Omega NC900HDC Nutrition Center 6th Generation Masticating Juicer Review

Omega NC900HDC Nutrition Center 6th Generation Masticating Juicer ReviewThe NC900 HDC is the brilliant masticating Juicer by Omega which helps in extraction of juice and much more. This juicer works at low speed about 80 rpm which reduces the oxidation and heating build up action. The texture, flavor, nutritional content and color of the juice is retained after blending. It has the auger mechanism which generates forced inside the tight chamber, leading to the pressing and crushing action of the food content and thus squeezing out the maximum amount of the juice from different items including the vegetable leaves and wheat grass.

Other than being the best masticating juicer, it also helps in making other delicious food dishes by providing the essential natural ingredients like whipped soy milk and almond milk, soft baby food, nut butter from various, types of nuts, and a wide range of other healthful snacks.

The NC900 HDC is made basically for the household usage. It offers the high-performance rate, reliability, strong construction and the greater efficiency. It comes with the six different nozzles, two screens for a juicer, and 2-piece cap for the drum.  You can use the five various settings of the outer nozzle cap which can be adjusted for generate the high amount of the juice along with the dried pulp. It may take some time for the new user to know the usage of the nozzle caps but they are very efficient.

It also has the large feed chute for saving the time in preparations. With this chute, you enjoy the juicing process. The juicer drums are constructed with the particular BPA-free stuff. Many other features of NC900 HDC 6th generation are like 4th and 5th generation juicers. It is also the heavy duty juicer like others and has an inbuilt cooling system for resisting the heating up.

It works great even with the wheat grass than other juicers. You don’t have to do additional settings for this as you would have to do while using other juicers. You can prepare the almond milk, nuts blends, and soy bean milk too by using this model. Because of its multifunctional nature, you can use it for grinding coffee, nut butter, crushing the dried chilies, and toasting the nuts and bread.

How does it work?

The construction of NC900 HDC is in the horizontal direction which operates at low speeds while retaining the nutritional texture and deep color of the juice as compared to a those which are produced by other centrifugal juicers. The masticating action of low speed juicing is done for smooth yet faster.

Omega NC900HDC Nutrition Center 6th Generation Masticating Juicer

Key Features

The NC 900 HDC offers a wide range of features, out of which most resemble with the juicers of the 4th and 5th generation. Some of the remarkable feature of this model which makes it the best masticating juicer in the market are given below:

Low-speed juicer:

This juicer works at low speed for processing, about 80 rpm which is much lower as compared to another juicer. Due to low-speed processing, the blend takes place quite smoothly and avoid the oxidation, frothing, and foaming action. In this way, the original texture, flavor, and nutritional enzymes remain preserved of the juice.

Auger mechanism:

It is provided with the specialized auger mechanism, which helps in crushing and grinding process of the content inside the juicer by producing the forces in the tight chamber.

Food maker:

Other than being a juicer, NC900 also helps in preparation of the main ingredients of various food dishes like extrude pasta, crushed spices, garlic and coffee, bread sticks, soy and almond milk and much more. It works quite finely with the wheat grass too and very easily as it is a heavy duty juicer and doesn’t need any additional settings for this.

Masticating action:

The masticating action of the NC900 HDC provides fine extraction while producing the maximum amount of juice in less time.

Dual stage processing:

The processing of juice is done in two stage, in which pulp of the food content is pressed in two steps. After the first step, the pulp automatically ejects out continually to undergo the second press and thus produces the maximum amount of juice.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of the Omega NC900 HDC juicer are:


The dimensions of the machine are 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches.

Operating voltage:

It operates at 110 V.


The NC900 HDC is provided with the money back guarantee within six months. This period starts from the day you purchase it. During this period, you can return the product and get your money back if you don’t like it. Other than this, there is a warranty of 15 years on the juicer.


Following are the pros and cons of the model given below:

  • The juicer is provided with the five various adjustment nozzles to facilitate the process of juicing as per your requirement.
  • This is a heavy duty juicer which works for various items easily including wheat grass and can run for a long time without getting heated up.
  • The model is a bit expensive than other juicers.

Final Verdict

The NC900 HDC is one of the best juicers found in the market because of its outstanding features, which make it unique and quite favorite. It is basically designed for the household use. It operates at low speeds and with amazing masticating action which provides the smooth and fine quality of juice. The juice obtained at the end is enriched with the nutritional enzyme content, natural texture, flavor, and color, as there would be no frothing and oxidation occurs during blending.

This is considered as the best masticating juicer which works with the two stage processing mechanism and presses the pulp two times to generate the maximum amount of the juice. Its auger system is much powerful and creates the internal forces which allow the crushing and grinding actions of the vegetables, fruit and other leafy stuff. It is a bit expensive juicer, but all these features balance the money you pay for it.