Best Crossbow 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Modern best crossbows are powerful hunting or archery devices that come with add-ons/accessories such as laser sights, scopes, slings, as well as complex cocking levers and cranks. These accessories generally make modern crossbows more accurate and powerful. With that in mind, here is a guide to the best crossbows in 2024 for sale.

Best Crossbow


Factors To Consider When Selecting A Best Crossbow in 2024

Power stroke length:

In simple words, power stroke length is the distance a crossbows string is drawn back to fire an arrow. Most of the crossbows in the market today have a power stroke length ranging from 10 to 14 inches, while the power stroke length for compound bows ranges between 18 and 23 inches. Despite this difference, crossbows store up more energy per inch of power stroke largely due to their superior draw weights.

In general, the higher the value of a crossbows stroke length, the more powerful it is in terms of shooting capability. However, this does not mean that purchasing a bow with the highest power stroke length will make you an expert hunter or archer. If your bows draw weight is not properly adjusted, you are unlikely to make much headway while hunting or shooting targets.


The velocity of a crossbow is typically measured in feet-per-second (FPS). FPS is important because it determines how fast an arrow will travel over the first 20-30 yards. Remember factors such as gravity and wind will cause arrow velocity to fall after 20 or so yards. With this in mind, the general rule of thumb is to go for a crossbow with a minimum of 200 FPS.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that arrow mass plays a big role in determining crossbow velocity and efficiency. Lighter arrows will travel further nevertheless, heavier arrows tend to make bows more efficient and vice versa. Most manufacturers calculate FPS value using arrows with a weight similar to that of arrows sold with each particular brand.

Types of Crossbows:

There are two main types of crossbows in the market today: compound and recurve. Compound bows usually have many moving parts such as cocking device and trigger. In addition, they are typically faster than recurve bows because of their superior and faster bolt speeds.


One unique feature you can use to differentiate compound and recurve bows is overall width. Compound bows are narrow compared to recurve bows. On the other hand, recurve bows are generally simpler in terms of design and generate less noise in comparison to compound bows.

Additionally, recurve bows are lighter, easier to aim, easier to restring, and require little maintenance. As such, it would be up to you to choose a bow that suits your needs. If you are a novice archer or hunter, you could start with a recurve bow and then gradually graduate to a compound bow.



Manufacturers usually recommend the type of arrows that one should use with their bows. Modern arrows/bolts are made of carbon or aluminum. Each arrow consists of parts such as the head, shaft, insert, and nock.

Arrowheads come in various shapes such as broad head or field point Broad headed arrows are widely used for hunting while the field point type are used for target practice. The head screws into the insert, which is in turn attached to the shaft (the long main part of an arrow).

Finally, the nock is the rear part of an arrow and it is usually made of aluminum or plastic. This part comes into direct contact with a bows string.

Draw Weight:

Draw weight is simply the force required to pull a crossbows string into a firing position (similar to cocking a gun). This force is determined by factors such as rigidity of a bows limbs. Expect a bow to be harder to cock the higher the draw weight.

The general rule of thumb is to go for bow with a minimum draw weight of 150 pounds to ensure you can generate enough force and velocity to hit and kill or seriously wound game while hunting.

It is worth noting that you can cock a crossbow using a cocking device/crank, using a rope, or by pulling the string back with your hands. Using ones hands involves putting one foot in the stirrup and pulling your bows string back. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because it is the equivalent of lifting 150 pounds or more (depends on a bows draw weight). For this reason, do not attempt it if you are not physically strong.

An easier way is to use a rope cocker. To cock your bow using this method, put one foot in the stirrup, hook the rope cocker, and then pull upwards. Although this method still requires a fair amount of upper body strength, it is relatively easier than using your hands.

The final and easiest way to cock a bow is using cranking devices. These devices are simply hand-actuated winches mounted on a crossbows stock.

To cock your bow, wind this device. Some bows come with these devices in-built into their frames while others do not. If your bow does not have an in-built cranking device, you can buy a separate one and use it as an add¬-on when hunting or on the shooting range.

Crossbow Weight:

A crossbows weight determines its maneuverability and accuracy when shooting game or targets. Once again, choose a bow that suits your needs.

If you are novice and want a bow that you can use for target practice, go for one that you can handle easily.

Do not worry about weight too much in this case. On the other hand, go for one that is a bit heavier if you would like to go hunting. This is because they are highly accurate when it comes to shooting stationary or moving targets.

