Best Inversion Tables 2021

A lot of health experts today tout the many benefits of inversion tables and the good news is that you have a lot of models to choose from. But the bad news is that actually finding the best inversion table for your needs can be a very tortured process. There are just too many of these devices available, and inversion table reviews can offer conflicting views, erroneous data, and self-serving advertisements.

But here in this article, you’ll know what to look for when you read inversion table reviews so that you’ll make the best choice possible.

What Factors Should You Focus on in an Inversion Table Review?

Our guide will help you choose the right inversion device that will suit your unique needs. Let’s face it. Some inversion devices are just quite bad and ineffective. So, to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, here are the things that you should look for in an inversion table:

Build quality.

This is a catch-all term, but it usually means that the inversion table should prove to be able to do what its advertising boasts it can do. Not every inversion table can match the hype. Some inversion tables are simply of better quality, while others are shoddy and poorly built. Part of the build quality is its ease of use, as well as its transportability and maintenance requirements.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider because it affects your safety. Inversion therapy is designed to help you get better, but an unsafe and unstable inversion table can drop your head on a hard floor and actually make you feel worse.

Keep in mind that most people in the US today are overweight, and a sizable number are medically obese. So you need to find an inversion table that can bear all that weight and won’t break down just when you’re hanging upside down. Stainless steel construction is usually a prerequisite for this factor. Security harnesses are also almost always mandatory.


For most people, hanging upside down is not exactly a reassuring position to be in. What’s more, it can be distinctly uncomfortable, especially when you’re not used to the sensation. So some effort should have been taken to improve your comfort. Usually, this means the use of foam padding for support, although the better ones may use memory foam for a better result. The angle of the inversion should also be easy to change.


This is one of the most important things that you should look for in an inversion table. You should pick an inversion table that is durable and can last all year long. Durable inversion tables are safer and they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

So, instead of focusing on portability, it is more important to focus on durability and sturdiness. Pick an inversion table that has flawless and impeccable construction. Also, pick an inversion table that is made of high quality materials. Check what type of metal is used. Inversion tables with wooden frames are not as durable as the ones made of stainless steel.

Also, before you order an inversion table online, it is important to check customer reviews to ensure that you’ll be buying an inversion device that will not chip off after a few months.

Weight Limits.

It is important to check the weight limit of the inversion table. It is recommended to pick an inversion table that has 300-400 weight limit especially if you have a family member who weighs more than 200 pounds.

Smooth Inversion.

Good inversion tables move in a smooth and continuous motion. So, picking the inversion table that has a smooth inversion is one of the best tips in this ultimate guide to buy the best inversion table. Remember that if the motion is not smooth, the inversion device is not made of high quality materials so it is not a good investment at all. If your inversion table gets stuck often, return it to the seller and ask for a refund.


Most well known brands produce high quality products that are ten times better than cheap knockoffs. These products are durable and even if they appear to be more expensive, they’ll actually save you a lot of money as you can use these products for years. Remember that in choosing the right inversion table, brand matters. So, pick an inversion device that is manufactured by a reputable and well-known company that has been around for a long time.


Of course, your budget is one of the primary considerations in choosing the right inversion table for you. How much are you willing to spend? If your budget is above $150, you can choose an inversion table that has advanced features. But, if your budget is below $150, you can go for a more basic but high quality inversion device.


This is what’s called value for money, and it can also be difficult to gauge. What you need to understand, however, is that the general rule that “you get what you pay for” applies to inversion tables as well. Inversion tables can be as cheap as $100 or expensive enough to cost more than $1,000.

The important consideration here is to seriously list down your priorities. Your benefits and safety should be considered ahead of your financial situation. If you buy something cheap and it breaks down on you, then you just wasted your money. What’s more, you put your health at risk.


This is obviously associated with durability, because manufacturers who build longer-lasting products tend to offer longer warranties. But a warranty also covers any damage due to the delivery or to improper packaging. The Ironman gravity 4000 inversion table may be a good product, but not if it was dinged during delivery or if it came with broken parts.

