Best Office Chairs For Bad Backs – 2024

Best Office Chairs for BadbackWorking in an office can be a pain for a myriad of reasons. From the annoying coworker to the lousy pay, sometimes it seems as if the weekend cannot come soon enough. Of course, there is also the literal pain that comes with such a job.

Sitting at a desk all day is murder on a person with a weak back, especially if the office chair that a person must sit in all day is bad. However, unlike the annoying coworker and meager paycheck, a bad office chair is something that can be fixed. There are best office chairs that are available for people with back problems.

Although most companies are looking for the cheapest price when shopping for office chair, investing slightly more money in this area might mean the difference between a happy and unhappy employee.

What makes a good office chair?

In short, a good office chair is one that a person can sit in for eight hours a day with minimal discomfort. There are several elements of a good office chair. Typically, a good chair is adjustable in terms of its seat height.

This is important as most chairs are made to fit all sorts of people. Since not everyone is the same height or weight, it is vital that the chair has the adjustable capabilities. Additionally, the backrest needs to be adjustable in that it can be adjusted upwards, downwards, backwards, and forwards.

A five point base is also important as it provides maximum stability. The worst chairs for backs are those with limited flexibility and support. Wooden and metal backed chairs in particular are terrible in this respect.

There are many different types of office chairs to choose from which might be confusing to some people. The most common chair categories are big and tall chairs, compute/task chairs, and ergonomic chairs. Each of these have their own strengths and weaknesses in addition to price range.

Big and tall chairs

Big and tall office chairs are particularly good for people that need extra support due to a difference in height or weight in comparison to the average person. These chairs tend to be excellent when it comes to adjust- ability.

The price for big and tall chairs varies with some being as cheap as $100 and others expensive as $500. There are a variety of materials that these chairs can be made of including leather, mesh, and fabric.

Computer/task chair

This chair category is most similar to the basic, everyday office chair. They tend to be one-size fits all and have several points of adjustment such as posture, headrest, and seat. Additionally, there are tilting capabilities for added comfort. For most offices, these types of chairs are the most practical as they are simple and fairly cheap. As long as it has the ability to modified, this is likely to be a decent pick for most offices.

Ergonomic Chairs

This is a particularly popular category of office chairs nowadays. The concept behind an ergonomic chair is that—when used—the chair should move with the sitter easily and fluidly. It is referred to as dynamic sitting since it is so flexible and can accommodate a variety of movement and tasks. These chairs tend to be best for those that sit in office chairs for the majority of their work day.

They come in many different materials and colors. The customization of the chair is particularly important as it provides back support without being confining or uncomfortable. The price of the average ergonomic chair is between $100 and $500 on average which is rather cheap considering how much the chair can do.

How To Find Cheap Best Office Chairs Online

When it comes to finding the cheapest office chairs you had better do all of your research and purchasing online. While it is true that you cannot sit in the chairs whilst you’re online, you stand to save upwards of a few hundred dollars by being smart with your purchase.

Office chairs are so important for your overall health, but especially when it comes to the health and comfort of your back and spine. If you purchase the wrong office chair you could be walking into a chiropractor’s office in a few months with back spasms. This would not be a pretty picture.

The good news is that back pain is completely preventable with the purchase of the right kind of office chair. The second trick is to get the best chairs at the best prices. We will look at both of these challenges here in this article.

First of all, let us look at the different styles of office chairs which mainly include low back and high back chairs as well as more expensive ergonomic models. There is a chair for just about every budget out there, on the low end of less than one hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars on the very high end. We’re going to focus our time on locating the best office chairs available for purchase online.

After you have decided on the type of style that you are wanting for an office chair (and feel free to navigate around the site to get a feel for the types of chairs that are available) then it is time to do some research and see what kind of prices can be found for the type of chair you are after.

If your company is going to be buying the chair for you it might give you a larger budget to be able to get a nicer chair. After all, you are likely to be spending 5-10 hours a day using this chair so it makes sense to really invest in a good one that will take care of your body.

A high backed office chair can usually be on the more expensive side of the price spectrum, but then again you are paying extra for the comfort and all-day durability that a high-backed chair can give you.