In addition, they tend to be better when it comes to precision, sturdiness, and steadiness.

A Review of the Top Five Crossbows for the Money:

We’ve put together a short list of what we feel are the best value crossbow available. Crossbows are not a cheap item to buy so we have tried to add a good selection in a varying price range that covers most of the top brands.

1.) Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Barnett Jackal Crossbow


The Barnett Jackal crossbow is a great starter bow for beginners. It’s lightweight so is easy to handle and use while the bow is ideal for hunting, both big and small game, as well as archery.


The Barnett Jackal is a powerful weapon with a sleek military design. It weighs only 7.7 pounds, has a power stroke of 12 inches, and the arrow length is 20 inches. The Jackal bow, at 35.5 inches long and 26.5 inches wide, is a fantastic bit of kit for the price with the added bonus that the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty to buyers.


The bow is designed to make shooting game, both big and small, or targets a breeze. To start with, it comes with an AVi foot stirrup and AVi bolt retainer to make cocking easy. Place one foot on the stirrup and pull your crossbow’s string with your hands or a rope. Immediately after cocking, the anti-dry firing mechanism places this crossbow into “safety-lock” mode to prevent accidental firing of bolts.

Secondly, it comes with Barnet’s ADF MIM trigger technology to ensure a smooth trigger pull. It is worth noting the trigger is mounted on a Picatinny/Weaver rail platform. Other features include quad limbs, synthetic cable system, high-energy wheels, high-definition camouflage, premium red dot scope, and a quiver with three 20-inch arrows.


Since this is a compound crossbow, it takes a little longer than a recurve bow to assemble but this largely depend on your crossbow handling and usage skills. The good news is the Barnett Jackal crossbow comes with a manual that has all the information you need to assemble this crossbow.

The unassembled package contains:

  • stock
  • bow
  • 3-dot scope
  • tube of wax
  • detachable quiver
  • three 20-inch arrows with attachable field points
  • quiver attachment platform
  • screws, bolts, hex keys
  • instruction and safety manual
  • 5 year warranty card.

To start assembling the crossbow, use the provided screws to attach the stock to the quiver bracket. Make sure you use the right screws because the unassembled package comes with screws of various sizes.

After this, insert the cable slide as well as the string and cables into the limbs/cams as shown in the manufacturer’s manual. Remember to push the riser into the stock until you hear it click into place. With these parts assembled, attach the foot stirrup at the front of the crossbow and secure it with screws.

At this point, your Barnett Jackal crossbow is almost ready. The last step is attaching the red dot scope and fastening the side plates onto the mount. The rule of thumb is to mount it about three to four inches from your eye when in a shooting position/stance. You can now take your crossbow and fire a few bolts at a target to make sure everything is working as expected.

Accuracy and Range:

The Barnett Jackal’s accuracy is excellent for the price range. Even if you are a novice, you should find it easy to hit targets/game 30 to 50 yards away after a few rounds of practice. Experienced archers/hunters should hit game/targets 60 plus yards away without difficulties. Nevertheless, continuous practice will make you an expert at handling this crossbow.

The 3-dot scope allows five different light settings and can be set to green or red. A few shots, about six to 12, should be enough to sight the scope. The good news is this crossbow scope requires minimal tweaking to zero it – even right out of the box. Since batteries power the 3-dot scope, it is wise to carry a spare while on a hunting trip to avoid the embarrassment of a running out of power while preparing to shoot wildlife.


There is no doubt that the Barnett Jackal is a powerful weapon. It shoots bolts (arrows), which pack 85 ft-lbs of energy at a velocity of 315 feet per second (FPS) which is extraordinary for a bow this light. With this power, you can take down practically any small or big game found in North America. To generate this velocity, it relies on a draw weight of 150 pounds. If you can deadlift about 150 pounds, you should have no problems cocking this bow using your bare hands. If not, go for a rope cocker or other suitable cocking device.

Durability and Handling:

The top quality materials used to manufactured the Barnett Jackal means the crossbow will last for years. For example, the riser is made of aluminum making it light and able to withstand thousands of shots.

Prepare to change the string after about 700 to 800 shots and remember to wax the it regularly (preferably after five shots or so) to make it last as long as possible.

