Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio MonitorYamaha’s all-new HS series marked the return of the famous white cones. Surprisingly, Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor is one of the two speakers that this is limited to. The HS5 is one of the most popular monitor speakers from Yamaha. It is designed to have a flat frequency response of 54Hz to 30 kHz, so it delivers an honest mix.

The monitor’s response can be custom tailored because of the switches between frequency response and room control. This makes it perfect for any time of multimedia and recording application. A 5.1 surround sound setup can be created conveniently, with an added HS10W powered subwoofer, which can be purchased separately.

Internal speakers

A high-quality MDF material is used in the construction of the HS5 speakers from Yamaha. A stack of 12-inch x 12-inch x 2-inch wedge acoustic foam houses each speaker. Both speakers have a 5-inch white polypropylene woofer cone, which is the pride of Yamaha.
They also have a smaller enclosure and smaller woofer; however, this does not mean that the response will be low end, since this is a ported design. Both speakers also have 3/4-inch tweeters as well. An interesting thing about HS line of speakers is that an HS10W subwoofer can also be used along with the Yamaha HS5; however, it is only essential when dealing with really heavy bass-driven music.

At all times, HS5 will manage to pump out topnotch sound and bass, although it may feel slightly boosted in the mids. The 3D-ness of the speakers may seem limited too because of their size, but they stereo image provided by them is good.

Wattage output

Yamaha’s powerful, bi-amplified speakers feature 70 watts of power per speaker, with 45 watts for low frequencies and 25 watts for high frequencies.


The HS5 has a 1/4-inch phone connector and an XLR connector. Therefore, set up should be convenient since it is possible to choose between TRS and XLR inputs as well as an input sensitivity that is centre-notched.

There are plenty of options around the back, such as an adjustable low-pass connector for the subwoofer, a corresponding low-cut connector for the pass-through satellite connections. There is also a phase reverse connector and one more sub split connector for another additional subwoofer.

Product dimensions

The Yamaha HS5 has dimensions of 7-inches x 9-inches H x 12-inches and they weigh 12 pounds. These speakers are not too heavy and they may look smaller but they are actually more technologically advanced.

Additional information

Regardless of their size, these speakers sound loud. In fact, at times they may sound far too loud Yamaha-HS5-4athan expected, and that is why, as mentioned, no subwoofers may be necessary in most cases. They have typical features that a monitor should have with a couple of room compensation switches.

One thing that has been noted about these speakers is that they are quite similar to Yamaha’s NS10 monitors, as far as the sound goes. The speakers have the sound, features, quality and ease of use, which altogether gives them superb value and makes them an ideal choice for musicians, producers and such.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come as a pair or solo?
Just one speaker

can I connect these to my iMac 27″?
You will need an audio USB interface to connect it to your iMac

Can I use these with my TV, specifically a Vizio M series?
Yes, if the TV monitor has L/R audio outputs. You’s most likely need RCA to 1/4″ cables to interface.

Got a 550 sq ft choir rm @ church w/ carpet, acoust. tile 8ft tall ceiling and padded chairs & 50 bodies. Will it work well? Keys, CD, mic send.
They should work fine for that setup. I’m using the Hs8 for a bigger sound because I can always use room control.

Final thoughts on the Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

The simplistic design of the HS5 speakers really gives you no indication of the quality inside them. The sound that these little 5 inch monitor speakers produce is very impressive, they are very responsive to the audio source. They are very versatile too, and can be used for a number different situations and in different locations. Ideal for PC setups, the Yamaha HS5 will really give you a very good quality and clear sound.