The details of a warranty can be confusing, so a review should post additional info about the topic. It’s not just a matter of the time period. Some warranties depend on circumstances and situations. For example, a warranty may be voided if an inversion table is used by someone over the recommended weight limit, or if the inversion table is used for commercial purposes rather than just for home use.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Chronic back pain can cause a lot of problems. It can impact your life in different ways. Back pain can affect your mobility. It can keep you from accomplishing your day to day tasks. Back pain can also affect your mood and your mental state. It can lower your tolerance to stress and it can also cause mood swings. If you are looking for an inexpensive and sustainable remedy to back pain, you should consider using an inversion table. The amazing benefits of inversion table will definitely amaze you and blow you away.

Inversion tables are often used as a non-invasive treatment for common back conditions such as neck sprain, whiplash, lumbar stenosis, isthmic spondylosisthesis, and idiopathic scoliosis. There are a lot of great benefits of inversion table and this is especially for people who consider surgery a last resort.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of inversion table:

  1. Using an inversion table can help prevent surgery
    Surgeries are expensive and they are quite dangerous. If you want to avoid surgery, it is best to explore various non-invasive options including inversion therapy.
  2. Inversion tables can relieve different forms of neck and back pain
    Misalignment, weak muscles, and poor posture are some of the many causes of back pain. Most of these common causes are often linked to one powerful force – gravity.
    Inversion tables place your body in a downward position which is in line with the force of gravity. This allows you to use your body weight as traction. This elongates your spine and it relieves the pressure on ligaments, discs, and nerve roots.
    Inversion tables can help relax your muscles and increase the flow of lymphatic fluids that help release the toxins out of your body. Using inversion tables regularly can also help relieve muscle pain and it can improve your posture.
  3. Inversion therapy can help prevent the development of kidney stones
    Some studies show that using an inversion table regularly can help push any kidney stone fragments out of your body. So, if you have kidney stones, it would be a good idea to try inversion therapy.
  4. Inversion therapy help reduce stress
    We live in a time wherein stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Inversion can help increase the production of feel good hormones and decrease the production of stress-causing hormones by increasing the flow of detoxified blood to the pituitary gland, thyroid, and hypothalamus. It also relieves stress by reducing the muscle tension.
    It also helps treat depression and it improves cognitive function. This is definitely one of the best benefits of inversion table.
  5. Inversion helps improve your overall function fitness and well-being
    Inversion helps improve your mobility and overall function fitness by increasing your strength and flexibility. It also helps improve your cardiovascular health by improving your blood circulation.

Inversion has many other benefits. It has impressive anti-aging effects and it helps ease brain injury. It increases your creativity and it helps increase your energy. It also helps ease insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It improves your posture and it improves your spine and joint health. It is a cost effective way in dealing with back pain, muscle pain, and stress. An inversion table is definitely an investment that yields significant returns.

Best Inversion Tables Reviews

So let’s introduce what we feel is the best inversion table offered in the market today.

1.) Ironman High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table

Inversion therapy using an inversion table can be done by anyone who wants to treat their back pains without spending so much for a chiropractor or surgery. That’s because inversion tables use the force of gravity to decompress the spine, reducing the pressure that the vertebrae puts on the discs between them and the spinal nerves. Some use inversion tables as a supplement while they’re having chiropractic care, but many use it so that they could treat themselves.

Heavier people who want to have a go at inversion therapy, however, are a little more worried about an inversion table’s weight capacity. If a person if a little more on the heavy hide but wants to relieve back pains, then there’s no other product that can do the job than the Ironman high capacity gravity 3000 inversion table.

Inversion tables rarely have a weight limit over 300 lbs., but the Ironman high capacity gravity 3000 inversion table can hold up to 350 lbs. Not only does it have a wider, sturdy, and tubular steel frame, it also comes with non-skid, rubber floor stabilizers so that any weight shifting during the inversion will not move the frame itself.