The three Easton 20-inch arrows that come with this bow are made of high quality carbon material and will last for months if not years. Barnett recommends purchasing and using 18-inch or 20-inch arrows with this crossbow.

barnett package

On the handling front, the Barnett Jackal is very stable with even weight distribution making it easy to handle, aim, and shoot. The grooves in the stock make it comfortable to hold while shooting.

Finally, recoil is minimal meaning you do not have to worry about developing a sore shoulder during hunting season.

Trigger and Safety:

The Barnett Jackal’s ADF MIM trigger has 3.5 pounds of resistance, which most people can handle without struggling. Moreover, this resistance is enough to prevent accidental firing. Combined with the anti-dry fire mechanism, this crossbow’s safety is superb. The bolt retainer is also top quality.

Ease of Use:

The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to produce a crossbow with ease of use in mind and this is proved through it’s impressive design.

  • The arrow quiver can be easily detached from this crossbow’s stock.
  • The scope will hold zero after sighting, which means you do not have to re-sight or make constant adjustments very often.
  • The scope’s five brightness settings means you can make adjustments to suit outdoor or indoor hunting/target shooting conditions.
  • It’s remarkably easy to cock.
  • Light, easy to aim, and accurate.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Reduced air resistance allows the limbs to accelerate faster and fire bolts at high speeds.

Hunting versus Target Shooting:

This lightweight crossbow is ideal for hunting big and small game as well as target shooting. Its lightweight and compact size makes it easy to carry, aim, and fire while stalking wildlife outdoors. Its accuracy makes it great for both hunting and target shooting making it a top crossbow for the money for novices, intermediate, or experienced enthusiasts.


If you are looking for a powerful, sleek, military style crossbow to buy at a price that is value for money, go for the Barnett Jackal crossbow package. Priced very reasonably it comes with a detachable 3-arrow quiver, three 20-inch bolts with field points, and a 3-dot red/green scope.

It has impressive power and shoot bolts at speeds of up to 315 feet per second aided by a draw weight of 150 pounds. For an affordable crossbow it comes with everything you could need to start including an anti-dry fire trigger, high energy wheels, and crosswire strings.

2.) Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow

Finding the right type of hunting crossbow to suit your needs can be difficult. Between the sheer number of potential products on the market and the specifications that come with so many varieties of hunting, many beginning shoppers may feel overwhelmed with their choices. Fortunately, however, there are some products that are excellent initial purchases, ones that can pave the way for future specializations when the user is comfortable enough. The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow is one of such options. It can provide any beginning user with the simplicity they need to become more comfortable with crossbow hunting, all while enjoying a versatile and high quality product for years to come.

Package Contents:

Every package comes with what you need to put the crossbow together, along with extra pieces and fixtures for long term use. This includes the crossbow itself, with an extra backup string, four sixteen inch aluminum arrows, target field points, the arrow quiver, a red dot crossbow sight along with an iron sight, and string wax. For using the crossbow itself, there are several other items included, such as a shoulder sling for easier carrying and a cocking aid. An owners manual is also included, along with a one year limited warranty, which defines the terms for replacements and repairs.


Immediately, one of the first things that the user is sure to enjoy about the crossbow is the assembly aspect. Recurve crossbows are among the easiest to assemble, and this is especially true with the Inferno Fury. From a beginners perspective, all of the assembly instructions are easy to read and well defined. The manual will help you learn how to place the limb protectors, how to secure the prod with the stock, how to attach the foot cocking stirrup, and how to string the crossbow itself. With the assembly keys in every package, putting the crossbow together takes no time at all, and you can be ready to use your crossbow as soon as you are done securing it.


The Inferno Fury promises users a very enjoyable experience. While it only comes with the two sight options, the crossbow is impressively accurate, and showcases its well made design with every shot. The durable materials will guarantee that the crossbow itself remains sturdy and resistant to damage. Even after firing hundreds of arrows, previous customers found that the crossbows limbs stayed relatively unchanged. If there are any doubts, the one year warranty can help provide an additional degree of protection, replacing limbs if they are ever damaged. Careful use is always recommended, but this crossbow provides beginners with plenty of room for errors while learning how to hunt.


In terms of sheer stopping power, this crossbow is a great purchase for its versatility. It is a lower shooting crossbow, which means that it delivers arrows at roughly 235 FPS at point blank range. This translates to about fifty feet pounds of kinetic energy. This also means that the user will lose a little bit of energy for every forty yards past the point blank point. On average, at thirty yard shots, you will be delivering around 43 feet pounds of power, which is enough stopping power for most basic types of game. This is enough to kill antelope and deer, and even reaches the minimum necessary to hunt larger game, such as elk and boar, providing users with plenty of options to explore.



