Best Cordless Drill – 2024

Best Cordless DrillHere we focus on the best cordless drill reviews, we have now reached a point in human evolution where we have gone from using stones for tools to get things done to using the tools we now know such as hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. We’ve even gone so far as now having power tools, and those have even grown from simple power tools to the wireless or cordless variety.

With that said, we will talk about the cordless drill, as it is one of the tools that we have come to love most in these modern times. There are a wide range of these cordless tools to choose from but we will primarily focus on four models which we think will serve you well in your daily duties.

This review is put together primarily to help you make the most informed decision for your needs or wants for that matter. It is intended that you first get informed as to what a cordless drill can do as well as some of the options, that some of these tools offer that others do not, and then you can go from there.

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Our Picks

After we used all type of the cordless drills, we all think Milwaukee 2691-22 18 Voltage is your best choice. Not only a cordless drill, but also an impact driver. You can use them for multi-functions.

Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B 18 Voltage with lithium-ion is also great one, Bosch is a famous brand from German. We all know that the production from German stand for wonderful quality.

What is a best cordless drill?

Basically a cordless drill is a tool that operates on power that is generated from a power source other than that provided from a cord which connects to a power source such as a wall socket or generator. Normally a cordless tool is powered by a battery pack of some kind, which in truth, is actually charged by a source connected to a cord.

A cordless drill’s battery is designed to power the tools for a limited time, but for that time it provides the same power that a drill with a cord does. It is just as powerful, albeit for a shorter time, but the real advantage that this type provides is its portability. It allows for more freedom of movement that a tool with a cord restricts one to. In the event that a task needs to get done  and a cord of sufficient length is not available, a cordless drill allows for greater range of motion to get the mission accomplished.


RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute )   IPM ( Inches Per Minute )

How Does Cordless Drill Work?

The basics of how a cordless drill works starts with its power source of course, which is its battery. Like angle grinders, It creates a circuit that flows up the body of the drill and to the mechanical portion of the tool. From there, the motor will move in a manner corresponding to the direction in which you wish the drill to move according to the button which operates the forward or backward motion. This is the function that allows the drill to either insert screws of holes in things or allows for the removal of screws or things of this nature.

The drill gets its power from the battery as it is connected to the tool at the bottom via 3 prongs at the bottom of the tool, which then moves up the unit towards the motor, thus giving it the required motion for proper operation.

The cordless drill is powered by its connection from the battery apparatus which connects to an electronic control at the bottom of the tool which keeps the current flow at a constant rate. The current then travels along the wires in the tool up to the switch, which is then attached to the motor of the tool.

There are drills that have what is referred to as a solid state motor, which is basically a motor that simply has one piece, but then there are those called two stage motors, meaning that the motor consists of armature and a coil.

When the motor receives a current, it then drives the gear box of the tool, which regulates the settings that the drill offers, or put another way, the torque at which it can operate, which is set by turning the gears to the desired settings. From the gear box the drill’s operation now rest in the portion which houses the drill bit itself.

Some drills have settings for particular needs. Generally, there are two settings, those being a lower speed which allows for higher torque, which is good for drilling into stone. The higher speed is great for drilling into softer wood and things of that sort.

As with all drills, cordless or not, the option to change the direction of the drill is as simple as pushing the button in front of the trigger. This function is made possible by applying current through the switch in the tool that then applies current on a positive and negative ratio. If one requires the direction to be forward, the switch will apply a positive current while on the other hand if the direction needed is backwards the current applied is negative.

Milwaukee 2691-22 18V Cordless Drill & Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2691-22

The Milwaukee is the perfect kit for you if you are looking for a cordless drill with power for the toughest jobs.


The product consist of a compact drill and impact driver. The compact drill was designed to deliver more torque to make the machine run faster so as to attain precision and complete to work easily and efficiently.

Battery Life

The driver is manufactured with powerful Lithium-ion batteries which powers up the machine for a long lasting and efficient work. The batteries are designed for high power consuming machine like Milwaukee. The batteries recharge pretty quick and delivers long lasting power for work to be completed. The Milwaukee comes with more than one battery for ease and convenience of use. It uses a fast battery charger which charges the machine fully in 60 minutes. The battery has a charge indicator which displays the battery’s gauge for you to know how much battery you have left to complete your work.