Other key features:

  • Foam padded backrest for extra comfort
  • Long safety handles
  • Ankle cushions that have been outfitted with the Ratchet System that will allow the person to lock and unlock their ankles easily
  • The frame could be adjusted for a person’s height
  • Has 3 different adjustments for beginners learning their inversion angles
  • Adjustable safety tether strap, so that a person will be safer while inverting
  • A product weight of 67 lbs.
  • Easy to fold up and store while not in use
  • Easy assembly – a person can assemble the entire table by himself within 30 minutes. Also comes with the necessary tools for assembly.
  • Inverts up to 180 degrees

It’s advised that those who want to try inversion therapy out should only invert for a few minutes per day to get used to it.
The increased weight capacity, ankle lock, and the tether strap ensures that a heavy person will be able to do inversion therapy by himself without worrying about his own safety.

The safety handles are also foam-covered, making them easier to grab and pull a person up into an upright position. Made by Ironman Fitness, a company known for their fitness products, the Ironman high capacity gravity 3000 inversion table is designed to help relieve back aches, reduce stress levels, improve blood circulation, and even help with elongating the spine. Larger and heavier people don’t have to fear doing crunches while using the inversion table, and there’s little to no risk of the frame giving in under the weight.

This inversion table costs around $180 online, which is amazing given the quality of the table itself and the amount of relief it provides. Many people have praised the Ironman inversion table for being able to support those who are overweight and want to relieve some pressure on their spines. It definitely is the product to buy if a person is on the heavier end of the spectrum.

2.) Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Table

Finding the right inversion model for your back pain is time consuming. Reading reviews about the different models of inversion table will help you to make a good decision. This review will focus on the different features and benefits of using this inversion therapy table.

Features of Ironman ATIS 1000 AB:

When it comes to fitness equipment and relieving back stress, this device is highly recommended by experts. The Ironman ATIS 1000 AB is used as an inverting table and an abdominal training system that helps relieve back pain. With its AB and core training system, the table isolates the abdominals more efficiently compared to bench training. This will let you build and strengthen your abs with just a few minutes of daily workout.

You will not have any difficulties finding the right position for your body type and locking the table at a ninety degree angle is easy. The Ironman ATIS 1000 AB helps reduce the signs of aging and optimize your lumbar traction. This machine is definitely the best inversion therapy table. Below are more important features that you should know about the Ironman ATIS 1000 AB:

  • With Scale Locking System that provides easy locking system for 10 different locking angles
  • Sturdy tubing oval steel frame with scratch resistant powder finish.
  • Backrest is made of durable nylon memory foam that offers great comfort.
  • Easy to change locking system and the ankle holder will keep you in place while inverting without straining it.
  • Easy to assemble, you only need 45 minutes.
  • Can accommodate weight up to 300lbs.
  • Adjustable durable steel frame that can be adjusted up to 6’6”.
  • Inversion process is easy, smooth and comfortable.
  • With extra-long safety handle to make it easy to return in an upright position.

Value for Money

If you are looking for an inversion table that is very efficient and at the same time will fit your budget, the Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy Table is a good choice. One of the main objectives of Ironman is to develop a cost-effective quality inversion table and they were able to do it with this device. The users of the Ironman ATIS 1000 can prove that it delivers an extremely high level of therapy at the lowest price possible.

How the Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Therapy Table Works:

The Ironman ATIS 1000 has been developed from the ground upwards. The manufacturer claims that you will be able to benefit from an improved inversion process that gradually grooves into your back to deliver deep relaxation. With its ab-building capabilities the user can engage in a workout mid therapy. Some of the benefits that you get from using the Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy Table are as follows:

  • Relieves back pain
  • Decompresses spine that helps blood circulation
  • Strengthens muscles and improve posture with its AB training system
  • Relieves joint and muscle stress
  • Reduces sleeping problems
  • Helps you stay in shape
  • Reduces stress

If you want to get fit while enjoying the benefits of inversion therapy, then there is no other inversion table on the market that provides the same level of effectiveness at an affordable price like the Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy Table.

3.) Innova Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table

For the people who’re not sure how inversion therapy works or what it is, this review is a good place to get a little more information. Inversion therapy is mainly used for patients who want to go through spinal decompression. These patients usually have back pains that they want to alleviate.

By using an inversion table, they can tilt their body backwards until they’re upside down, causing the joints and discs in the spine to be stretched through the power of gravity. Inversion tables could be expensive, but there are those that are cheap enough and still give a person good results. One of these is the Innova Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table.

