A Guide to Yarn Bowls for Knitting

yarn bowlYou may have seen some bowls having holes or swirls carved on them if you are a regular visitor to the yarn shops and craft stores. Seeing them, you must have realized that it is not possible to have a hole at the side of a bowl if it is a bowl for ice cream. This bowl with the hole is an item that is utilized for crochet and knitting and is called a yarn bowl. Now, you may be wondering why a bowl would be a requirement for yarn handling.

Let’s introduce you today to a Yarn Bowl as seen on Amazon and tell you why it is used for crochet and knitting projects. It is one of the most useful tools for fiber artists.

So, let’s see what this bowl is, it’s working, why you may need one, its different sizes, and the top three yarn bowls.

What is a Wooden Yarn Bowl?

The yarn bowl is an oval or round shaped vessel that holds the yarn in a proper place. Sometimes, it has holes in it or a swirl on one side. Did it happen to you that the yarn you had rolled under your couch or across the floor or got out of reach for you?

Your yarn may pick up pet hair, dust balls, or may become jumbled in the cases described above. Kids or pets may take the yarn as a toy and turn it into a tangled nightmare.

To prevent all these messy scenarios from happening, you must have a wooden yarn bowl.

Why is a Yarn Bowl used?

As previously mentioned, this yarn is an item to prevent your yarn from rolling across the floor but this is not the only benefit of using a yarn bowl.

If you own pets, then these bowls are best for containing the yarn, keeping the pet hair off of it, and the best of all, your pets do not start knitting with it!

What other benefits can you have using the bowl? It is an item for keeping the yarn tangle-free and clean. It also lets the yarn ball smooth, unwinding, and have a uniform tension on the yarn.

These bowls can be taken to any place in your house as they are portable. You have to take the yarn bowl and the knitting project simply with you and go to your living room, family room, outside the patio, or to the bedroom.

Dimensions of the Yarn Bowl

There are various sizes of yarn bowls for accommodating different sizes of the skein or yarn balls. The medium size of a bowl has a diameter of almost 5-6” and a height of 3.” The large bowls have a diameter of 6-8” and a height of 4-5” whereas the small bowls have a diameter of 4” and their height is 2-3”.

Which size of the Yarn Bowl is the Best?

It would be best if you looked at the yarn you mostly use and have the widest measurement of that yarn in order to choose the correct size of the bowl you will need. Purchase the bowl, which has a little larger diameter than your biggest yarn ball. It will let your skein in the bowl to move freely.

A TIP:   The yarn ball sometimes fits even better than the skein because the bowls are very ideally round in shape. Therefore, you can wind the skeins into balls with a hand, or you may buy a winder for yarn to make flawless small cakes of the yarn.

Another point you have to keep in mind is that you must note how much yarn skeins are you going to place in the bowl. If at the same moment, you are going to knit while holding double strands together, you can have a big bowl for accommodating both yarns at the same time.

The Working of the Yarn Bowl

Place your yarn ball in the bowl and take it through the central swirl. There are also some holes in the bowls, along with a swirl. The purpose of holes is to enable crochet or to knit various strands of the yarn at the same moment.

Working with Several Strands – Feed a single yarn into the main swirl and the second or other yarns via the holes to set this up. It will let you knit smoothly by keeping the yarns tangle-free.

Fair Isle or Colorwork Knitting – You can use the bowl’s holes for knitting a colorwork like the Fair Isle. Use the swirl for feeding the dominant yarn color and add yarn of other colors using the holes of the bowl.

Use of Yarn Bowls for Crocheting

Yes, you got it right! Yarn bowls can not only be used for knitting but also crochet. They have the same use and method for both hobbies. You just have to place the yarn in your bowl, go through a swirl, and do your project.

Top Three Yarn Bowls to Buy

You can check locally or buy these three wooden yarn bowls from Amazon, Knit Picks, and Etsy. You can buy the three top yarn bowls mentioned below from Amazon.

It is a handmade yarn bowl that is beautiful inside out. It would look like a decoration piece when not in use. It has a width of 7” and a depth of 4”.

This bamboo bowl for yarn will keep your yarn tidy and at the proper place while you knit. It is available in two sizes- a 6” and a 9” size.

The bowl is made with clay and a kiln with 1900 degree temperature. It has a width of 6” and a height of 3” featuring clay.

Wooden yarn bowls are very important to keep your yarn organized, clean, and, more significantly, untangled while working on your knitting project. You may also use bowls as a decorative option in case you are not knitting at the time.