Most offices will have low-backed office chairs for their employees because they are able to purchase them in quantity at a good price. If you are searching for a chair for your home office, it would be our recommendation to choose a soft and comfortable chair that you would really enjoy using. Let yourself spend a little bit of extra money to get a good chair because it will likely last you for many years.

Even an extra $100 spread out over the course of two years only amounts to about an extra $3 a month. Surely your body is worth the extra bit for a very comfortable office chair that you will enjoy using every day.

Browse through the different manufacturers and models that are available and find one that has excellent reviews for comfort and durability. The best office chairs that you are looking for will be found here on this site and then just after a few days shipping time you will be able to enjoy your new chair.

If you’re ordering chairs for your whole office, consider the kind of feeling that you are looking to create in the office environment and choose your chairs accordingly. It is hard to go wrong with your office chair purchase when you have made your final decision with comfort and durability in mind.

Lumbar Support For Office Chair

Anyone sitting in an office chair for a long time each day is definitely at risk for developing or worsening low back pain or neck pain, as well as tired, stiff muscles and general aches and discomfort. Sitting in general puts stress on arms, legs, shoulders, neck and back. The back muscles and discs in the spine are also put under great pressure when sitting.

Worse yet, many people slouch down when sitting, or hunch over, and this posture strains the discs and ligaments in the spine even more. This combination can cause damage to the spine over time, and produce pain in the back and neck, and even pain and “pins and needles” feelings in the arms and legs. Fortunately, lumbar support for office chair information can help with these problems.

An office chair with good lumbar support will relieve the lumbar muscles–those surrounding the spine–of the work of keeping the body upright and maintaining the lordotic–the natural curve in the spine.

When sitting for prolonged periods without proper support, the body and back muscles tire, and the person tends to slouch or lean in awkward positions to ease stiffness and discomfort. Therefore, good lumbar support in an office chair is very important.

Choose a Chair With the Proper Support

Simply purchasing an office chair with the name “ergonomic” or “lumbar support” is not enough to give proper support to a particular individual. A good lumbar back support fills in the space between the curve in the spine and the back of the chair, giving support to the lower back.

The lumbar support should fit exactly against the person’s small part of the back, which means the chair should be fitted to the person. In an office with more than one person, purchasing “one size fits all” office chairs leaves some people less comfortable than others, because everyone is not the same size or weight. Guidelines to obtain the correct chair should be followed.

Although there is no single chair that is right for everyone, it is not difficult to provide the right chair with the proper support for each person. In addition to the lumbar support area, the chair should have arms to support the elbows and take strain off the neck.

A person’s arms should be able to rest comfortably on the arms of the chair, at a 90 degree angle. The width of a clenched fist should fit between the edge of the chair and the person’s legs while the back is against the lumbar support. If working on a computer, the screen should be at eye level to avoid holding the neck at an awkward angle.

Shopping For a Lumbar Support Office Chair

While office chairs can be found at office supply stores, department stores and many other places, they will usually not be the best lumbar support chairs, especially the very low priced ones that are mass-produced.

Some chairs that are advertised as having “lumbar support” are still in one size only, and are usually measured and produced to accommodate tall men. For everyone else, it is just a matter of luck to find one that is somewhat comfortable, especially those on the low end of the scale.

Between the lowest priced chairs and the high-end custom chairs, and armed with lumbar support for office chair information, it is possible to find moderately priced office chairs by trying them out until a good fit is found.

Several well-known manufacturers produce sturdy chairs in various sizes that offer lumbar support. The ultimate, of course, is having the individual measured and a chair custom-made to fit that person. With a little research, finding the proper lumbar support office chair will be an easy and enjoyable task.

Best Office Chairs Reviews

1.) Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Arms

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

The black mesh computer chair offered by Flash Furniture offers a number of benefits to anyone that’s looking for a good cheap office chair. This computer chair offers many benefits not usually seen in lower priced office chairs, including a pneumatic seat height adjuster, a comfortable padded mesh seat and a breathable mesh backing.

This piece is a basic model that’s a good example of what Flash Furniture offers: affordable, quality chairs with features you’re looking for.