The Innova Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table does not only ensure that a person gets quality spinal decompression, but also ensures that the person’s wallet does not break for the sake of health.

This inversion table relieves back pains and improves blood circulation because it takes the pressure off of a person’s spinal discs, ligaments, and nervous. Its four legs make it extremely stable, even on uneven surfaces. Its foam handlebars and leg rollers always ensure that a person is comfortable, and it folds up so that it could be stored easily. It weighs a mere 250 lbs. and goes for $108.37. It’s also easy to assemble, and the necessary tools are already included when a person orders the product.

Most would mistake that the low price makes the Innova Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table “second-tier”, but the relief that it gives to a person’s back pains is of top-notch quality. Unlike higher-end inversion tables that have infinitely adjustable angles, the Innova can only be set in 3 levels (from around 10 degrees from horizontal position to around 60 degrees). It could, however, support a person’s weight well, and could be inverted fully upside down if the safety bar is removed (though a person should secure himself firmly before trying it). Spending time trying out the machine makes a person feel comfortable, with the foam handlebars and headrest.

The backrest also molds itself to the person’s back, giving him further comfort and support. It’s strong enough to support a person doing rigorous physical activity while inverted, such as crunches or sit-ups. The price and inversion that one could get from this machine makes it good for beginners who are just trying out inversion therapy for the first time.

It’s important to note that using the inversion will take some time getting used to. For beginners, just a few minutes a day is enough to get a feel of the table before fully immersing for longer. It’s recommended that a person wear shoes while using the inversion table so that the feet could be supported more and to prevent slipping.

So, if a person has any spinal pains, then it would be worth to get the Innova Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table. Tried and testing, it could actually make a person’s spine healthier and even cure sciatica!

4.) Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table

Having a hard time dealing with your back pain? The Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table is the solution. Actually, this device is not just for back pain as it can also help stimulate blood circulation in your body. Ironman Gravity 2000 is recommended even by your chiropractor because of its benefits on your general well-being. By having a back pain free life you will be able to increase your ability to become productive in life.


Its sturdy tubular steel frame is powder coated keeping it protected against scratch. Even a heavy individual can use the Ironman Gravity 2000 since it can support weight of up to 300 lbs and height up to 6’6”. To make sure it won’t flip or turn when inverting or when you are at 90 degree angle, it has tough rubber non-skip floor stabilizers. It has extra -long handles for easy and safe return to an upright position and vinyl cover to keep your hands and fingers protected against sore.

Its backrest is made of soft vinyl foam to ensure comfort when on a lying position on the table. For added safety, the ankle cushions are ergonomically molded to fit your natural ankle curve. This is a common problem with many inverters as users’ complaint of aching ankles after using it, but not with Ironman. Because of its compact design, space is not an issue with Ironman Gravity 2000 when in use. To store the device simply fold it and store.

The Benefits:

As mentioned earlier, this device helps reduce back pain by relieving pressure on ligaments and vertebrae discs. It can also lessen stress and fatigue as well as relaxes your body. The aging effect due to gravity is reduced with the help of this device. Lower back pain due to standing or sitting is likewise relieved with the regular use of this device. Ironman Gravity 2000 also boosts body flexibility to improve athletic performance.


The Ironman Gravity 2000 is available at a discounted price from At present, there are 153 reviews posted in Amazon by actual buyers. The average rating of this device is 4.6 star with 105 users give a 5-star rating and the rest rate the machine at 4-star. This is a great vote of confidence and satisfaction for this inversion table which only proves that the features this machine have are perfect.

According to one user this device is a life saver at it relieves his back and neck pain by 85% in just 2 weeks. The tough frame is one of the features that most users appreciate very much. Of course buyers are very particular on how much it will cost them. You can purchase this inversion table at $189.04 in Amazon. Setting up the device is very easy. The package includes a manual with instructions on how to set it up.

With the above features and benefits, definitely this inversion table is the perfect choice to reduce back pain, stress and fatigue.

5.) Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion therapy is a rehabilitation treatment that places the body in an upside down position. This particular type of therapy aims to provide relief from back pain.

