Best Rugs For The Money – 2021

The beauty of oriental rugs has been rediscovered.

Best RugWestern and oriental carpets and rugs are an ideal way of adding artistic beauty, warm texture to a room as a floor covering or wall hanging. Fiber coverings for the interior began centuries ago as tapestry. Originally carpets were used for insulation to absorb moisture on interior walls. With time they also became a form of art, decorating and hiding defects in walls while increasing in value.

In an instant, a bedroom awakens with color and style, a living room glows with warmth and luxury and a family room grows quiet, cozy and comfortable. Oriental carpets are versatile and can be used with great success in modern or traditional-style interiors, ranging from kitchens to living rooms to bedrooms and anywhere you want to add an exquisite touch. Also carpets can be compared to a painting, bringing life and color to any interior setting. Why the carpet is so popular? Well, it is comfortable, quiet, warm, relatively affordable and quick to install. Available in thousands of colors, styles, and patterns, and creates a sense of unity in one’s home interior.

Like any other form of art, it is not surprising that due to the huge range of carpet types the idea and the process of buying a carpet could be somewhat overwhelming. So how do we make the right decision, taking into consideration that eye appeal and function are the key factors to a floor/wall covering. Eye appeal is unlimited when it comes to individual’s taste and preference. Thus we have to make a note that a carpet should satisfy its function first.

For example in heavily trafficked areas, a top quality product is necessary. Hard wood or tile would be the ultimate choice. Next to that, a tightly woven with a short pile, heavy-duty carpets would create an exquisite touch and a long-lasting surface. You should probably stick to a pattern with darker colors if you decide to put a carpet in a busy hall. However lighter colors and more delicate materials such as silk or plush carpets, could be used in less trafficked areas.

Variety of Best Rugs and Carpets

Design and Color  Like in every form of art the two most important factors that go hand in hand together are design and color. The same way you choose a painting, the carpet of your choice has to satisfy your inner taste and style, and at the same time be compatible with your room’s general décor and tone. If you have just moved into a new house, consider purchasing your best rugs and carpets first. It is much easier to match up your room’s paint, wallpaper and furniture later to a carpet rather than matching a carpet to a previously decorated room.

Size – As a general rule choosing the right size carpet depends on a space you decided to cover. Generally speaking a work of art handmade rug is not intended to cover you floor from wall to wall. Similar to a painting, it needs a frame to enhance its beauty. For example you could place the carpet in a central location surrounded by furniture. In another example, if you decide to put your carpet in an empty and open area with no furniture around it, you should allow at least 2-3 feet of space between the carpet and the walls.

Shape – As you probably noticed that rectangular shaped rugs and carpets are most common and come in variety of sizes. In that category, Runners are rectangular but long and narrow; they are the second most popular carpet shape. It is absolutely a great choice for narrow spaces such as hallways, stairways and entrances. The second biggest category includes the round and oval shaped carpets. They are very unique in design and rare in shape.

What to look for in a carpet?

When you go to buy a carpet or a rug, we’d assume you ask yourself whether to look for an authentic Oriental rug or a machine made one. Like everything else in the world, rugs and carpets serve a purpose and have a price and value, which is most of the time a subject to the dictates of the fashion. This makes it difficult to determine the real value of a rug. Generally speaking hand-made authentic carpets carry much more value, are superb in quality than the machine produced one.

Quality – High quality antique rugs, whether in terms of hand weaving quality, or good design and color use, are becoming increasingly rare and therefore most of the times override the ways of fashion to command top prices. Most hand woven rugs and carpets are made from wool, the best a carpet can get! It’s the most durable and stain resistant fiber, famous for luxury and softness.

Investment – When choosing a carpet you have to consider a few critical points, such as the price you are willing to pay for an old (100 years) or a new carpet, handmade antique Oriental or Persian rug, or mass-produced machine made one. If you are looking for an investment of quality and durability, handmade carpet is the ultimate answer. No two oriental rugs are the same, even if they are from the same producer. This makes it a work of art. Handmade rugs are usually made with natural materials such as wool, cotton or silk, which have longer life duration and release no harmful gasses. Through out the centuries the rug was a symbol of wealth and prosperity, its value never decreases and usually increases. However a great majority of carpets and rugs in our days are produced by computerized machinery, which automatically establish styles, patterns and density. Consequently, they are much cheaper to produce and sell for less on a market. – Make sure to purchase your carpet from a reliable – certifiable carpet dealer.