This chair is built with many features that are designed to make it more comfortable for hours of use. The mesh back allows the chair to breathe and keeps you cool, while the padded mesh seat provides enough cushion to prevent back fatigue while you work.

This chair has dual wheel casters that allow it to move smoothly over office pads or hard flooring, and the pneumatic seat height adjustment works well to make the chair ideal for any table height. Another benefit is, unlike other cheap office chairs on the market, this one is easy to assemble and requires no more than fifteen minutes to completely put together.

It’s assembled with included tools and looks professionally built when complete. This chair also rivals those sold at popular discount stores and is a much better value.

Of course, there are negatives to this chair that apply to most cheap office chairs. This piece is designed for individuals that don’t spend all day in their office, and isn’t built to stand heavy abuse. It’s basically made for people that spend no more than a few hours a day working in their office. Still, this chair can easily support anyone up to 300 pounds and provides adequate back support for daily computer use or writing.

For the price, this computer chair offers everything you need in a cheap office chair. It looks good, feels comfortable and is very easy to assemble.

2.) Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Executive Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Executive Swivel Chair

This black leather office chair made by Flash Furniture is an affordable and stylish office chair that offers many benefits for the price you pay. With ergonomic back support, a high back design and excellent padding, this chair looks professional and modern.

It also has an easy to assemble design that requires very little time and a design that’s meant to improve blood flow while you work.

There aren’t many cheap office chairs that provide these kind of features for the price of this chair.

The main features of this black leather office chair include the high back design with comfortable headrest and the passive ergonomic back support. This chair is incredibly comfortable, even after long hours. The seat and arm padding is excellent and the seat is designed to promote healthy blood flow while you work in your office.

This chair features a spring tilt control mechanism and a pneumatic seat height adjuster that allows you to use this chair with any desk height. The dual wheel casters also roll easily on most floor surfaces. The leather is high-quality and very soft, making this chair an excellent bargain.

One of the only downfalls of this product is the care you must take with the leather. This soft leather needs a bit of attention, and it’s important to keep pets off the chair as their claws will damage the leather covering. Otherwise, this chair is a great choice for a cheap office chair, providing excellent back support, an attractive and modern design, as well as a price that you can’t beat.

It’s designed to be used for long periods of time, so comfort is not an issue. The chair’s padding design is even meant to improve your blood flow while seated for hours at a time, showing what an excellent office chair this piece is.

3.) Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Arms

Flash Furniture Mid-Back

This black office chair by Flash Furniture is a cheap office chair that offers features you look for in an affordable piece. It includes tilt tension control and pneumatic seat height adjustment, as well as a padded mesh seat and a breathable mesh backing.

This basic office chair is an excellent piece if you don’t spend long hours in your office, and is rather comfortable for the price. It’s simple design also suits most offices. The wheels also glide fairly well over hard flooring and office pads.

There are many good features to mention about this chair. It’s very durable, especially for a cheap office chair. It can easily support individuals up to 300 pounds and will last for many years if used properly. The adjustable seat allows this chair to work with many desk heights, even though the arms themselves aren’t adjustable. The mesh backing and seat of the chair make it breathable and comfortable, especially in warm weather.

This chair is a real bargain and offers many benefits. It’s affordable, durable and very easy to assemble. Assembly can be completed in about fifteen minutes, and all the tools you need are included in the box. This is a big advantage over chairs with complicated directions that seem to take an hour to understand.

Unfortunately, there are a few negative points to mention about this black mesh chair. To begin with, the arms are not adjustable, making it difficult to use with some desks. The chair also does not tilt backward, although this is a feature typically seen in more expensive chairs. The padding on the seat is also a bit thinner than ideal, although this comes with the price. While not built to last forever, this chair will provide years of comfortable use as long as it isn’t abused or used too heavily.

4.) Flash Furniture Ventilated Mesh Office Chair

Flash Furniture Ventilated Mesh Office Chair

The mesh and ventilated office chair by Flash Furniture is a popular cheap office chair that provides basic features you need in a simple piece of office furniture. This chair offers tilt tension control as well as a locking tilt control mechanism to improve stability.