As the body is upturned, gravitational impact on the spine is switched. The spine is stretched thus relieving pressure on its nerve roots and discs. At the same time, spaces between the vertebrae are increased.

Consequently, back pain is reduced and stress along the spine is released. Moreover, fitness and flexibility are enhanced. Essentially, back pain is not a life-threatening ailment. However, the discomfort it gives can be frustrating. For chronic conditions, the pain can make it hard to focus and carry out even the simplest task.

Like most strength training devices, the number of inversion therapy tables for sale is quite substantial. Trying to figure out which particular device to get can be confusing. If you are in the market for a personal inversion therapy table, experts recommend the Body Max IT6000 inversion therapy table. As its promotion states, it is helpful to relieve back pain and other health problems related to the spine.

Affordability is a key factor for the popularity of the Body Max IT6000 inversion therapy table. Compared to expensive gym equipment that can run for up to four hundred dollars, this product costs less than two hundred dollars.

However, do not be disheartened by its relatively low price tag. Though it is cheaper than other product in its category, it does not skimp on the benefits it can provide you.

With regular use, you will see a difference in your posture and gait in just a matter of days. More importantly, you feel its effects with the relief of your back pain.

In terms of construction, it is well-made, heavy duty, and easy to assemble. Upon opening the box, you will notice that some parts come pre-assembled. Moreover, it helps that the bolts are pre-drilled into their respective holes. This saves you time and effort as well as the frustration in figuring out which bolt goes with which hole.

You can easily assemble it in under thirty minutes. You need only about two wrenches to help tighten the bolds, then it is ready to use. It can also be used by other members in your family who may also have their own back issues.

Admittedly, its sturdy built does lend to a heavier weight. As such, moving it from one room to another can be difficult. So, it would be advisable to choose the room it would reside in for a significant period of time. Also, the fitted foam padding may not provide enough comfort for you while you are upside down. If you have sensitive ankles, it may be necessary to place hand towels on both sides for added cushion.

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective inversion therapy table and the extra bells and whistles are not that important to you then this inversion therapy table would be the practical choice for you.

6.) Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain and have tried everything you can just to get some relief know that you are not alone. Many people suffer from back pain a lot and some of them spend thousands of dollars in therapy, doctor’s fees and medicine just to get better. If you feel like you’ve exhausted all types of back pain relief why not try the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table is a revolutionary device that can help decompress your back muscles and relieve your back pain by way of inversion.

You simply lie on the inversion area and hook your ankles on the bottom of the inversion table and slowly rotate so that your feet are over your head. There are handles on each side of the table that you can hold on to as you rotate. Use them for 3-5 minutes every day and you will feel relief on your back area in no time.

It is made of high quality and durable materials and can support weights up to 300lbs. It is easy to assemble and it comes with complete, easy-to-understand instructions on how to set it up. It takes up very little space in your home as it can be folded and stored vertically for use later on. It is designed with your safety in mind. Teeter has been making inversion tables for more than 30 years and their experience and expertise guarantees that the product you bought will conform to the highest safety standards.

The surface of the table is easy to clean. You can use a damp wash cloth to wipe off any dust and dirt off the surface and you’re ready to use it again. The table itself id made of high quality material that will still feel comfortable as you invert. The holes at the back of the table allow for air to circulate at your back so that you won’t feel hot. The frame is made of durable chrome and is not easily bendable even at the 300lbs limit. The hinges that allow you to rotate are tested to withstand extreme conditions so that you will be able to rotate and invert throughout the products lifetime.

The handles have padded covers that are comfortable to grip and won’t chafe your hands. The ankle holders also have padding so that your feet won’t bruise as you are being inverted. Finally, the bottom of the frame has rubber stoppers attached to it so that the inversion table does not move while you are inverting.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table is very durable and can last a long time. Teeter provides a 5 year warranty for every Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 and even offers a 90 day trial. When you buy your EP-550 you’ll be sure to get quality products that do as it says it should do. You’ll feel relief for your back pain with just a few minutes every day.