One of the best draws that this crossbow has to offer is its incredible price. It is one of the best ways for beginners to get started with crossbow hunting. The kit features everything you will need to use, allowing you to comfortably settle into your hobby at your own pace. At less than two hundred dollars, the kit is a very economic purchase, and a great way to encourage people to cultivate their interest in crossbow hunting. It makes an excellent gift for both beginners and collectors alike because of its low price and how easy it is to assemble and use.


In addition to the easy assembly, users will also find it very accommodating in terms of its feel and grip. The crossbow is lightweight and comfortable, designed specifically to help new users get accustomed to the way crossbow hunting feels. The sights can all be affixed as needed, and the crossbow is an excellent purchase as far as learning tools go. With its solid frame and durable, comfortable design, it stands out among other products for how inviting it is and how easily it can help beginners transition to more specialized purchases.


Finally, with all of the standard features and functions that the crossbow has, it also comes with its own safety mechanisms to prevent injuries to the person and damage to the crossbows body. The crossbow is designed to be ambidextrous, which allows it to be comfortably used in either dominant hand. With this design, the auto safety switch is ambidextrous as well, ensuring that anybody can take proper care of their crossbow. The safety mechanism is made to prevent dry firing, keeping the bow guarded against damage when it goes off.


As far as cons go, this crossbow does not have many. For more serious hunters who want to hunt bigger game, such as buffalo or bear, there are stronger crossbows that they can buy. However, what this crossbow lacks in top end stopping power, it more than makes up for in its versatility. It trades off specialization for being a generally better purchase for beginning hunters. Another thing that users will want to watch out for is the quality of the arrows. While the arrows get the job done and are durable enough for target practice, they tend to shatter and splinter after repeated use. Buying extra arrows at the same time as you purchase the crossbow, however, will handle this concern. Generally speaking, it is never a bad idea to have more arrows with you, and, no matter what crossbow you use, you will always need to buy replacements.


This may easily be one of the best crossbows to buy for its value. It is durable, long-lasting, and favored for its ease of use, making it an excellent purchase for a variety of needs. While it may not be specialized for bigger game, it is ideally suited for all other types of hunting. If you are not sure where to get started, if you need a reliable crossbow to fall back on for target practice, or even just easy and accessible hunting, then this is definitely the right purchase for you.

3.) Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

BARNETT Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow

Boasting the kind of speed and power that many hunters have been crying out for, the Barnett 410 Ghost is a quality crossbow that you can depend on, even in difficult situations. With nearly 150 ft/lbs of kinetic energy, this crossbow generates twice the energy needed to neutralize the biggest game in existence. In spite of its power, the Ghost is also reasonably light, which makes it simple to use in tree stands or similar cramped hunting spots.

Parts and Assembly:

The Ghost is extremely easy to assemble, because the foot stirrup and riser are connected, and the scope is mounted onto the stock already. You just have to fix the riser onto the stock, fasten in the quiver mount, and the weapon is ready for use. Although the bolt thread screws into the appropriate sockets quite easily, some customers recommend checking the resistance level first, prior to installing the screws. Bear in mind that, if the components are not correctly aligned, this will cause tight tolerance faults, and make the bolts difficult to secure. Up until now, no customers have reported any missing components, and everything appears to be properly labeled.


The Ghost is no louder than any other compound crossbow. Given its shooting velocity, this is an impressive feature, because crossbows become louder the quicker they shoot. Also, an extremely big shoulder plate makes this weapon comfortable for aiming, for long time periods. You will not feel any discomfort in your shoulders. The lightweight carbon riser makes it easy to keep the crossbow steady.

As well as being visually appealing, the composite laminates do an excellent job of reducing vibration. Because of the split design, the limbs encounter less air resistance. Consequently, they move roughly 1.5 percent quicker than other kinds of limbs. This adds to the amazing shooting velocity of the Ghost.

The Ghost has a crosswire string, which can fire 1000 arrows without any serving separation. With its moisture resistant surface and comfortable foregrip, this crossbow keeps your hands warm when you hunt outdoors during the winter. Also, this feature makes it easier to maintain a healthy distance between your fingers and the flight rail. This allows novices to practice correct shooting technique, without injuring themselves.