Performance – You could have different uses for your rug or carpet but before buying it keep in mind the kind of wear, tear and the main purpose of your carpet. It could be a hall carpet with anticipated heavier traffic, bedside rug with less wear and tear or a wall carpet with little or no tear at all. Your carpet should not only look great but perform well too.

Different Types Of Best Rugs:

1.) Area Rugs

Area Rugs for Cozy Living Room

Area rugs are still a key element of the design of many buildings. With this element of decoration you can get a beautiful floor, emphasizing the individuality of your home. All kinds of area rugs are made in two ways: manually and by using automated tools. Handmade area rugs are unique, only natural materials of the highest quality are used for their manufacture. Machine is the most common method of producing traditional area rugs. Modern technology and engineering solutions allow reducing time and costs of production to a minimum. Area rugs have a huge variety of colors, shapes and materials used for manufacturing.

The selection of area room rugs comes after a careful study of the interior of the room, taking into account personal preferences and the appointment of a floor covering. Designers believe that it is impressive and appropriate to use small area rugs in small zones. These zones are a space in front of the fireplace, bed, sofa or armchair. With great area rugs and carpets of medium size one specific area of the room can stand out. For example, dining area would be highlighted with one type of great area rugs, a living area – with another one.

Nice area rugs for a children’s room also serve as protection from the winter cold, summer heat on, defending the dream child of loud noises. Doctors advise to put in children area rugs of synthetic or mixed fibers with anti-allergenic properties. The registration office is also very important for the right choice of area rugs. Area rugs for office give the room warmth and more comfort. The use of area rugs for office allows you to add corporate identity and make the office much more comfortable and functional.

2.) Jute Rug

Jute Rug

Jute rug is one of the most stylish and practical coatings for various weaving, colors and designs. Jute area rugs look very simple, but at the same time they are elegant. Their main decoration is a weave with different thickness and texture. Jute area rugs have a number of advantages: they do not cause allergies, have a slight massage effect due to their relief surface, they are very easy to use and easy to clean. Jute rug, which is also called Jute cloth or burlap is made of natural fiber that is used in clothing, luggage, and household. Jute rug has some of the softest fibers in the whole world and have a golden glitter in their natural state. Jute area rugs can also be painted in a variety of colors and be given any shapes, to provide various forms and patterns of multi-colored carpets, that anyone would find a carpet for its own taste.

Due to the fact that jute rugs perfectly retain their shape, you can often find woolen carpets with jute base. Thanks to the beneficial properties of jute products high quality is obtained. Some manufacturers can mix jute fibers with synthetic fibers to create more durable carpet. Jute area rugs are useful due to their massage effect and do not cause allergies, because they are made from natural materials. Through the thick weaving jute area rugs provide good sound insulation. Jute rug has the aesthetic qualities and has good resistance to mechanical stress. Jute area rugs are quite durable, so they are ideal for areas with high traffic, where people walk or move objects a lot, such as hallways.

Artificial jute area rugs differ from other rugs with much longer service life than bamboo or natural jute rugs, are not separated, and do not crumble, unlike the latter. Cleaner is enough to take care of jute rug, but the moisture it a thing that is better to be avoided, as jute rug may shrink.

3.) Rug Runners

Rug Runners

The phrase runner rug is familiar to everyone. Images of showbiz stars in glittering evening dresses are walking down the famous red entry runner rug, smiling at the camera flash immediately come in mind. However, rug runners are often found in residential areas, offices, hotels. They are distinguished by high wear resistance, they can be dry-cleaned and it is easy to clean manually. Typically, area rug runners are treated with overlook edge that gives them great flatness and contrast. When buying rug runners, you should take into account the conditions of their usage and, depending on the specific goals, choose coverage by type of its base, weaving, the quality of the pile, color and pattern.

