Best Lawn Mower – 2024

Best Lawn MowerMaybe you like the garden work. You want take some time to lawn your beautiful mower. Some people may think they can save some money to cut their grass mower by themselves. You know, the money you have saved that can be purchased for some advanced lawn mower and may be the best lawn mower. If you have little knowledge about mowers, it would be very confused to you which pick is your right one. Actually, I think it is wrong for you to pick the most expensive one, but the one that must be the most suitable for your mower.

Our work is helping you chose the right one and save your time and money. Today, we take six types that are the most popular on the moment mower market. We take electric, gas or petrol, corded or cordless and self-propelled or push lawn mower. In one word, there will be one type which is suitable for you. In the next step, you had better be ready one cup of coffee to research our selection guide of lawn mowers. Please you pay more patience, we believe you will get your right answer.

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Tips and Guides on buying the Best lawn mower

As usually, there are mess types of mowers on the market, we are confused to pick which lawn mower is the best for you. So, the tips and guides we had better research before we purchase. Some details are not important. You should be attention on some main features as your guides.

Power or Engine: I believe this is the actual and real important factor. For the electric driver, the power supply is corded or cordless. Which type is on your request? The corded lawn mower is more powerful and cheap, but it is inconvenient with power cable when you work, you must be careful of electric shock. It is smaller than corded type, because the power source is by an extra and long extension cord. If you have a small yard, it is suitable for you. The cordless type should take a battery-pack and be expensive, the running time is limited with the range of 45 to 80 minutes as usual. But it is very convenient to mow. When you want lawn, you just push it on the grass. There are many intelligent technologies on best self propelled lawn mower. Ego LM2001, LM2101 is a new upgrade style. I will give you more information about them. The problem from corded mower is battery loss, you have to change new battery-pack after several years. Many consumers think the gas engine is also an excellent pick, the power is strong and no limited time, compared to electric mode, it is heavier and you need pay more care and maintenance time. You will need change the air filter or oil to protect the mower engine. Due to petrol power engine, it is noisier than the electric type.

Self propelled type: This mower is convenient for older people. There are two types of driver, one is the front wheel driver (FWD) and the other one is rear wheel driver (RWD). The landscapers think RWD can give you more traction on inclines and hills. If your lawn is not more than half an acre, you can try this type. One another feature I need mention you. When you lawn with RWD type, it is difficult to make fast 180-degree pivots move. You have to push down on your mower handle, letting the front wheel of mower be off the ground, while you had better adjust the mower driver speed. But this is easy for FWD, the drive front wheels are disengaged from the ground at once. The owner of RWD reported us it is not problem for the mower which can be adjusted by full control.

The size of cutting and how much grass it can bag, these are also important. It can save your time if the mower has a large size cutting blade and bag. There are 3-in-1 mowers, which mean it can mulch, bag and side-discharge. All things you do not need do, you should just control the direction of your mower. For some gas mowers, the feature of a blade brake clutch is perfect. It means you can stop the mower blade while the engine running. You do not need stop the engine when you clean the bag or a short brake.

Some Tips:
1. Mowing while the grass is dry.
2. For newly cutting-grass, we should reduce the heating-stress while it is in the later afternoon or morning.
3. You had better mow a narrow cutting-path for thick or new grass.
4. Keeping the lawn or grass under 4-inch in length.
5. Walking with a steady pace for better cutting efficiency.
6. Exchanging mowing patterns every time.

What is a lawn mower and How to Work

When people asked this question, I answered you it was an equipment to cut or mow grass. There are two types of electric lawn mowers, one is cordless and the other one is corded. The power source of a cordless electric lawn mower is battery packs. Compares with it, the corded one which you need use a power cable to connect a wall outlet or electric generator. Usually speaking, the bulk of cordless model is larger than corded electric lawn mower, because the battery packs are large.

It was made by some main parts as below.