The mesh backing and padded mesh seat of the chair are breathable and are designed to make the chair comfortable and cool, as well as easy to clean. The back has a 90-degree angle midway down that improves posture and comfort.

This basic office chair is a great choice if you want a simple chair that you don’t plan to spend long hours in. The wheels work well on hard floor surfaces like laminate while the adjustable seat make the chair easy to use with varying desk heights. This chair is incredibly affordable and offers features you typically don’t see in cheap office chairs.

Perhaps the best part about the chair is the easy assembly. The entire assembly process takes about fifteen minutes and the product comes with all the tools you need. There are no complicated directions or missing parts that are common with many cheap office chairs purchased at chain retailers.

There are a few negatives to the chair, however. To begin with, the arm rests are not adjustable. This can make the chair a bit difficult to use for tall individuals, or those with short desks. The chair also does not tilt backward, which can make it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. The padding is also a little thin and can decrease the comfort over time.

Although sturdy, this product is also not designed to last a lifetime and will require replacing after a few years. Still, it’s an excellent and affordable office chair that offers many features you look for in a cheap office chair.

5.) Flash Furniture High-Back Cheap Office Chair

Ergonomic High-Back Mesh Task Chair

The high back ergonomic chair by Flash Furniture is a mid-line office chair that offers many features you usually see in more expensive products. This chair is both stylish and functional, providing comfort and durability.

This ergonomic chair is designed to improve posture during use and prevent fatigue, making it a great choice for long office hours. This fully adjustable chair features a mesh back for comfort and dual wheel casters that work on all flooring types.

This chair is one of the best cheap office chairs you can find for the price. Many of the features are usually saved for more expensive pieces. This chair is fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the chair to your liking. The seat and back can tilt and raise to provide proper support, while the ergonomic back improves posture during use.

This chair is definitely designed for long hours and it shows. The attention to detail is excellent, especially considering the chair is fully assembled in about fifteen minutes. This chair includes all tools needed to assemble it, and is very durable.

There are very few negatives to this high back ergonomic chair. Perhaps the only problem is the quality of the seat padding, which wears out after considerable use. This is fairly typically, however, especially with cheap office chairs. Fortunately, the positives outweigh the negatives and make this chair and excellent bargain. You simply can’t find a better cheap office chair for this price.

It’s comfortable after long hours of use and is durable to last for years. It’s fully adjustable and works with all types of desks. This chair also has mesh material that keeps you cool no matter how long you’re sitting. The stylish appearance is also a welcome addition to many home offices.

6.) Flash Furniture Brown Leather Office Chair

Flash Furniture Brown Leather Office Chair

The brown leather executive chair from Flash Furniture is a affordable but luxurious office chair that features high-end details and top-notch style. This chair has tilt tension control for stability with dual wheel casters that glide well on most floor surfaces.

The brown leather is soft and comfortable, while the padding on the seat and arm rests is thick and long-lasting. This chair also features a passive lumbar support system that makes the piece comfortable during long work hours.

This executive chair is one of the best choices for a cheap office chair because it offers all of the features you expect in a high-end chair for an affordable price.

This executive chair is well-made and extremely easy to assemble. It comes complete with everything you need for assembly, including tools. The entire process takes around fifteen minutes, making it a much better purchase than many cheap office chairs that have difficult instructions or missing parts.

This chair is made with a soft brown leather that is both soft and comfortable, as well as stylish. It also has excellent lumbar support and is made for people that spend long hours in their office chair. This executive office chair is also fully adjustable and features titanium-finished looped arms for added style and support.

There is only one negative to mention about this product. The leather is high-quality but very soft, and can be damaged easily by a pet’s claws. This also makes the chair a bit difficult to clean, although the chair is definitely worth the effort.

Despite this problem, the brown leather executive chair from Flash Furniture is an absolute great cheap office chair that offers high-end features and style with an affordable price that you can’t beat. This chair will last for many years and retain its comfort despite long hours of use.

7.) Boss Executive LeatherPlus Office Chair

Boss Executive LeatherPlus Office Chair

The Boss high back leather executive chair provides a huge amount of comfort and adjustability in a package that is incredible for a chair of this level.