The Milwaukee is extremely lightweight compared to other brands, the machine is handy does not weigh more than 4 pounds and is designed with comfort so as to minimize fatigue. The machine is very easy to work with and serves as an advantage or bonus for people who work for long hours.


The powerful compact driver has varying speed level to power up your work. It has two speed settings that you can choose from, you can opt for high speed 0-1800 RPM and a low speed of 0-400 RPM. The drill driver uses 4 clutch settings as well.
The other components of the Milwaukee drill driver includes the built in LED light, 4 pole frameless motor and also the contractor bag. The driver is designed with 400 in. lbs of torque and a 100% grip retention for easy handling and convenient use. The driver is not just only a smart choice but the fastest and longest running time drill driver.

  • The product is lightweight and offers good value for its price.
  • It uses a fast battery charger.
  • The drill driver uses a glow ring found on the impact driver for easy location in dimly lit areas.
  • The product features a belt clip and has a rubber bumper strip on other sides of the nose of the impact driver to reduce friction.
  • The Milwaukee is made for extreme durability, power and designed for a convenient use.
  • It offers endless applications like running wire, conduit clamps running copper pipe, drilling metal to run conduit, fastening duct, general fastening etc.
  • The battery is difficult to put in the driver and not easy to remove from housing.
  • Unlike the other brands that the LED light are designed to last for some few seconds after the trigger, but the Milwaukee light turns off immediately after the trigger is released.
  • The Milwaukee hard case seems to have been swapped with a soft bag.
  • The product compared to other brands are generally heavier.

DEWALT  DCD 790D2 Brushless Compact Drill


The Dewalt brand is the best cordless drill review I have done in recent times. The product features brushless drill driver and impact driver. This product is a great choice for fastening applications. It has some incredible features that will certainly make you want to purchase this product.

Brushless Design

The product is designed with a compact impact and drill drivers. The impact driver uses a quick release chuck incase you want to change bits with one hand when using the device. It has a good safety features, it uses a forward and reverse button which can also be pushed to the middle position in order to lock off the driver.

Compact Design

The product is designed in such a way that it can fit into tight areas. Its lightweight body allows you to use the drill driver in small areas and cramped conditions. The drill driver is designed to be used in small spaces.

Battery Life

The drill driver uses a powerful MAX XR Lithium-ion battery which has a fuel gauge to power up the system. The product has two batteries which fires up the system using 33% extra run time.

LED Light

The drill driver is manufactured with a LED light found at the bottom of the driver’s handle, the LED illumine the work area without projecting a shadow that may block the light in the work area. It features three LED light which stays at least for 20 seconds after the trigger is released.


The driver’s ratcheting chuck is solely made from metal which in return gives it stability and durability it needs. Nobody would like to purchase a product that they know they will need to change in a short period of time with a rather expensive price tag.


The drill driver is powerful enough to drive fasteners into metal, concrete and hard wood. The voltage of batteries is 20V.


The product has a speed of 3200 impacts per minute ( inches per minute ), the driver changes its speed setting when the pressure on the trigger varies. It has two speed settings.

  • This is the best cordless drill review you could get on this product.
  • It makes less noise or provides a quiet operation when in use.
  • The belt hook added to the brushless motor gives it portability and makes it convenient for use.
  • The LED light improved the visibility of the motor without casting shadows on the work area when in use.
  • It delivers a maximum torque to handle all hard jobs.
  • The metal body makes the brushless motor easier to grip.
  • It has two speed settings which delivers high speed transmission.
  • It has compact design which makes it to fit into small and tight spaces.
  • The product is expensive to purchase, which makes customer to turn away from the product due to its heavy price.

Makita XDT08 Brushless Cordless Impact Driver & Kit

Makita XDT08

The Makita XDT08 is a motor impact driver which is designed cordless and brushless. The motor impact driver has no internal carbon brushes, but that be rest assured it will get the job done because motor work efficiently due to facts that it delivers in return a maximum of 1,420 in.lbs of torque.

