Best Angle Grinder – 2021

Best Angle GrinderWhich best angle grinder is best for you? As we go about our lives, sometimes we are involved in occupations that require certain tools.  Here we will take a look at some of the best angle grinders that are available for your consideration.  There are more than a few model available to suit your various needs, but once you are better educated about what options are available to you, you’ll then be in a better position to maximize any investment you make in one of these machines, as you’ll want the right tool for the job without any regret. With that said, let’s take a look at what is available to you.

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Our Picks

As is plain to see, there are four excellent options to choose from and for a reasonable investment. That said when it comes to simply nailing down the right choice for you, the selection process then becomes a little more tightly focused.

Long Life Picks

There are two models offered by Makita, which are the 9557PBX1 and the 9565cv. They are the only ones offered that have the vaunted SJS or Super Joint System, which again protects the gears and motor, thus lengthening the life of the tool.

The AMPs vary for the two machines at 7.5 and 12, but that is mostly because they are used for different types of jobs or projects. The 9565cv is more powerful because it has variable speed, and thus the elevated AMPs.

If long life and multiple uses are your aim, then these two Makita models are probably right up your alley.

Portable One

The Porter-Cable PC60 TAG 6.0 is a great option for smaller jobs like home improvement projects. Though one of the lesser AMP powered models covered, it still provides a good amount of power as well some nice safety features.

Though it is small and suited for smaller projects, it is still an awesome option for construction sites or even if you are mobile in your work as the PC60 is very portable at only 4lbs.

Big pick, Also Great

The Dewalt 402K is the one you might consider the BIG boy on the block. It has all the power of an industrial machine, yet it can be adapted to smaller jobs as well. It has all of the bells and whistles as far as safety and sound manufacturing but also built for convenience of use by the user.

What is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a hand held tool used for a number of jobs such as cutting, grinding, or polishing.  This particular tool comes in a variety of sizes as it can accommodate many different jobs for both large construction jobs as well as home improvement projects.

These machines are powered in one of three ways. There are those that have electric motors, those that have gas engines and those that are pneumatic, or a more basic way of saying it would be to say powered by compressed air.

Grinders are versatile machines with a variety of uses, some of which are listed here:

  • Grinds metal
  • Cuts tile
  • Stucco and paves
  • Rout out mortar
  • Sands and polishes
  • Sharpens blades
  • Good for rust and paint removal
  • Cuts and grinds steel

They are called “angle” grinders because they are machines that can get into places that the standard or regular grinders cannot. Though there are a variety of sizes available, these particular grinders are for the most part hand held, though they come in larger models as well.

There make up of a grinder is that it is small in some cases, but also are offered in a few sizes that are built for protection with the standard adjustable guard for safety, as while also having a side handle to allow for two-handed operation.

The main feature of a grinder is the disc that is used to do the actual work. As such, there are few different types of disc that you’ll want to be aware of if you are to take full advantage of your particular tool. The types of discs are:

  • Diamond blade (cut-off disc)
  • Abrasive disc
  • Grinding stones
  • Sanding disc
  • Wire brush wheels
  • Polishing pads

There is a wide range of sizes for the discs to fit the needs of the task at hand. Common disc sizes are 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 9, & 12.

How does angle grinder work?

There are three basic types of angle grinders that operate in somewhat different ways. There are the electric motor powered machines that basically converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It operates through the working between the electric motor’s magnetic field and winding currents to produce force from within the motor, that gives this tool its function and power. The electric motor is a desirable choice as it a bit easier to power. Though there are other sources of power that can power one of these tools, electric motors are pretty much preferred for the convenience it offers the user. Though there are some jobs that will be performed in areas without electricity, but for the most part electricity is readily available in most cases thus making an electric motored grinder extremely favorable.

Grinders powered by pneumatic motor or a compressed air engine are those that converts compressed air energy to mechanical work through linear or rotary motion, thus allowing for longer life and use of the tool powered by compressed air. Disc grinders that are powered by air compression are also a great option, because of the portability factor.  Most air compressors are portable and as such make it a very attractive option for users. The fact that electricity may or may not be available is one reason, why side grinders powered by compressed air are a preferred choice of many people looking to take full advantage of this tool. A tool of this type has the added benefit of using a power source hat is being compressed and stored until that particular power source is needed.

Tips & Guides for Picking the Best Angle Grinder

Before you embark on the journey of investing in a disc grinder, here are some tips about how to choose the best one for your particular needs.

Do Your Due Diligence

First, investigate any particular machine that you may be considering by what reviews it is given.  Often, we think that the bestselling model is automatically the best option for us but if further due diligence is performed, you will be in a better position to maximize your investment. With that said, word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to verify the legitimacy of any claims or rumors. When looking at any products or tools it is best to trust what people who have used the product and invested their money into. This way you know that you aren’t just being shown what someone wants you to see, you get the benefit of real life testimony as opposed to simple advertising.

Depending upon where you buy your machine, it is probably a good idea to have some demonstration of what any possible choice you may be considering. Be it from a sales clerk or video, it’s best to know what the machine can and cannot do so that your needs can be met as best as possible.

It’s always good to have choices. That said, you should always compare one model to another to be sure of what you are getting. Size may be a factor, or a particular job or project need may come into play when considering a tool, so it is best to do a comprehensive comparison of the options available to you.