While this Boss chair may not be a cheap office chair when compared to lesser models, it is easily one of the most affordable high end executive level comfort office chairs in its class.

This high back leather executive chair is built in an ergonomic manner that allows for full lumbar support no leg fatigue when sitting for long periods of time.

This high quality chair comes with pneumatic height adjustments and an adjustable tilt tension range and locking mechanism that will allow it to become a comfortable fit for just about anyone.

This Boss chair is upholstered in a leather and polyurethane mixture that Boss calls LeatherPlus which is designed to be softer and more durable than leather alone. It has a 250 lb. weight limit listed, though heavier people have found it roomy and stable as well.

Overall, this chair has impressed many people with the high quality of its features and materials when compared to the low price point. Those who’ve owned it say the LeatherPlus material has a wonderful feel and the adjustments the chair can make keep it quite comfortable for most.

Some have had issues with this chair’s durability when used for long periods of time, especially those who are close to the weight limit. Others report that the bottom setting on this char is a little bit higher than they would like it to be, which may be an issue for those under about 5’8”.

There are few cheap office chairs that will get close to the Boss high back leather executive chair in either features or comfort level, which makes this a great choice for most.

8.) Boss Office Executive Chair with Pewter Finsh


The Boss tufted black vinyl executive chair is a comfortable and durable executive style office chair that will offer any cheap office chair shopper a great value for their money. This chair is built with high quality solid construction that will make sure it lasts for years to come.

This Boss vinyl executive chair comes with a solid range of features that help it stand out when compared to similar choices from other manufacturers. The chair is upholstered in a matte finish soft vinyl that Boss calls CaressoftPlus. It comes with soft pillow tops for both the seat area and the back as well as a simple strip of padding on each arm rest to ensure comfort.

This chair is built to be adjustable with a pneumatic gas lift to change the height of the seat and an option to change the tension in the seat back. An extra wide chair base should ensure stability in this chair for years to come, and the tufted vinyl look will stand the test of time well.

People who’ve owned this chair are almost universally impressed with its comfort, durability, and great look. While the pillow top areas are thinner than those on other executive office chairs, no one has noticed any issue with comfort or complained of a hard seat bottom or back. While this is a vinyl chair, most who’ve tried it find the high quality vinyl to be great looking and quite comfortable. Some people have found this chair difficult to assemble due to the design of the bolts and screws used for the process, but in most cases those who’ve had issues eventually decide that the durability is worth it.

The Boss vinyl executive chair stands out among cheap office chairs for being a dependable option that will stand up to years of heavy use.

9.) Boss Mid-Back Executive Office Chair

Boss black leather mid back executive chair

The Boss black leather mid back executive chair has a simple design that will ensure a comfortable fit for most people while keeping the amount of moving parts low enough that the chair should stay stable and usable for quite some time.

With a surprisingly low price for the chair’s quality and style, this mid back chair is a solid choice for anyone looking for a comfortable cheap office chair that will look good.

This mid back executive chair is designed to provide the lumbar support you need to sit comfortably all day long.

The chair comes with pneumatic seat height adjustment capabilities that will make sure it can sit at the level you need, and the tilt tension control for the seat back is completely adjustable. This chair is designed to offer a passive ergonomic experience that will help you sit properly for hours at a time.

This Boss executive chair is upholstered in Boss’s high quality LeatherPlus leather and polyurethane mix to offer a soft and durable finish that doesn’t carry the stiffness and care issues of simple leather. The chair comes with a wide nylon base with double wheel hooded casters and has an option to lock in the upright position when necessary for your comfort.

Most purchasers were quite happy with this Boss black leather chair, with many impressed by the comfort level provided, especially as a stand out among other cheap office chairs. A small minority of chair owners had issues with durability after the first year, but most who purchased the Boss didn’t notice any problems at all. Some people claim this chair is mildly difficult to assemble.

Overall, there really isn’t another option out there that will give you an executive style chair with this level of comfort at the low price this chair sells for.

