Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer Review

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer ReviewThe Omega J8004 low speed juicer is designed in a masticating style. It is referred as the juicer with low speed because of its low processing speed of 80 rpms, which is much less as compared to other juicers which operate with the speed range of 1650 to 15000 rpm. Because of the low speed of the juicer, the healthy texture of the enzymes remained preserved in the juice. In this way, there will be no oxidation and juice which you get can be preserved for long period of 72 hours without any spoilage.

The Omega J8004 is considered as the best masticating juicer which has the GE Ultem Auger, much stronger than all other forms of plastic and the amazing gear reduction just like the motor with a power rating of 2 HP. The pulp of vegetables, fruit, and other leafy plants are processed in the two-stage process where a large amount of juice can be extracted in less time.

You can also use this juicer machine for converting nuts into the butter nuts and make different tasty baby food dishes with the natural and fresh ingredient like whipped soy milk, extrude the pasta, ground coffee and spices, and garlic. Use this juicer to make healthy and, tasteful food items which you will love.

How does it work?

With the help of dual stage processing system, the Omega juicer can extract the juice from various kinds of fruit, vegetables and other fibrous leaves for preparing different dishes. This juice can be preserved for long periods. In dual processing, two stages are done. Firstly, the pulp is pressed to squeeze the juice after which it auto ejects out for the second press, and dried pulp is obtained in the end. In this way, you can have the maximum amount of juice at much fast speed and less time.

The Omega J8004 can be used for extracting the juice from spinach, cabbage, pine leave, kale and wheat leaves. The food processor can be used for the chopping and mincing of various natural food items like red pepper, ginger, scallions and garlic. The soft food can be made particularly for babies using this juicer. You can get the extrude spaghetti, bread sticks, and linguini in a less time.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

Key Features

The Omega J8004 is a masticating juicer which offers many considerable features and serves as the best kitchen accessory. It is the best masticating juicer which provides high-quality processing, smooth juicing action and amazing help in making various food products. Few of the top features of this model are given below:

Low speed juicer:

The Omega J8004 commercial masticating juicer has low processing speed as compared to many other juicers which make the juicing processing quite smooth with the incorporated masticating style. Because of the low speed, no frothing and foaming take place, and oxidation is avoided. Being slow doesn’t mean, it works slowly. The juicer works quite efficiently and produces a large amount of juice with preserved flavor, texture, freshness, taste and nutritional content of the fruit, vegetables, and other green leaves like kale, spinach, and even wheat leaves. The juice obtained can be preserved for a long time without degradation action.

Delicious food maker:

Other than being a Juicer, Omega J8004 provides a great help in making of various food dishes. It can be used to convert the nuts into butter nuts which can be used in making the baby food items along with the other natural ingredients like minced herbs, garlic, ground spices, and coffee, whipped soy milk, extrude pasta, etc.

Dual stage processing:

The processing action of juicer is performed in two stages in which juice is obtained by crushing of vegetables and fruit. As the pulp ejects out in the first stage, it is pressed in the second stage for getting the maximum amount of juice in less time and the end, dried pulp is obtained. The slow speed and amazing masticating action of juice allow the juicer to maintain the natural texture and taste.

GE Ultem Auger:

The juicer machine has GE Ultem Auger which is eight times stronger than other forms of plastics.

Strong gear reduction:

The juicer is provided with the powerful gear reduction same as the motor having rating of 2 HP.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of the Omega J8004 masticating juicer are:

Operating voltage:

The juicer operates at the voltage of 100V.


The dimensions of product are 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches


The Omega J8004 juicer is provided with the money back guarantee with the definite coverage period which is six months. It starts from the day you purchase the product, and you can test the juicer in this period if it doesn’t suit your requirement you can return it and get your money back. There is a lifelong warranty of 15 years on juicer too.


As mentioned earlier are few of the top feature of one of best masticating juicer in the market, but there might be some drawbacks too. Here are some pros and cons mentioned below:

  • The blending action of juicer doesn’t make noise.
  • The design of juicer is compact due to which it takes very less size.
  • It is a bit expensive model.

Final Verdict

The Omega J8004 masticating juicer comes with amazing features, each being the unique and significant in its way. It is a low speed juicer which offers the smooth masticating juicing process and produces the maximum amount of juice with the help of dual stage processing mechanism. The juice which is obtained at the end of the blend is enriched with the natural texture, flavor, color, and nutritional content.

All these features along with the presence GE Ultem Auger makes it the best masticating juicer. It has the powerful gear reduction which works same as the motor with a power rating of 2 HP. The machine is a bit expensive, but the features of model pay off for the price.