7.) Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion table is one of the popular inversion tables in the market today. This device offers excellent quality at an affordable price. Its frame is made in China and is covered with a one-year warranty while the workmanship and its parts are covered for 90 days. The Ironman Gravity 4000 is known for its effectiveness in relieving back pain and slipped disc or herniated symptoms. It also helps increase the blood circulation in your body. According to some users, it also helps them get rid of their headaches. What makes this device a best seller, read on and you will find out.

Ironman Gravity 4000 Safety Features:
This Inversion Table is built to accommodate heavy weight individuals. Its frame is made of extra wide tubular steel with powder coated finish to protect it against scratches, abrasions and rust. The U shaped frames have tough rubber stabilizers in the corners to achieve the best possible base-to-height ratio stability. This will prevent the device from moving while on session.

Controlling the inverting movement manually is easy. You can also use the long foamed handles connected to the frame sides as an option. These safety handles are used in stopping the inversion and pull back up in case something went wrong. The device pivot arms have three positions you can use them in increasing or decreasing the inversion range. The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table has solid vinyl backrest covered with 2 ½ inches of padded memory foam to provide extra cushion and comfort.

Ironman Gravity 4000 Amazing Features: 
Aside from its safety features, here are other features that make it a good buy:

  • It has an Ankle locking system which is “Palm Activated”.
  • Can accommodate height up to 6’6”.
  • With removal lumbar pillow for added lower back support
  • Weighs 75 lbs. and measures 26 x 65 x 49 inches (WxHxD) if not in use.
  • It can be inverted up to 180 degrees since it has non-skid floor stabilizers made of tough rubber.
  • Can support up to 350 lbs.
  • With adjustable safety tether strap that controls the maximum angle of inversion

Most users give 4 or 5 stars and claim that they are very satisfied with it. The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table met all the expectations of the consumers based on the reviews on This device may have some drawbacks but these are not that significant.
Setting up the device is easy and it is very comfortable, solid and durable. But perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Ironman Gravity 4000 is its reasonable price which makes it one of the bestselling inversion tables in the market today.

It is difficult to match a high-quality device at $100-$200 price range. It outranks most of the regular inversion tables and is almost comparable to those of other top brands. It is considered as the most radical inversion table manufactured by Ironman. So, if you want to get rid of your back pain and increase the blood circulation in your body, this is definitely the right inversion table you are looking for.

8.) Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

If you are looking for a different way to relieve stress and ease any discomfort you might feel on your back area then the answer might be an inversion table.

An inversion table is a relatively recently innovated product that helps to relieve chronic back pains, other back muscle pains or simply relieve you of stress. One of the best models in the market specializing in inversion therapy is the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table.

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table is one of the most affordable inversion tables you can ever find. Other inversion tables go for as much as $600 dollars but deliver the same results as the Body Champ IT8070. At less than $300 you get a durable and effective inversion table for the fraction of the price of other inversion tables.

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion table comes with a comfortable high-density foam cushion. The foam cushion is made in a design that will securely hold your body as you do inversion exercises and is made of high quality materials that make your exercise more comfortable. It can carry weights up to 250lbs and heights ranging from 4”7 to 6”8.

The ankle straps help keep you secure as you perform inversion exercises. Both the front and back of your ankle can be secured through the padded ankle straps so you won’t feel uncomfortable and won’t fall over as you are inverted. Your feet also won’t get bruised as you are inverting because of the thick padding.

The handles on each side of the Body Champ IT8070 are also padded for your comfort. When you are slowly inching your way to full inversion or climbing back up from an inversion, you’ll have a padded handle to hold on to. Its padding is made of thick non-slippery material so that even if your hands get sweaty you will still be able to grip the handle and pull yourself up easily.

The design of the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table is made to help you achieve full inversion to decompress your back and even align your posture. The frames are colored white and are made of durable steel that doesn’t rust easily and can be cleaned with a few swipes from a damp cloth. On the bottom of the frame are four, wide rubber stoppers that anchor the inversion table securely. It ensures that the inversion table stays put as you rotate and perform your stretching exercises. The Body Champ IT8070 also folds vertically so that you can easily store it inside your closet or at the side of the room. Even when it is fully opened, it doesn’t take up that much space either.