Cutter deck housing: It can cover the driver system and blades, and is suited for efficiently spray the grass clippings out of the mower house.

The drive system and blade mounting: The blades are mounted directly on to the crankshaft of its driver, but it also can be driven by a belt pulley pack.

Engine or Driver: Gasoline engine or electric motor.

Mower blade: The blade which rotates horizontally in cutter deck housing, and can generate an air flow continuously.

Four wheels: It is a simple knowledge for us. They can help the mower keep going, two wheels on front and two wheels on rear.

Our Picks

Top Pick

After our one week time research, we think the best one is from GreenWorks 25302. This pick is a cordless electric lawn mower, the power driver is by electric motor. Due to it, the mower is so quiet and no pollution. It is only 42.5Ibs without batteries. There are 40V 4AH and 2AH batteries you can select. The intelligent cut technology can adjust runtime and power automatically according to the thickness of the grass. This tech is also good for life of batteries. The four years warranty time give you a solid quality mower.

Runner-up Pick

The second pick is GreenWorks 25022, this type is corded mower. The power is electric, it can give you strong power to cut grass. The 12 amps, 120V AC motor is a great driver. The 3-in-1 function can help you a lot, the cutting height is also adjustable. We believe you deserve it.

Upgrade Pick

We have reviewed two electric mowers, the upgrade one we want that is Husqvarna 7021P. It is an excellent gas or petrol lawn mower. The cutting ability must be stronger than electric driver. You do not be worried about the fuel, it can mow continuously. GCV160 gas engine is made from Honda, the quality is no problem.

Cheap Lawn Mower

Buying a lawn mower is a big investment, some consumers want a cheap one. Sun Joe MJ401E is your right pick. It is not only cheap, but also with high quality. It is suitable for who has a small yard, you have to use it with some extension cords. The powerful motor is 12 amps, it is strong, tiny and simple.

Also Excellent Cordless Mower

Compared with the top pick GreenWorks 25302, the upgrade cordless one is Ego LM2001. The voltage of the mower is 56V, it is stronger than GreenWorks 25302 40V. We all know the stronger power means the stronger lawn ability. It has a led light that you can mow whenever you want.

Great Self Propelled Pick

The great brand Lawn-Boy is good at producing self propelled gas mower, the model 17732 has an OHV engine technolgoy, the XT6 is a wonderful 149cc gas engine, it can help you lawn continuously. The rear wheel can drive it keep moving, this is self propelled function.

GreenWorks 25302 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25302 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Why we select it as top? When you check our reviews about it, you can get a clear reply.

The dual-blade system is very excellent. It can help you mow more grass with each push. The designers have supplied you wonderful mulching and great bagging capabilities. The hard top back bag can indicate you to empty the bag. Two 7″ front wheels and 10″ rear wheels help you maneuver through any area of terrain. On the other hand, it is lightweight with only 42.5lbs without batteries, the weight of batteries 4AH 3lbs and 2AH 1.5lbs. It runs so quiet that you can lawn whenever it is in the morning or evening, you will not disturb your neighbors. There are 5 positions single-lever-height adjuster which can adjust a cutting height range of 1-3/4″ to 3-3/8″. The width of cutting deck is 20 inches, it is enough to lawn for mid-sized areas. So it is easy for you who love everyday yard work.

Checking the power driver, you will know it is an electric cordless lawn mower . The battery pack is the power source. You would know how long does 25302 can run continuously. The manufacturer supply 40V, 4AH and 40V, 2AH lithium ion batteries. As usual, the high-capacity can give you 40 minutes runtime based on a single fully-charged, but you have one 2 AH battery to add your work time for 20 minutes. If you want more run time, you can use two 40V, 4AH batteries. The intelligent cut technology can adjust runtime and power depending on the thickness of the grass. This innovative smart cut tech can save batteries energy.

