Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer ReviewThe Omega J8006 is the best masticating juicer because of its extensive juicing mechanism remarkable features. It is considered as the low-speed juicer having the processing speed of 80 rpm, while many other juicers have the speed ranges between 1650 to 15000 rpm. The low processing speed of the juicer saves and maintain the presence of healthy enzymes while avoiding the oxidation action by allowing the juice to retain its taste and texture for 72 hours without any degradation.

The GE Ultem structure in the juicer is eight times powerful as compared to any other plastic form and has the strong gear reduction which works like the motor with a power rating of 2 HP. The juicing system of this model processes in two stages while extracting the maximum quantity of the juice from the pulp of the fruit, vegetables, green leafs, even from the wheat leafs. You can also use it for turning the nuts into the butternuts which are used in making the baby food by the pure, natural, fresh ingredients, extrude pasta, whipped soy milk, ground coffee, minced herbs, and spices.

Get the Omega J8006 for making the tasteful and nutritious snacks and drinks which you will love. The dimensions of juicer machine are 7 inches in width, 15.5 inches in depth, and 8.5 inches in height. The use of various frozen items like ice cream may cause sticking of food with the corners of the blender jugs or juice may get stiff and don’t flow. The juicer has got a screen for keeping an eye on the juice while blending.

How does it work?

The Omega J8006 masticating juicer works on the basis of a dual step mechanism which is inspired by the chewing action occurs in the human mouth. The fruit and vegetables are crushed to squeeze out the juice from their pulp. This low speed juicer has got many features and is affordable to get with a long lasting design.
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Key Features

The Omega J8006 provides the great features in respect to the juice processing and powerful two-stage operation with the high power rated motor. Here are few things which make this juicer as the best masticating juicer available in the market.

Low-speed juicer:

This is a low-speed juicer which has the masticating style and works at considerably controlled pace. The processing of this juicer is about 80 rpm. The masticating action of this juicer allows it to grind to get the juice while maintaining its purity, taste and nutritional texture. Due to its low speed processing, the efficiency of blending action of juicer is enhanced without causing any delay in getting the juice. The nutritional level and the freshness of flavor of juice remains preserved during the slow blending.

Prepare delicious baby food:

The Omega J8006 not only helps in making the juice out of pulp, but it can also turn nuts into the nut butter (all kinds of natural nuts) which can be used in formation of baby food along with other fresh and natural ingredients like whipped soy milk, ground coffee, extrude pasta, minced herbs, spices, and garlic.

GE Ultem Auger:

The Omega J8006 juicer has the GE Ultem Auger that is eight times powerful as compared to other types of plastics.

High rated motor:

The power rating of juicer’s motor is 2 HP with strongly reduced gear.

Dual staged mechanism:

In this low speed juicer, the juice is extracted out of the vegetables and fruit through the crushing action at first. After which, the residual pulp is ejected out and pressed again for extracting the remaining juice until you get the dried pulp.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of the Omega J8006 juicer machine are:


As the juicer is very efficient in its processing, so you get the maximum amount of the juice with the less quantity of produce.


The design of juicer is made in such a way that it can run for a long period without getting any damage regarding its engineering framework.


The Omega J8006 juicer machine comes with the money back guarantee by the manufacturer whose coverage starts from the day you buy it. There is a grace period of six months of this warranty duration during which you can test the product, and if it doesn’t satisfy you, you can give it back and have your money.  Other than that you have 15 years’ warranty for ensuring the best life of the product.


There are different properties which offer various advantages in the Omega juicer. Most of them are beneficial while there may be few drawbacks too. Following are the pros and cons of this model given:

  • This juicer works best for any fruit and vegetables even for the harder one.
  • It works in dual stage blending which gives you the maximum amount of juice in less time.
  • The smooth blending action at low speed helps in retaining the flavor and texture of juice.
  • Some noise is expected while the juicer blends
  • This model is a bit costly
  • Due to the complex mechanism, it is difficult to clean.

Final Verdict

The omega J8006 nutritional juicer comes with numerous amazing features. It is famous for its slow speed processing along with the masticating action of the juicer which makes it the best masticating juicer. The low processing speed of this juicer allows the uniform and smooth blending action while retaining the natural taste, nutritional texture, and flavor of the juice. The processing action is performed in two stages. During first stage the juice is extracted out and the pulp ejects out. While this pulp is again pressed down to get the remaining juice. In this way you get the maximum quantity of juice with less produce. It is provided with the GE Ultem Auger which is quite powerful. Other than machine may produce a little noise during blending and is a bit expensive but offers the wide range of remarkable features.