10.) Boss Posture Cheap Office Chair

Boss Posture Cheap Office Chair

The Boss black fabric deluxe posture chair is perfect for anyone looking for an ergonomic full support chair at the price of cheap office chairs with far fewer features. This chair is designed to keep you in a posture that will support maximum long term comfort and protect your back and legs.

This Boss deluxe posture chair comes with lumbar support built into the back rest as well as waterfall style contours on the seating area to help your legs stay pressure free after long sitting sessions. The back and seat cushions are designed to be thick enough to stay comfortable all day long, and the tweed fabric used for upholstery is simple and beautiful.

This chair comes with pneumatic height adjustment capabilities to make sure you can always sit at the level you need. The seat back can change depth to accommodate people of different sizes and ensure an ergonomic fit for most users. Even the arm rests on this chair are completely adjustable to make sure that there is always a comfortable sitting position available.

Customers who’ve bought this chair have been impressed by the sturdy feeling the fully assembled chair provides and the small overall profile that makes this option a great choice for small spaces. Most of the people who’ve tried it for longer work periods are happy with the level of comfort and height options it provides.

Those who were less impressed with this chair missed the tilting back that higher end executive chairs provide. At least one person noticed that this Boss posture chair sinks a bit when sitting down, though this issue does not seem to be widespread.

For someone looking for a cheap office chair that will offer full ergonomic support and fit in small spaces, this Boss deluxe posture chair is a perfect fit.

11.) The Boss Delubye posture task chair with loop arms

Boss Delubye posture task chair

The Boss Delubye posture task chair with loop arms is designed to be a low budget cheap office chair with the essential features it needs to keep you comfortable for long sitting sessions.

This simple chair is designed with attention toward ergonomic details that will make sure your posture stays where it needs to be in order to protect your back and your legs.

The Boss Delubye comes in either black, burgundy, blue, or gray to make sure it can fit into any office or home setting. The chair’s back and seat bottom use waterfall contours to keep pressure from building up on your back and legs while you sit.

Like most Boss posture chairs, the Delubye comes with full pneumatic height adjustability and an adjustable depth for the back to make sure that people of all shapes and sizes can sit comfortably for long periods of time.

The simple and stylish loop arms and colorful upholstery options make the Boss Delubye a great choice for anyone looking for a good way to match existing furniture with the right office chair. This chair’s unobtrusive profile makes it an ideal option for smaller spaces.

Customers who’ve tried this chair were impressed by the simple assembly and comfortable finish, especially since it is one of the only high quality cheap office chairs available with ergonomic features. Many people report that the Delubye is more comfortable than other task style chairs they have owned. Some people have noticed that this chair’s padding is a little bit stiff and uncomfortable for larger adults. A small amount of customers report a chemical odor coming from the chair, though this issue does not appear to be widespread.

The Boss Delubye is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple ergonomic chair with some style options.

12.) Boss Budget Mesh Cheap Office Chair

boss Budget Mesh Cheap Office Chair

The Boss budget mesh task chair offers the unparalleled comfort of a mesh backed chair at a price that even cheap office chairs will have a hard time beating.

This mesh task chair comes with a great range of options that make it a perfect fit for someone looking for a high comfort chair at a low price.

The primary feature that helps this Boss task chair stand out is the mesh upholstery used to make the back of the seat. This simple mesh allows air to flow straight to your back and keep you cool and comfortable no matter how long a working session gets.

The mesh also provides comfortable back support that shapes itself around your shape as you lean back in order to provide a perfect level of support for your specific needs.

The Boss budget mesh task chair comes with all the features you would expect from a high quality task chair. The seat height can be adjusted with a pneumatic gas lift, and the back comes with tilt support and adjustable tension control that will allow you to set it up just how you want it. The only sign that this chair is a budget model is the non-adjustable arm rests.

This chair’s mesh design gives it a simple sleek look that users report is perfect for many office settings. The finished chair seems high quality and durable once assembled, and users who’ve tried it have been happy with the experience. While this chair doesn’t offer quite the comfort and adjustability of a higher end chair, it does offer enough options to stand out solidly as a great choice for a cheap office chair.

The Boss budget mesh task chair is perfect for anyone looking for a budget chair who gets annoyed by being hot and uncomfortable after a few hours of work.