However, the battery loss will happen as the time going, this cost you need pay. We suggest you remove the battery from GreenWorks 25302 charger and unplug it from the outlet once the batteries have been charged fully. This method can reduce the life of batteries slowly, or you will instead new one based on the status of battery. The manufacture supply us a four-year warranty, GreenWorks brand believe they will give us the solid quality mower. If it is something wrong or you do not satisfy for your mower, a refund for product they also service you.

  • Lightweight, quiet and no gas, no oil change, no air filter, no fumes, no extension cords to pull.
  • It has a large of wonderful reviews from the mower owners.
  • Be used by electricity as energy, it is with no pollution for our environment.
  • Perhaps, the 20-inch cutting width is small.

GreenWorks 25022 The Great Corded Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25022

The cordless lawn mower GreenWorks model 25302 I have reviewed, then somebody likes corded one. Because they think the corded lawn mowers have stronger power than cordless electric types and the price is nice, the fact is truth. Now, let’s learn more knowledge about this mower.

The power type is by 12 amps, 60Hz and 120V AC motor, the no-load speed is 3600 rounds per minute. If you are concerned about the machine power, it is your right pick. You see it is real power for cutting through the strongest and toughest grass easily. It has high efficiently cutting system that is durable 20-inch cutting deck and the material of deck is durable steel.

The discharge feature is 3-in-1 that can provide grass clippings from side discharge, mulching capabilities and rear bagging. This function is convenient for your yard project. The cutting height range is from 1-1/2 inch to 3-3/4 inches( 3.8 cm to 9.5 cm) that can be for all kinds of grass type. The size of wheels is the same as model 25302 which can give you high maneuverability in your yard.

But one thing I need mention you the weight is 56 pounds, so if your yard have some steep hills, it may be not convenient. Because it is a pushed electric mower, you need push as the forward driver. As we have said, this corded one is suitable for a small yard, it is real inconvenient for you to lawn with a long extension cord. The quality is highly strong for that the official GrennWorks brand ensures us a full four years warranties, this is wonderful for us. You should know the standard time is only two years.

  • Stronger power that can cut every grass in the yard.
  • Wonderful material and high quality.
  • Not a self-propelled lawn mower.
  • You have to use it by a long extension cord.

Husqvarna 7021P The Wonderful Gas Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 7021P

In this part, I want recommend you one petrol lawn mower with the name of Husqvarna 7021P. Unlike the power by batteries, it can run more time in once yard work. When the fuel will be used up, you can add a full one. The engine is made by Honda, the type is GCV160 which can have a large fuel tank volume 0.25 gallon (US). It is 3000 round per minute with net power. GCV160 engine is very easily pulled to start, it is quiet economical operation compared to other gas powered.

Maybe the round speed is slow, but the power is 2.9 KW that can cut every kind of grass. Frankly speaking, if there were lots of mowing in ultra situations (tall and wet grass, leaf mulching or heavy weeds), I believe this strong power can help you. But it is not the self-propelled lawn mower, which means you need push it as drive system. You will pay more energy to pass through tall hills or grass. Some people think it is more convenient to operate than a self-propelled one, as it is a lot lighter.

The weight of 7021P is 66 pounds. As usually, it is heavier than electric lawn mower, like GreenWorks 25302. However, you also push it and get around easily, because the wheels are designed with the roller ball bearings. The sizes of front wheels are 8inch, and 12 inch is for the rear wheels, you will push it well.

The cutting system is by a mulching blade, it seems that the mulching blade needs a slow cutting speed. You can replace a regular blade, like a straight blade can give you a quick cutting. Some users have reflected the mulching blade is not convenient compared to a regular blade. But, that is not a problem. The 3-in-1 function can mulch, side-discharge, or bag whatever it is collecting and the size of cutting width is 21 inch.

The range of cutting height is from 1.25 inch to 3.24 inch with four set points, and it is simple to adjust the height of the mower. The material of cutting deck is steel which is great when you use in wet grass. By the way, it has been designed a fuel shutoff function to protect you when you are mowing grass.

