Omega VRT350 Low Speed Masticating Juicer Review

Omega VRT350 Dual Stage Heavy Duty Vertical Auger Juicer ReviewOmega VRT350 Heavy Duty Vertical dual-stage low-speed juicer is referred as a budgeted juicer. The VRT350 features 80rpm that is better than many other juicers that process produce between 1,650 and 15,000 rpm. Low speed is necessary to protect the taste and texture of fresh juices. The low speed maintains the healthy enzymes and prevents oxidation so that you can store juice for almost 72 hours. The VRT350 juicer features a special processing system to extract the maximum juice from wheatgrass, vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. The machine is versatile to use.

Patented auger with screw design is efficient while pressing and squeezing ingredients to extract juices. The hopper of the juicer is appropriately located at the top of juicer. The juicer comes with a hopper attached to a bowl. It is also connected to the foundation. It features two spouts (64-ounce containers), one for pulp ejection and other for juice. The VRT350 comes with one pusher to easily push ingredients in the juice. The machine is easy to assemble and clean. Just pour water through the chute to easily clean the juicer to change the ingredients. The compact low-speed juicer takes little space on the countertop.

Masticating juicers are famous to keep the enzymes in the track and produce healthy and tasty juices without water. You will get better yield as compared to centrifugal juicers. The juicers have small feed slot, and you will need a pusher to push the pieces of produce. Unlike other juicers, the VRT350 features a vertical cylinder so that you can process fruits and vegetables without cutting them. These can reduce your chopping time. Just feed the fruits and vegetables in the feed tube, and VRT350 will manage the rest for you.

How does it work?

VRT series features three models, and the VRT350 dual-stage vertical single auger is an advanced and improvised version in the series. The VRT350 juicer is eight times harder than VRT330. The juicer features automatic wiping system. It utilizes the silicone wiping blade, and it is quite similar to the wiping blade of your vehicle that swirls around the exterior of your filter/screen while juicing and ensure that the screen remains clear from the extra pulp.

The patented design of the screw auger is efficient to press and squeeze ingredients to extract juices. The hopper is particularly located at the top of juicers. The juicer comes with the pusher to push the ingredients in the juicer. If you want to extract maximum juice out of your produce, the VRT350 can be an ideal choice for you. Just wash your produce, chop extra big produce and put in the feed tube. Let the juicer work for you to extract maximum juices.

Omega VRT350 Dual Stage Heavy Duty Vertical Auger Juicer

Key Features

The Omega VRT350 Dual-stage heavy duty vertical auger low-speed juicer has numerous amazing features; therefore, it is one of the best masticating juicers. For your convenience, here are some unique features of Omega VRT350.

Special Low-Speed Juicer

The low-speed masticating juicer works at the speed of 80rpm to process vegetables and fruits. It allows the juicer to crush the produce to squeeze maximum juices. It allows the juice to maintain its natural taste, nutrients, vitamins, natural taste and pure color.

Vertical and Small Footprint

With its vertical design and small footprint, it will take limited space in your kitchen. It will give a unique aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. You can make delicious and fresh juices with fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Dual Stage Juicer

The dual stage vertical auger low-speed juicer is designed to extract juice by crushing the vegetables or fruit. Before ejecting the pulp, this pulp is squeezed during the 2nd pressing stage. As a result, you will get dry pulp and higher yield of fresh juice. This juicer is productive, efficient and economical. You will get juice rich with nutrients from the least amount of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits.

Limit Foam and Froth

This low-speed system is designed to limit foam and froth while preventing oxidation. You can store juice for almost 72 hours without any degradation.

Multiple Settings

The VRT350 dual-stage juicer comes with three settings, such as off, on and reverse. The special reverse option is good to use when something is stuck, or you want to unclog. With the help of over-sized spout, you can serve up your fresh drinks easily.

Additional Feature

Along with some basic features, it comes with some other features to improve the efficiency of juicer:

Efficient and Quiet

If you want something efficient and quiet, you can get the advantage of VRT350 low-speed juicer. With its quiet operation, there is no need to worry about its sound in the morning. You can get fresh juices any time in a day.

Motor and Voltage

It utilizes 110-volts, and for North American people, a 220-volt version is available. It features a 2HP motor that consumes only 150-watt. It will not consume extra electricity.


The Omega VRT350 comes with 10-year limited warranty by the manufacturer. You can get peace of mind with a long warranty.


The VRT350 low-speed juicer comes with numerous features, but here are some positive and negative points. You should consider these points.

  • Rotate at almost 80rpm speed to produce a healthy juice
  • Vertical design will not need any cutting and pushing of stuff.
  • It operates silently because noise is minimized by squeezing slowly
  • Works really well with leafy vegetables, vegetables, and fruits
  • Arid pulp
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with 10-year limited warranty
  • Foam on the top of fresh juice
  • Celery should be broken into tiny pieces before processing it into juicer

Final Verdict

Omega VRT350 low-speed juicer is heavy duty and ultra-quite unit. It is ideal for those people who want to drink fresh juices on a regular basis. As compared to other Omega juicers, it is available at an affordable price. It is recommended to anyone who is serious about juicing at home.