The draw weight of the Ghost is 185lb. The anti dry fire device triggers automatically, once the weapon is cocked. The quiver stays in position securely, and the vibration created by the shot does not cause it to shake or loosen. This is a common issue with other crossbow models. The rope cocking aid that is included can be altered in length. This means that anyone can use it, irrespective of their physical strength or height.

Included in the kit is a regular composite quiver that holds three bolts. Also included is an illuminated premium scope, which offers a good view of your target(s) in bad lighting. Furthermore, the scope is resistant to water and fog, which makes the Ghost a dependable crossbow, even if you are hunting in heavy snow or rain.

Three twenty-two inch Easton arrows are provided by the manufacturer. These are great for sighting with the scope. Nonetheless, if you like to obtain the best ratio of energy to speed, you should swap the included bolts for other twenty-two inch carbon arrows from Barnett, with 400 to 450 grain.


Price is the main drawback of the Ghost. Although this is not a huge problem for seasoned hunters, who know precisely what they want, it is not ideal for novices, who havent decided yet whether crossbows are the type of weapons they want to invest in heavily. Nonetheless, while the price might deter some novices from buying this crossbow, its lightweight and compact design makes it a fantastic introductory weapon.

The packaging on the Ghost could be improved too. One customer reported that the sight scope fell out of the package during transit, because it was not properly secured. This damaged the lens cover.

Power and Accuracy:

If you have searched for powerful hunting crossbows in the past, you will be aware that the shooting velocities on most models do not surpass 340 FPS. The Ghost, on the other hand, has an impressive 410 FPS. This is why it ranks among the most powerful crossbow models on the market. It is definitely quicker than the Excalibur Matrix 380 and the Barnett Vengeance, which are similarly priced. Also, customers report that the difference between the draw weight and shooting velocity is virtually unnoticeable, with the included arrows and with similar bolts.

The accuracy is excellent too, because the carbon riser design on the crossbow stops it from partially tipping forwards. Mainly, the weight is situated close to the archers shoulder, which makes the Ghost extremely stable. The string latch and trigger system operate smoothly, launching the string and arrow flawlessly each time. This makes target practice a lot easier, because your shots will be more consistent.

The Ghost comes with a scope that is sighted straight out of the package. This maintains dead zero for long time periods, without any need for regular elevation and windage adjustments. Actually, the Ghost is so precise that it is possible to hit two inch arrow groups from a seventy yard distance, even if you are a novice crossbow shooter. Amazingly, the arrows still land sufficiently deep to make it extremely hard for you to tug them out.


Some people may believe that the Ghost is costly, compared to similar crossbows on the market. However, in reality, this weapon is easily worth the price. This crossbow has been designed for long term use, so you will not have to replace it for the foreseeable future. It certainly holds and feels like a top notch rifle. Its unparalleled speed, power and precision is all the more impressive, due to its maneuverable and compact design. Suffice to say, the Ghost delivers outstanding performance that is sure to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning hunters.

4.) Excalibur Crossbow Matrix 380

Excalibur Crossbow Matrix 380

The Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow blends dazzling arrow speeds, with the dependability and practicality of a recurve crossbow. Compared to Excaliburs other crossbows, it is smaller, more powerful and less noisy. This weapon is user friendly and more durable than the majority of other crossbows on the market. Also, it is the shortest and quickest tip to tip crossbow ever produced by Excalibur. Here’s a detailed review that should prove useful, if you are considering purchasing this weapon:

Product Assembly:

If you have bought recurve crossbows in the past, you will know that these models usually take longer to assemble, because the strings have to be attached. This issue does not apply with the Matrix though, because the prod assembly is pre strung. Therefore, it should take no longer than ten minutes to put together. Better still, the assembly instructions are extremely clear with photos.

To assemble the Matrix, you just have to fix the quiver to the prod, fix the prod to the stock (at the bottom), put the scope together, then get the bow mounted and strung. In terms of the contents of the package, there are no customer complaints online about missing pieces. When the package arrives, the TactZone scope, crossbow, four arrows, Excalibur quiver and rope cocking device should all be present.