  • It is easy to assemble and straight forward to start by pulling.
  • Be quiet and low vibration Honda engine.
  • Compared to self-propelled type, it is lighter and high maneuverability.
  • You can mow for a long time if you have big yard, you just add some more fuel.
  • There is no blade brake clutch design.
  • It is not perfect, because there is no throttle control design.

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow The Cheapest Corded Electric Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

This is a corded electric lawn mower, and you need push it as a forward driver. It is suitable for who have tight budget and they have a small yard. Using this cord mower, that means you should buy some extension cords as supply power. The cutting deck width of Sun Joe MJ401E is 14-inch. MJ401E is compact and lightweight that is only 29Ibs. Yes, it is tiny and lean compared with Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch . Therefore, it is not convenient if you have a large lawn yard.

The amp of its electric powerful motor is 12-amp, the steel blade is durable. It is a clean engine with no air pollution like toxic carbon emissions. It is also a convenient driver with no gas, oil and air filter. It has three positions manual height control that you can adjust the range of 1.18 to 2.52 inches. One man wants the grass shorter, so he puts the mower on the shortest setting, then the issue is coming that his mower is stalled by the ground. So, it is not fit for the uneven yard with the lowest shift.

The size of its grass catcher is 10.6 gallon according to the Sun Joe manufacturer. It is really convenient for you to collect all clips grass. But some users felt it is too small and they should usually empty it. The grass catcher is detachable. One consumer has reported he felt like he spent 10 minutes to install the grass catcher and only get 5 minutes mowing. However, nothing is perfect.

One method you can try that you use it without the rear bag (grass catcher). Yes, it can work. The quality of it is also fine. When you are familiar with it, you can be pretty abusive for this mower, it can mow the baby trees easily included a large pile of leaves. This way you feel well, but you may replace new steel blade.

  • The power is enough to mow all kinds of grass, even for baby trees.
  • It is real lightweight for easy maneuvering around a small yard.
  • No gas, lubricant oil and air filter, it is so easy for maintenance and use.
  • When you use it, you have to take a long extension cord as a power source. This is not convenient for mowing.
  • It has no self-propelled feature, you need push it to mow.
  • 14-inch cutting width is too small for a large mower.

Ego LM2001 56 Voltage The Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Ego LM2001

I believe the Ego mower brand is the most advanced in rechargeable area at the moment. The electric lawn mower LM2001 is easier to operate than electric and gasoline engine, you just press a button to start conveniently. It is a push lawn mower with no pull cord, the time in care and maintenance is also saved, you don’t need mess with oil, spark plug, filter or gasoline and etc.

The LM2001 mower can be folded up in several seconds, so you can store it by hanging on the wall quickly to save your space. It runs quieter while mowing grass even cleaner than gas mowers. The flaws are obvious with the limited running time, unless you should buy more and more batteries. But they are expensive. I have mentioned the gas lawn mower has no limited running time, you just add some gas and be going to work. The customers tell us it will be taken 30 to 45 minutes for a quick full charge with a 4.0 Ah battery for 45 minutes running time, it is truth.

If you have a big size of lawn yard with more than a quarter of one acre, I recommend you buy one more battery to back up. But it is high costly. The price is according to the Amps Hour (Ah), there are 4.0, 5.0 and 7.5 Ah batteries. You can let one on the charger and another one is kept on the mower to work while swapping them out to add using time. One tip that you can take a rest or do some trimming work for 30 to 45 minutes charging time. So you can save money for one stand-alone battery.

The manufacturer gives 30% less noise than petrol and gas engine powered mower. This is easy to understand, the engine is a magnetic motor that is not only quiet but also high-torque with 600 watts. The speed is 3300 rpm like gas engine. The customer whose nickname is PizzaFace thinks the power is enough to cut all kinds of grass. I have told you LM2001 is not a self-propelled lawn mower, it is inconvenient to mow the yard that is with an uneven or steep hill. But you do not worry, the Ego designers make the mower be lightweight and two large back wheels, you also can push it easily on level yards.

