, and pear.

The juicer is provided with the chute having the mouth with the width of 3 inches for managing the large pieces of vegetables and fruit easily. The motor of juicer has the power rating of the 24 watts which runs with the speed of 60 rpm. The Wide chute of the juicer lowers the oxidation rate and provides the wider space for the big food ingredients.

The total weight of the juicer is just 23 pounds, so it is easier to be handled and is quite durable. The construction of its framework is done with the high-quality material. It is considered one of the best juicer in market because of its design made up of the high graded anti-oxidative material. Other than being a juicer, it also helps in making of various dishes by making the natural ingredients like tofu, soft baby food, and sorbet. It has a shiny and slim design, which makes it a decoration item of the kitchen.

How does it work?

The SKG wide chute juicer works at the low processing speed and carries out the smooth juicing action without causing any clogging and produces a large amount of juice in less time while retaining the original texture, flavor and the nutritional content of the juice. The wide chute enables the processing of large sized food item but be sure that you don’t put the too hard or too soft item in the juicer to avoid any damage to the blades.

SKG Wide Chute Anti Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer

Key Features

The SKG Wide chute juicer offers the wide variety of the features, which makes it the best juicer in market. Let’s have a closer look on some of its top features:

Low speed juicer with minimum oxidation:

The processing speed of the juicer is slow as compared to the other juicers which have the centrifugal juicers. This low speed juicer offers the smooth processing action which produces the highly nutritious, tasty, and fresh juice, which can be stored for long period. The processing speed of juicer is 60 rpm which avoids the oxidation, frothing and foaming during blending action. In this way, the original texture and flavor of the juice remained preserved which is normally lost due to strong centrifugal process in other juicers which undergo the process of grinding and crushing, heating up the motor.

Wide chute:

The SKG juicer is known for its wide mouth chute, having the width of 3 inches or 76 mm. the wide mouth of chute allows the entry of large sized food items easily without causing any clogging which reduces the cleaning time or preparatory time. Because of less chopping action, there would be less chances of oxidation as the large pieces of food may get easily oxidized.

Large amount of juice with minimum oxidation:

The SKG juicer helps in producing the large amount of the juice with very less oxidation action because of the strainer base and a valve provided for the sealed spacing for keeping the juice. This valve should be closed during blending. You can have the 65 to 70% of juice from celery, 42 to 47% from carrot, 85 to 90% from oranges, and 65 to 75% from apples by using the SKG juicer.

High quality antioxidant construction:

Most of the parts of the machine are made up of the stainless steel, PEI juicing screws and silicone, which are of high quality and highly graded antioxidant materials. The product has the certification from the ROHS, CE, and ETL. The overall design of juicer is slim and shiny with total weight of 16 lbs. that can be easily moved from one place to another.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of the SKG wide chute juicer are:


The dimensions of the machine are 21.8 x 13.2 x 10 inches.

Customer satisfaction:

For gaining the utmost satisfaction from the customers, the company offers the additional spare parts in the package and few discounts at the time of purchase.


The SKG wide juicer comes with the money guarantee with pre-defined coverage period. This duration starts from the day you purchase the juicer, and you can return it during this period by getting your money back if you don’t like the product. Along with this, there is a warranty of 10 years on the juicer.


Following are the pros and cons of the model given below:

  • The low speed juicer provides the maximum juice extraction from the fruit and vegetables with the minimum oxidation action.
  • There is a wide chute provided to this juicer which allows the entry of large pieces of food easily.
  • The motor and other body parts of the juicer come with the warranty of ten years.
  • This model is a bit expensive than other juicers.
  • It is difficult to assemble.

Final Verdict

The SKG wide chute juicer is the considered as the best juicer in market which has the unique design with the wide mouth chute for in taking the large food items. The processing action of the juicer is done at low speeds as compared to another juicer, which makes the juice to be able to preserve its natural flavor, taste, and texture. The price of juicer is a bit high, but the remarkable features of the juicer make it pay off.