Rug runners are added to bring warmth and comfort in any interior, making the room more elegant and presentable. In cases where there is a need to protect the most frequently used area of floor from abrasion and deformation, carpet can be more economical and convenient option. Color and pattern depend on which room rug runners will be used in. If the carpet is in a room designed for rest, it is better to look for the quiet tones. Kitchen area rugs runners, located in front of the work surface will help to protect the floor from falling knife or fork, which can leave dents on the floor or a crack on the tile. The most appropriate colors here are pale green, light brown, golden yellow.

If you are going to place it in bedroom, it is better to give preference to blue shades that contribute to emotional discharge, so it’s best to choose bedroom runner rug exactly the same color. For the family room or living room is better to choose bright colors. It can be red or burgundy tones, and any other contrasting colors, creating the effect of festivity. It is better not to use the rug runners of too dark tones in small rooms, as well as the overly bright colors, they visually reduce the space, and the room will seem very small. For such facilities you should look for rug runners of light low-key colors, they will contribute to increasing the visual space dimensions.

4.) Rag Rug

Rag Rug

There is no need to explain why we have carpets in houses. Rag rug is made by hands by many fans of home work, getting useful products from the remnants of thread, yarn, or simply unnecessary rags. Among household rag rug designs across are not inferior to the best industrial designs, but highly unique, engine technologies are not subservient. And all this is made with a minimum amount of money, or even for free.

Archaeologists find carpet to be the oldest household items: before our ancestors guessed that the skin can be put on, it they just put it on floor of caves. Carpet weaving and other ancient crafts of handmade here still firmly hold their positions. For example, it tends to be hard to produce rag rug from pompons with mechanization to automation. But at home a rag rug pad can be done in half of day, and it would be more convenient compared to the factory produced one, and will look better.

Rag rug can be a product to highly adorning the living room, hygienic and resistant in the room with high humidity and / or indoors, exposed to pollution. Or it can be placed even outdoors, if the rag rug is for cottage usage. They are divided into 3 types based on technology performance: embroidered rag rug, related rag rug, braided rag rug.

Homemade rag rug is best made of natural vegetable textile and knitted materials. Synthetics in the rag rug for internal use should be used as sparingly as possible due to static electricity; it can shock your slippers through or bare feet, and it is very bad for the health. The oldest and well-known way to create a rag rug is called Grandma’s rag rug. Modern designers call it rag rug in country style. In order to create such a product it needs to cut or tear the fabric into strips, and then the resulting strips woven into braids bright. They are placed in rows and cross linked using a thick and large needle for this thread.

5.) Red Rug

Red Rug

Juicy red rug in a more or less monochrome interior is very eloquently about the character of the owners. Red rug creates a strikingly vivid emotional focus of the center of the room. Space invigorates and infects the mood. This place can easily feed you with energy for the whole day’s work. Red area rugs are usually bought by creative, emotional and expressive people. A touch of red can bring warmth to cool blue white interior, as it adds special refinement, when it is used as the main color in a small space, for example, in the ladies’ room.

There are many ways to use the shades of warm colors from terracotta, brick-red to noble wine-red, scarlet tones. It all depends on your imagination and sentiment. Red is a color of passion, love, energy, leadership. If you like the red rug, you can say that you are a born leader who shows perseverance and persistence in achieving their goals.

It should, however, be bared in mind that this color can significantly affect brain, while increasing your heart rate and breathing of each person. Therefore, you should set accents in red in the interior with extreme caution, it is important not to overdo it. A pair of large red chairs and chic red rug on the floor will not leave anyone indifferent. When sunlight passes through the window, it gives the room a soft red light that fills your life with passion and romance. White and black are red’s inalienable companions. White neutralizes excessive aggression red and gives it integrity. In addition, such a combination is visually expands a space in the room. The more white and less black, the more room seems bigger in size.

If you want to make unusual interior, take the union of red and blue. This combination will give a feeling of comfort and affluence in the house. Balance bright accent red rug soothing colors and finishes around neutral furniture, thus achieving balance and integrity of the interior.

6.) Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rug has become an excellent alternative to traditional, classic carpets. Sheepskin rug has adorned human habitation from ancient times. Today, designers often use it for decoration of modern interiors. Sheepskin rug on the floor or the wall of the house adds credits to naturalness and harmony, directs thoughts to nature, and embodies the idea of comfort and well-being.