It has LED headlights to help your yard work while it is morning or evening, you can use in anytime unless it is a raining day. The cutting deck width is 20 inch, maybe it is not high efficient for your large yard, however you also can pick the upgrade one with the type of LM2101 that is with 21 inch and 5.0 Ah battery. Compared to LM2001, both of them have 3-in-1 feature which is side discharge, mulching and rear bagging, but the LM2101 has higher in 3-in-1 performance reviewed by Consumer Reports website. For saving your time, let’s take a quick browse about the pros and cons.

  • No filters, oil, pull cord and gasoline fee, the power is just one battery.
  • You can mow anytime due to the LED headlights.
  • It is easy to sweep, you can clean the underside of your mower by garden hose and a putty knife.
  • Be used by gasoline as energy, it is with no pollution for our environment.
  • Foldable design lets you get a quick storage and hang it on the wall, the other you can clean it conveniently.
  • Consumer has reported us it could not pick up all leaves that were in the lawn.
  • There is not a self-propel function, if you have steep hills, this pick it not for you.

Lawn-Boy 17732 Excellent Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 17732

We have reviewed some other lawn mowers, they are good. But they do not have self-propelled features. For somebodies, they want use this function. Lawn-Boy 17732 is your right pick. Whatever you are starters or veterans, you just walk behind your mower, it is easy to operate with the one pull start. The rear wheel driver can supply you more forward force, so you can cut grass easily for going up the hill or slopes.

Its engine is from Kohler and has 6.5 gross Torque that is enough power to lawn. Especially, the engine has applied by OHV type which can give you more traction. OHV is an engine technology that means an overhead-valve. This technology is better than side-valve by the world. For using OHV engine, you can use less gas and discharge fewer carbon deposits. It is clean for our environment. The fuel of the XT6 engine is gas with 149cc. The manufacture has an excellent confidence to give you free fix if there was two times unstart. This is a great bold statement. Fortunately, the consumers have reported that it is easy to start and no fail.

Like other mowers, you can adjust the height of the mower deck depending on your request. The material of the dome deck is steel that is durable and lightweight, the size is 21 inches. The total weight is just 66 Ibs. You can also adjust the speed of the mower with RWD, some customer said it was weak self-propelled, you may push it very hard. In fact, the manufacturer has answered us it is simple to resolve.  You just adjust the self-propelled drive cable where it is on the side of the lawn mower handle.

The size of the front wheel is 7 inches, and 8 inches is with the rear wheels. The handle you can adjust with two-positions, and six-position is for height of cut. Mulch, bag and side discharge is 3-in-1 feature, it is convenient for you. One tip I need mention you it has a big bagger capacity with 8 gallon, the official has said the capacity is 2 bushels. So you do not worry that you should empty your mower bagger frequently.

  • Drive by the one pull start, it is a great and durable engine.
  • It is compact design and easy to operate.
  • The speed of rear wheel drive is adjustable.
  • The quality of plastic is not excellent.
  • No one blade brake clutch.

Maintenance and Care Work

The lawn mower is expensive, so we need take care of them. There are two parts for maintenance, one is a mid-season checkup, the other one is storage in your off-season. The most part of methods and details are from your production manual, you should take more time to research. For gas or petrol mower, you need check the oil if it is dry or a little.

The air filter of engine you need change depending on the mower manual. If you do not do it by the right way, the customer service department will do not pity you at all. Cleaning the dome deck and sharpening the blades are practical for both of gas and electric lawn mower. The attention you need pay on the battery loss for the cordless mower, you had better not use up all battery energy, then you go to charge. It is harmful for the life of the battery.

If you are good at repairing your mower, the digital multimeter and cordless drill you will need.