Features of the Crossbow:

The Matrix has a much narrower design than other recurve models available. Often, people criticize recurve bows, because they are known to produce snagged branches and limbs. Some may say that these drawbacks overshadow the Matrixs handy streamlined design, which allows you to restring the crossbow in the field. This is a totally unfair criticism though. In reality, the Matrix can penetrate several centimeters into the ground, once it fires a projectile straight through the intended target.

Included in the Matrix package is four quality field tips and four Diablo arrows. This is more than you will ever require for the purpose of hunting. For those who are unaware, the bolts on the Diablo are eighteen inch carbon arrows, which are specially made for Excalibur crossbows by Easton. These bolts are manufactured to be as accurate as possible, so they feature front to center augmented weights and weigh more on the inserts at the front.

Power and Accuracy:

For short range shooting, the Matrix resembles an assault rifle, because it boasts an awesome speed of 380FPS ˗ quicker than the costly TenPoint Vapor. Actually, some customers report that the bow is both deadly, and able to shoot precisely from a seventy yard (or even a thirty yard) distance. Undoubtedly, this weapon is capable of taking out large game, such as grizzly bears and Cape buffaloes, because it releases projectiles with more than 110 ft-lbf.

Given that the draw weight on the Matrix is 260 pounds, you may expect the trigger to have a harder pull. In fact, this is not the case at all, because the break happens precisely and when expected. While it is not mentioned in the list of features, some knowledgeable customers think that the manufacturer added a level for extra leverage, and this is what explains the smooth and gentle trigger pull.

Waxing and Cocking:

It takes a lot of physical exertion to cock the Matrix, so it is not advisable to try and cock it manually. As mentioned above, the draw weight is 260 pounds, so most people are deterred from cocking the bow themselves as soon as they attempt it, because they lack the physical strength. A rope cocking device is provided, and this can reduce over fifty percent of the cocking poundage. Therefore, it is best to make use of this. The Matrix is simple to cock, however you do need to spend some time practicing it.

All crossbows require you to wax the string prior to shooting. This can enhance precision and lessen any harm to the string and your limbs upon firing. It makes the shooting smoother too. It is vital to maintain your weapon, and waxing ranks among the most important maintenance tasks. Therefore, you should follow the advice given in the product manual, and wax your string after every five to ten shots.

The Scope of the Crossbow:

The TactZone Scope is included as standard equipment on all Matrix crossbows produced by Excalibur. The TactZone scope has numerous reticles with green/red rheostat illuminations. It is programmable for speeds between 410 and 275 fps. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that, while this scope is good quality, some customers complain that the illumination is faded, especially in foggy weather.

Safety Features:

As far as safety goes, the Matrix goes above and beyond. Excalibur have used the the Anti Dry Guardian Fire System to design the bow. This is part of the scope mount. If a dry fire should occur, the system catches the string. As with other crossbows from Excalibur, the Matrix can be decocked without firing an arrow. Customers report that the safely features operate exactly as they are meant to, and no problems have been reported with locking the crossbow to date.


Good quality scope: Users are extremely happy that Excalibur includes the TactZone scope as standard with the Matrix model. The scope is certainly a worthy inclusion, sighting in easily and rapidly.

Streamlined recurve design: The Matrix uses cutting edge compact recurve technology to give users an unparalleled performance. This model is intended for people who enjoy firing from a blind, or people who take a more strategic approach to their hunting.

Quick assembly: Putting this crossbow together is no different to the majority of other compound bows. The Matrix has an in depth instruction book with photos, which makes the task of assembling far simpler. You will be able to assemble your new weapon within minutes.

Device for rope cocking: As this crossbow has a 260 pound draw weight, it is necessary to include a device for rope cocking with the product. Thanks to the rope cocking device, the Matrix crossbow draws easily and with the minimum of effort.

Guarantee: The Matrix has a five year No Questions Asked guarantee that covers you for material defects. Once the five year period has expired, Excalibur will extend the warranty at their discretion, for as long as you own the product.

Guardian ADF (Anti Dry Fire) system: The Matrix is a deadly weapon, so it requires a safety system that reflects this. The dependable ADF system works flawlessly, exactly as it is meant to, stopping the weapon from being used unless an arrow is in position. The system works securely each time you cock the crossbow, and disengages smoothly when you are ready to shoot.


If obvious disadvantage of this crossbow is the draw weight of 260 pounds. Clearly, many people will find this inconvenient. Nonetheless, the power stroke of the weapon is only approximately thirteen inches. Therefore, although you have to pull back a large amount of weight, this is only for a brief period of time. The price of this model, of about $1000, is another disadvantage because this will be too expensive for some. However, given the precision and power of this crossbow, the price is more than justified.