Sheepskin rug is a great solution for home if you prefer natural, noble materials and take care of family health. Sheepskin rug is pleasant to eyes and protects you and your family’s health. Useful properties of sheepskin rug can not be overestimated. Sheepskin rug does not cause, and even prevents allergies. Lanolin contained in sheep’s wool, relieves inflammation, promoting rapid healing of wounds. Buying sheepskin rug in the nursery means to warn the risk of infection, to ensure comfortable sound sleep. This sheepskin rug is recommended for patients with allergies and for those who are afraid of colds.

In today’s world, where more and more people prefer not synthetics and all artificial but natural materials and fabrics, especially natural fur acquires popularity, in particular, sheepskin rug. Legends about the extraordinary healing properties of sheepskin rug are there for a long time, and our visionary ancestors, who lived in good health before the deep gray hairs in the mountains of Tibet and the Caucasus, were well aware of the benefits that sheepskin rug carries.

Therefore it is not surprising that modern sheepskins are very popular accessory that people buy for their homes, houses or cars. No matter how offhandedly you would throw sheepskin rug on couch, floor or car seat, it is always nice, expensive, stylish, and, what is especially nice, good for health.

7.) Pink Rug

Pink Rug

Interior decorated in pink color is associated with romance, ease, femininity. Many girls and women since the childhood do not mind to have their own children’s room in pink. One of the last items that complement and complete the whole composition in the interior in pink color is pink rug.

Pink rug is usually lightweight and have an attractive design, pleasant gaze images and patterns, flowers, monograms. Of course, the designers during the creation of the pink rug were oriented on the female audience, their tastes and preferences. By itself, the pink color is obtained by mixing red and white and has different shades (fuchsia, raspberry, honeysuckle and others.) While choosing pink area rug for the floor you should pay attention to the fact that the pink color blends well into the interior of white, cream, beige, orange, gray, yellow, red, blue and black.

Plain pink rug is a win-win scenario for decoration of almost any room. Pink rug successfully dilute the interior in restrained colors and visually increases the size of a room, and a gentle color palette will create an atmosphere of ease and tranquility. In a small space or a room with no windows, however, pink rug may look cold. Good lighting helps to avoid this. Unusual color combinations for example, pink and green will add a special glamour to the space.

Pink color, including pink rug is one of the most popular ways to decorate children’s bedrooms for girls. This range is perfect for little princesses; it emphasizes their fragility, tenderness and adjusts to peace. Choosing the wallpaper or paint for the walls, bed or wardrobe, curtains or carpet for small / narrow bedroom, keep in mind that pink color is especially rich, it visually increases the volume of any surfaces and objects in several times, though making them lighter by the look. It is very rich and it is not recommended to use flashy shades of pink. Pink rug with cheerful cartoon characters will be enjoyed by your child and you.

8.) Purple Rug

Purple Rug

Purple is a combination of two very bright and energetically strong colors. Of course, they are red and blue colors. That is why purple has always been a majestic and regal color. However, the purple color rarely is used by designers at finishing interiors compared to such classical colors as red and blue. If you want to make the interior look luxury, and, at the same time, do not want a completely standard approach, feel free to choose a purple rug. Purple rug will look great in any interior, from classic to the most modern.

At the same time, it will be very easy for you to pick up the items and elements of decor. Purple rug combines perfectly with all shades of red, blue, brown, white, yellow, pink, beige etc. Purple rug has an extraordinary ability to seem warm at the first look, then cold, depending on the colors of items that are close to it. In order to achieve greater harmony in your environment try to combine purple area rugs with curtains or cushions. This standard method always works very well.

Size and color scheme of the carpets should be treated very carefully. Violet color should not be overused, an abundance of very dark tones can cause depressed mood. If you buy a purple rug for the room, decorated in blue, it would be hard to look at. But in a room decorated with natural stone or a tree it will become a real luxury. Delicate purple is more suitable for women, brutal dark – for men. If purple rug has a purple hue, it will look great in a bedroom. This color is also associated with intellectuality and concentration, so the purple rug would be very appropriate in the office or library. The deep violet hue purple rug will decorate your living room. Delicate shades of purple are well accepted by children, so consider the purple area rugs as an option for children’s room.