Brushless Design

The brushless design is very efficient, it has no internal carbon brushes because it gets rid of carbon brushes so that the motor can run at much cooler temperature which gives it a longer motor life. The motor is electronically controlled for longer run time and it matches torque and RPM with its energy to change the demands of the app. The maximum torque that delivers is 1,420 in. lbs.

Built In LED

The XDT08 is designed with a built in LED which illumines the entire work area of the motor.


The motor handling makes it easy and gives extreme comfort when on the job. The motor is redesigned with a new rubber size soft grip.


The Makita Company uses the best available raw materials with a very high quality of steel and heat hardening process to produce their own anvil impact mechanism and hammer for a maximum fastening and driving power.


The brushless motors are unique in a way that they have more power than motor with brushes because they utilize 18 volts batteries and the motor with brushes utilize less battery volts.


Nobody wants to really buy a product that they will have to change monthly, no one in their right sense would purchase a product, that will damage after using it for just a month considering how expensive the product is. The Makita XDT08 is durable and will last for a longer period of time.

  • The product has a very compact design.
  • The motor uses a powerful Lithium-ion battery.
  • It has a rapid optimum charger that lasts for at least 30 minutes with a built in battery, which makes it possible for it to deliver more lifetime work.
  • It has a good design and it is completely brushless.
  • It has a protection computer control which keeps the battery and tool from getting extremely hot and burning out.
  • The Makita’s XDT08 is dubbed to be part of the world’s largest line up of 18 volts power tools and has a good RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute ).
  • The components of the motor are made from the best raw materials of high quality steel.
  • The price is a little bit higher compared to its features.
  • The LED light has a little flaw which customers purchasing the tool have found not to be satisfactory the work-light/ turns off immediately you release the trigger, which is not unlike older versions that stayed on for a short period of time after releasing the trigger.

Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B 1/4-Inch Impact Driver

Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B

The Bosch cordless driver delivers a lot of power to successfully carry out your work or project conveniently. It has a lot of amazing features which includes as below.


It is designed in compact impactor having a head length of 5-7/10 inches and a 3.8 pounds weight. It is designed with a strong, metal motor which produce about 2,800 no load (Revolutions Per Minute) RPM and produce at least 1,500 in. lbs torque with great fastening ability it can handle any project even the toughest work. The compact design gives the drill driver ability to maneuver itself in small, tight spaces for ease of use. The 1/4 inch hex shank is designed in such a way that you are able to load and remove a screwdriver bit with one hand only.


The impact driver is surprisingly the smallest, lightweight and compact driver. It can fit easily and perfectly into tight small areas because of its extreme compactness. The handle is made of plastic and covered with a soft protective black rubber. The driver is painted blue and black, the handle is balanced and well positioned. The handle however is covered with a thin rubber layer which reduce the friction of the tool to enhance a firm grip so as to prevent the tool from slipping when in use. The trigger is smooth, accurate and easy to select speed variables. The direction control button positioning is firm and grip on the driver is great allowing the selection of direction without changing from its position.

Durability and Power

The driver is designed with a hardened plastic and a rubber mask covering the front part of the tool for a better grip and long lasting ease of use. Nobody would want to buy a driver that won’t last in long run. The driver is light and much more comfortable for a everyday work and for project work in the long run. The driver powers up 1500 in.lbs at a speed range of 0-2800 RPM with a 3200 impacts per minute ( inches per minute ).

  • The driver is smaller and lighter compared to its competitors. It is the most compact designed driver.
  • The driver is perfect fit to be used in small, tight spaces and areas.
  • The driver is designed with a great fastening ability and efficiency to handle difficult and tough works.
  • The LED light is great for dim corners and closed areas.
  • The hammer and anvil system are manufactured to deliver a massive 1,500 in. lbs torque.
  • The driver is expensive when compared other brands with the same average output.
  • The driver is much slower than its counterpart, when compared to other brands with the same output category the driver is slower.
  • The battery and charger are sold separately from the driver.
  • The driver cast a shadow on the work area caused by the front part of the driver.