Final Thoughts

Hunting is always more enjoyable when you have a powerful, accurate crossbow to use, and the Matrix 380 is a prime example of this. While the Matrix might be too pricey for some people’s budgets, it certainly boasts the specs that make it worthy of consideration. The Matrix delivers all the reliability that Excalibur is renown for, in one deadly hunting product. Precise, durable and extremely powerful, the Matrix has been hailed as one of the leading crossbows on the market. With its 380 ft per second driving arrow speed, this weapon has the deadly power to stop any sized game in its tracks.

5.) TenPoint Vapor Crossbow

10point top view

The TenPoint Vapor crossbow is designed to last for years together without any compromise on performance, accuracy or safety. In such a scenario, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of the crossbow before finalizing the purchase.

You should consider your present as well as future requirements when comparing bows. Your crossbow you choose to buy should be versatile enough to work well even as you gain more experience at hunting or practicing archery with a crossbow. Yet, it should not be too complicated to use in the immediate present.

Here is an overview of the various features of the impressive top of the range TenPoint Vapor, along with a summary of its pros and cons.


The TenPoint Vapor package consists of the crossbow itself, with the stock and bow assembly, a TenPoint RangeMaster Pro scope, a quiver that can hold three arrows, six 420-grain bolts, the AcuDraw 50 mechanism for cocking the rope and the owners manual and DVD.

The quiver can be detached, which is a cool option if you want to make the bow lighter when focusing on your target. The package comes in a soft case that allows you to travel with the crossbow to the target range or the nearest forest without worrying about damage or wear and tear. The soft case is light when compared to a hard case but some may prefer a harder option than the package offers.

tenpoint vapor crossbow package


The crossbow incorporates Parallel Limb Technology, which is evident from the narrow shape and design of this crossbow. The compact design enhances functionality and makes it easier to use it for hunting or for sports and range shooting. The bow is sturdy and strong weighing in at 6.8 pounds and the narrow design certainly makes the bow feel light and functional in the hand.

Looks wise, the black and camo finish provides good camouflage and looks mean to boot. While serious crossbow users like to pretend that aesthetics and appearances dont matter, the truth is, using a sleek and classy-looking crossbow like TenPoint Vapor certainly enhances the overall experience.


The bore-sighted scope comes mounted on the crossbow, which means that you dont have to spend a lot of time assembling all the parts together. You just have to affix the riser to the stock and fix the quiver to the bow to start using it. Easy assembly and compact design makes the TenPoint Vapor suitable for even those without a lot of experience assembling and using high-end crossbows.

Easy assembly is a significant plus that makes this bow suitable for amateurs as well as experts. The bow requires minimal assembly and fine tuning and offers fantastic accuracy from the first arrow itself.


Power and Range:

The arrow shoots out off the rail at around 360 feet per second. This performance is impressive, especially when considering that fact that the bow is smaller and narrower than most others. The power generated by the TenPoint Vapor allows you to target objects and animals 40-60 yards away without having to worry about accuracy and produces an unwavering shot.

To put the power of this crossbow in perspective, you will have close to twice the minimum kinetic energy required to take out the biggest legal game in North America, the grizzly bear. If you love hunting, then the TenPoint Vapor is going to give you a lot more power to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Handling and Accuracy:

While bow weighs just a shade less than seven pounds, a fully-loaded TenPoint Vapor with the quiver and scope attached weighs around 8.5 pounds. While this may seem like a negative for those who prefer lighter bows, the power that this crossbow packs makes it a great option. Considering the force with which the bow spits out its arrows, the 8.5 pounds weight is not a significant negative.

With an axle-to-axle length of just 17.5 inches, the narrow frame and balanced distribution of weight makes crossbow handling a very easy and simple affair. The noise-dampening features are really effective in ensuring your prey does not get distracted when cocking the arrows. In any case, the game is going to have very little time to react once the arrow is released.


10point sightThe TenPoint Vapor comes with a 530 mm scope with five dots indicating 10-yard increase in distances starting at 20 yards and ending at 60 yards. You can illuminate the dots in red or green, depending on your personal preference.

The scope comes with an in-built mechanism to adjust brightness depending on the external light conditions. The 7/8-inch machined mount on which the scope is mounted is firm and stable letting you focus on the target without any accuracy-related worries.