It may sound corny, but before you make an investment such as this, it is a very good idea to look into any consumer reports and thoroughly research the manufacturers of any particular brand you may be interested in.

Get Help From Experts

If you are purchasing from a store, most have knowledgeable sales people in place who are more than happy to help you by giving you first hand education and service to help with any decision you are making. As a matter of fact, most sales representatives are anxious to help you as they have loads of knowledge about these tools and have been hired for their customer service skills. Often the representatives are experts on these tools not simply because they were trained to be, but because they have a first-hand working knowledge of just what benefits that the products offer.

Be Cautious With Your Choice and Investment

When you buy a grinder, whether from the local hardware store or procured online, always, always get a money-back guarantee. You may do all the research and due diligence before buying your tools, but you may then not like what it actually does when you use it. It just may not have lived up to what you thought it would, despite all of your preparatory work that went into the decision. So, it would only make good business sense to be able to exchange or return the merchandise if your best needs are not being met. When you insure that you can get a refund or exchange, you give yourself a trial period to make sure that you get what you want and need. In the event that an exchange or refund are not available, you may want to inquire about an in store demonstration by the representative so that you can see firsthand what your desired tool can do, as well as possibly handle the machine for yourself to see how it feels.

Get In The Know

Lastly, even if you are new to the use of angle grinders, get up to date on what is the current state of things with concerns to this tool. Find out where it came from and where it is going and then decide where it is now, this will give you a great reference for making a more balanced decision based on your current needs. It is not too much of a stretch to even do your due diligence as far as the company or manufacturer to get a feel for how they do business and their manufacturing habits. Do they have high quality standards? Where are they located? What are their labor standards? What is their standing with the Better Business Bureau? All of these things can make your experience in choosing one of these tools more enjoyable and far less stressful than it could be because when it comes to buying things, that it should be fun, not frustrating.

Sometimes, though there are strict standards for products to make it into the market to be sold to consumers, there are still some products that make their way into the selection available that maybe should not have. It’s best to know what the standard is before you even embark on this journey.

If for nothing else, making a comparison of the variety of models available makes for some fun while you make up your mind as to what you want. Not only can the work that you are going to perform with the tool be rewarding, but the process of making the decision can be fun when done from an educated state.  With that said, the following section will highlight a few options to get you started in the right direction. Have fun choosing.

Dewalt DWE402K 4 ½ Inch Grinder Kit

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

The Dewalt DWE402 has 11 AMPS of power generated by a new generation with an AC/DC motor that provides the power of 11,000 RPMs

It is outfitted with a great dust ejection system that provides durability by removing damaging dust and debris, which actually extends the life of the tool.

The DWE402K has some very nice features that make it very attractive to consumers in that it come in a nice carrying case and has a depressed center wheel which makes this a tool of ease and convenience for the user. It also comes with a wrench especially for this machine and it boast a 4 ½ in one touch guard for that allows you to rotate it 360 with one touch.

The DWE402K has a quick release feature called the quick-release button that allows for the grinding wheel to be changed even without the included wrench.

This machine has a paddle switch safety lock-off to prevent accidental start-ups, an essential for the safety of the users.

The DWE402K has a small gripping surface that allows for the best comfort in its class. This is coupled with a top mounted and protected spindle lock button which maximizes user control when using this machine.

It has the feature of an automatic shut-off that is activated when the brush or disc needs to be changed. This is important for users who may not be familiar with this type of tool and may not get the full benefit of its full power.

The DWE402K also boast matching wheel flanges so that some of the more common accessories can be used.

Makita 9565cv 120v variable speed 5 inch

Makita 9565CV

The Makita 9565cv is a powerful 12AMP grinder with variable speed power.

It has motor protection so that it performs for a longer period of time plus it is equipped with an SJS or Super Joint System that protects the gears of the machine which again lengthens the life of the tool. The 9565cv is engineered for smoother startups and has features that prevent accidental motor overloads or burnout.

The SJS is an innovation which is exclusive to the Makita brand. The Super Joint System is in place to protect the motor by disengaging the gears of the machine in the event the grinding wheel catches or binds.

The Makita 9565cv is built for comfort as well as designed to be ergonomically sound for the user. It boasts a side handle that can be installed on either side of the tool as well as a tool-less wheel g8uard adjustment that provides clamping.

The 9565cv is portable as most disc grinders are but it is very powerful for its particular class

When it comes to side grinders and what they can do, the 9565cv is a great choice because of its variable speed. This feature allows the user to set the RPMs for the job at hand, which is to say that you may need a little more power for one job but the same amount may be too much for another project, be it stone work, polishing, or grinding.

Porter-Cable PC60 TAG 6.0

Porter-Cable PC60

The Porter-Cable PC60 TAG is another great option when it comes to side grinders. It has the much mentioned 11,000 RPM motor which makes it high speed and therefore great for material removal.

It has a durable 6AMP motor, which is ideal for handling jobsite task with ease. It also has a cast metal case which increases jobsite durability and tool longevity.

The tool-free change guard provides fast and easy guard removal

The PC60 TAG has a spindle lock feature that allows for greater control in multiple positions.

It has a slide switch with lock on

There is a 3 position handle which also allows for greater control in multiple positions

The PC60 TAG is only 4lbs and comes with a 3 year warranty.