A safety lock keeps you from see-sawing as you are performing inversion exercises. Make sure to check how to properly use the safety lock before you mount the inversion table. This product is so easy to use and so easy on the budget that you’d surely want to get one for yourself. The benefits of getting the Body Champ IT8070 make it a worthy investment and a great exercise tool to have around.

9.) Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

Back pain can affect you in many ways. It can limit your mobility. It can cause discomfort and it can affect your emotions and moods. It makes you feel frustrated most of the time and this can affect your relationships and even your career.

So, if you are having back pains, it may be a good idea to try inversion therapy. The Ironman Gravity 1000 is one of the most popular inversion tables in the market today. But is it right for you? Does it work? Is it worth it? Here’s everything you need to know about the Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table.


  • Adjustable height up to 6’6”
  • Nylon backrest
  • Spring loaded ankle lock system
  • Non-sliding floor stabilizers
  • Standard steel frame
  • Tether strap 10-level locking system
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • 90 inversion angle


1. User-friendly
Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table is very easy to use. It has smooth inversion and you can pre-set it to three different inversion angles. You just have to lie against the nylon backrest and slip both of your feet into the comfortable ankle support. The table will slowly invert up to ninety degrees.

2. It is safe to use
The Gravity 1000 is safe to use. It has tough rubber stabilizers that keep you from slipping. The vinyl safety side covers also help protect your fingers and hands.

3. It is light weight
The Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table is much lighter than other inversion tables in the market today. It weighs 46 pounds and it folds easily so it is easy to store. It is also quite easy to assemble, too.

4. It is sturdy
This top of the line inversion table is made of high quality materials. It is durable and sturdy and does not break easily.

5. It is effective in treating back pain
The Ironman Gravity 1000 is effective in treating back pain. It has great customer reviews and it is recommended by many physical therapists and chiropractors.

6. It gives you good value for your money
The Gravity 1000 is affordable and it is relatively cheaper compared to the other inversion tables but it is also effective in reducing back pain, stress, muscle tension, and anxiety. It also relaxes your body and calms your spirit after a long day at work. So, it gives you a good value for your money.


1. It is just basic
If you are looking for more advanced features, the Ironman Gravity 1000 is not the right inversion table for you. It does not have lumbar support. It does not have inverting stretch hand grips nor does it have ab core training capability.

2. It takes up a lot of space when it’s not folded up
If you have a limited apartment space, this inversion table is not for you as it consumes a lot of space.

The Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table is a great investment. It has a lot of good features. It is durable, sturdy, and cost effective. But, most of all, it is effective in reducing stress, increasing the blood flow, and easing chronic back pain.

Ultimate Guide To Using Inversion Table

Many claims have been made in the past that an inversion table can significantly help a person in many ways. As what experts say, using the device can bring many benefits to users. But these benefits will only be realized if it is properly used and the users strictly followed their physician’s instructions in using it. As one of the persons wanting to receive the benefits this equipment can bring, you want to make sure that you are using it appropriately. You will know if you are by using the guide below.

Before Starting: Wear the Right Clothing and other Related Gear
Using this device is like an exercise. You need to wear the proper clothing as well as other gear to ensure your comfort and safety. In the case of inversion, it is a must to wear comfortable clothing which should not be too loose. Comfortable shoes must also be worn along with thick socks for support to prevent your ankles from getting sore.

Set Up the Equipment in an Ideal Environment
Look for an open room where enough space for moving is available then start setting up the device there. Make sure to position the device away from chairs and tables and other possible interruptions.

Adjust the Equipment Properly
The adjustments to be made on the equipment vary from person to person, which specifically depends on the user’s weight and height. The adjustments can be made just once if you are the only one using the product.

If your table is one of those featuring advanced safety straps, make sure that they are tightened well. Always check if the straps are properly attached to the table before starting. Use the included manual for guidance if you are not sure how to attach the straps. You can start fastening the straps on your body as soon as you are certain that they are securely and safely attached to the table. Make sure to tighten the straps as you work on fastening them into your body.