The scope has been designed to withstand a lot of punishment so dont be surprised if you find perfect accuracy even after multiple hunting expeditions and trips to the nearest archery range.


420 crossgrain boltsThe 22-inch 420-grain arrows fly straight and true every time you let it rip. The crossbow comes with six arrows, and while you can always opt for aftermarket arrows, it is advisable not to go below 400-grain arrows for this crossbow.

The power specs of this bow are applicable to the 420-grain arrows. Choosing a heavier arrow may affect the power and speed at which the arrow is released. However, the heavier arrow will do more damage over shorter distances.

While the bow can easily handle heavier arrows, you may not need this considering the immense power that the bow generates at the time of release of the arrows.

Cocking Mechanism:

Like its design and weight, the cocking mechanism too has been designed for maximum functionality and performance with minimum effort. The bow has a draw weight of 16 pounds, which is, considering the performance of the bow, pretty impressive. You dont have to put in a lot of power when cocking the crossbow, meaning you can shoot arrow after arrow without having to worry about tired forearms and unstable wrists.

For an expensive hunting device, the AcuDraw 50 cocking mechanism is the low-cost option that integrates the cocking device into the butt of the crossbow. For some, this is a convenient option that ensures minimum movement of the hands and the body when cocking a new arrow into the crossbow. For others used to AcuDraw, this may seem slightly awkward.

You can always opt for an aftermarket cocking mechanism of your choice if you dont like the default option. Personal preferences apart, the bow allows you to cock, reload, and fire without a lot of strain and is a great option.



If you make the great choice of opting for TenPoint Vapor you should bear in mind that this may be the only crossbow you buy in a very long time. A strong build quality that uses quality materials designed to withstand rigorous usage, you may just not be inclined to buy another crossbow once you get used to the TenPoint Vapor.

While the stock may be the most glamorous part of this crossbow, the actual work is done by the string and cables, which are designed to be long lasting without getting frayed or losing its tautness even with regular usage. With this bow in your hand, you can focus on the target without worrying about the strength of its parts and components.


Safety is always the top priority of every serious crossbow user, and the TenPoint Vapor is designed to ensure your safety is never at risk when using the bow. The GripSafety feature on the side of the foregrip ensures you are never at risk of getting your hand tangled with the string when firing the bow.

Further, the anti dry-fire features ensure you never have to worry about the bow going off on its own and getting damaged. The lightweight design makes it easier for even amateur crossbow users to handle the TenPoint Vapor without any risk of injuries or mishaps.



Well, the TenPoint Vapor is a great value for money buy with many positive features. A quick summary of the crossbows plus points would include:

  • Designed specifically to be narrow, compact, and powerful. These three features are rarely present in a single crossbow, and the manufacturers of the TenPoint Vapor have done a really immaculate job on all three fronts.
  • Amazing out-of-the-box accuracy that requires very little fine tuning.
  • Immense power generated by a surprisingly low draw weight.
  • More than enough for all your legal hunting activities.
  • All parts and components designed with an eye towards details.
  • Manufactured to last for a really long time.


Vapor offers very little scope for complaint. However, there is no such thing as a perfect crossbow (although this is as near), so if were going to picky then the package could use a padded sling rather than soft case but this is probably an accessory that many would prefer to buy separately anyway.

Lastly some may see its price as an issue but let me say that from a value-for-money perspective, the bow is a great purchase due to quality and longevity. However you do get what you pay and it does come with a slightly steep price tag. This may be a deterrent for those working on a tight budget.


On the whole, the TenPoint Vapor is a crossbow that no serious enthusiast can afford to ignore. Made by a reputed name in the industry, the model combines functionality, aesthetics, power, and accuracy in a single package for a truly enjoyable experience. This is a firm recommendation irrespective of whether you want a bow for just shooting arrows for sport or for game hunting activity in the wild outdoors.

Final Words:

Humans have used crossbows as military or recreational devices for hundreds of years. Armed with a modern crossbow, a skilled person can kill game or hit targets at 60 yards or more.

Some of the important factors to consider when purchasing a crossbow include power stroke length, arrow velocity, draw weight, and its weight.

With this in mind, some of the best crossbows in the market today include the Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow, Arrow Precision Inferno Fury, Barnett Jackal, Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra, and Tenpoint Vapor crossbow.