Positioning the Table to the Least Degree Angle
Most tables have 10 degrees as its minimum degree angle. Your table must be positioned in this angle before you mount on it.

Positioning Yourself on the Inversion Table
Check if the straps on your feet are comfortably and correctly fastened as soon as you are mounted. This must be checked because it is important for your feet not to move during the therapy. Wearing the right shoes, specifically a pair of tennis shoes, helps in making your feet comfortable while it is fastened with straps on the table.

Next step is to start lifting your hands above the shoulders once you are done checking if your feet are strapped securely. Just like with securing your feet to ensure that it won’t move during the therapy, it is also essential to keep your hands above your shoulder throughout. This is the key to giving your spine an effective workout.

Starting at Low Degree Angles and Increasing it as You Work Out More
One basic tip that you must practice is to start at lower degree angles (10 degrees) if you are just beginning with the inversion therapy. Beginners are not advised to go on full inversion immediately because it will only overwork the body and further pressure the spinal column. But you can certainly increase the angles gradually as you continuously use the inversion table and as your body gets more used to the switch in gravity.

Research in the past shows that using an inversion table comes with a lot of benefits. If needed, the device can even be added into one’s daily routine to help achieve optimal health. But for that to be realized, the user will need to be consistent and patient in using the machine for them to successfully reap these benefits. So make sure that you remember and follow all these the next time you start with your inversion therapy.

Why You Should Use Inversion Table for Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by several factors. It may be experienced as a result of aging, poor posture, muscle spasms, weak stomach and back muscles and more. Regardless of the reason that you are experiencing this condition, you would want to get relief as soon as possible to prevent it from affecting your everyday life. One great alternative back pain sufferers have turned to in the past years is the use of inversion table.

Inversion tables are helpful pieces of equipment that uses gravity to soothe backaches and similar body aches typically experienced by people. As a piece of equipment, it is a great choice for back pain for three specific reasons:

Easy to Set Up
One big advantage of the machine is that it can be easily set up in your home. For someone who is constantly bothered by back pain, having accessible equipment that can help provide your needed relief anytime is truly a big help. With this equipment, you can start with your back pain inversion table exercises within just minutes after getting it unpacked.

It Works:
Inversion tables are commonly used for inversion therapy, which is a scientifically and clinically proven method of alleviating back pain symptoms. With the help of the therapy, recipients not only benefit from improved blood circulation but also rejuvenated and replenished spinal disks. Many of such equipment comes with added features as well, like acupressure nodes and lumbar punctures, which helps more in relieving back pain.

During the therapy, back pain sufferers are either positioned lying at a raised angle or hanging upside down using the equipment. It is believed that the spine gets decompressed by positioning the patient this way, which then helps in alleviating the pain. Two things happen while the body is left in an inverted position. First, it relaxes the spine and second, it reduces the pressure present at your back.

Back pain relief is achieved as the spine gets elongated while you are left in an inverted position. By elongating the spine, the space in between the vertebrae also increases resulting to relieving the pressure on nerve roots, discs and ligaments. With less pressure comes relieved back pain.

Reduces Pressure on the Nerves:
Lost natural misalignment of the spinal discs almost always result to root nerve entrapment or pinched nerve. Once this condition starts, it is likely that the person will also begin suffering from pain in their back area. The only way the pain can be reduced and relieved is by rehydrating the spinal discs, which inversion tables can help with. By rehydrating the spinal discs, it will be easier for nerve roots to set out of the spinal column. This then prevents pressure from occurring to the nerve roots.

Rehydrates the Spinal Discs:
Spinal discs that run out of moisture can cause back pain. In clinical studies made, it is shown that it is possible for the spinal discs to get rehydrated using inversion. Through inversion, the space in between the vertebrae increases, allowing moisture to gain access into the discs’ soft tissues.

The top three primary reasons why you should use inversion table for back pain has been shown. However, although beneficial, the use of the equipment must still be applied with caution to ensure your safety. For instance, beginners are recommended to use the equipment for a short period of time only and must start at a low-angle position. Otherwise, going into full inversion at the first try will likely make you sore in the end.

For user’s safety, it is advised to consult with one’s physician first and have their approval before buying and using the equipment.