Best Mattress Toppers 2024 (Guide)

Best Mattress ToppersWe are here to help you find the best mattress topper to meet your personal needs. With so many reasons why people purchase toppers and with dozens of choices to sift through, we’ve done the research for you to help you find the best rated and best valued products for 2024 so you can make an well informed decision before you buy.

Why Would I Need A Best Mattress Topper To Begin With?

There are several reasons to consider a new mattress topper for either your existing bed or even a new bed. The biggest reason people purchase toppers for their old beds is because after years of use simply flipping and turning the mattress just doesn’t cut it anymore. If sounds familiar but you’re not ready to invest $1500-$6000 or more on a brand new bed, a quality mattress topper can provide you many more years of sound sleep and comfort.

Because of the many types of mattress toppers available, a quality product can add much needed support to a soft mattress or provide extra cushion to make a firm mattress much more comfortable. If you’d like to bring your existing bed back to life or add an extra layer of support and comfort to a newer bed, a new quality mattress topper could very well be your answer for a great night’s sleep.

We will break down your mattress topper search into easy to find sections so you can quickly learn about what mattress topper may be best for you. Simply browse through the categories below.

Important Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress Topper

1.) Do You Share Your Bed With A Spouse Or Significant Other?

If you have a sleeping partner does he or she prefer a soft, firm or extra firm sleeping surface? This may seem obvious but it’s important to find this out in advance so that when your new topper arrives you won’t need to return it for a new one. In life, many surprises can be great but we don’t recommend risking this when it comes to sleep products.

2.) Does Your Sleep Temperature Lean Towards the Warm Or Cool Side?

We all have what we like to call “Sleep Temperature Sleep Tendencies”. If you have trouble sleeping because you’re always hot, a cooling gel or cooling memory foam mattress topper may be the best choice. Conversely, if you have trouble keeping your toes warm at night many people find wool, latex, or feather mattress toppers to be the solution.

3.) Are You Looking For The Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain?

Many people are, but depending on your particular pain issues it’s always best to consult your physician as to whether a firm, medium or soft topper is best. Some mattress toppers are better at relieving the pressure points in than others. You’ll find great choices above from people who have purchased a mattress topper to help with back pain.

4.) Are You A Side Sleeper?

I’ve read statistics that almost 70% of people are side sleepers. It’s also been published that the majority of those tend to toss and turn more than those who sleep on their backs. I don’t necessarily buy into this (I’ve been a side sleeper my whole life) what I can tell you is that for us side sleepers, generally a firm or extra firm mattress topper is the way to go. Sleeping on a softer surface can contribute to back and hip pain issues. See the choices above for the best mattress toppers for side sleepers.

5.) Quality And Price Considerations

As with so many things and products we buy, you usually get what you pay for and it’s no different when looking at mattress toppers. This doesn’t mean you need to overpay, but because quality sleep is such a huge part of our overall health, it’s important to keep price in perspective and first find the right topper for your needs and then buy one the best quality you can budget for.

6.) Warranty

These will vary depending on the manufacturer and can range from 1-10 years with 3 years being industry average. We feel it’s not necessary to but any kind extended warranty, even if offered, but do suggest in the event you end up with the wrong topper, it’s a big plus if the supplier offers free or reduced shipping on returns.


Our sleep time is the only time our bodies and brain get a chance to rejuvenate and heal from the daily stresses we all experience. Quality sleep is more important than most of us give a lot of thought to which is why it’s so important to do what we can to make our resting hours a priority.

Millions of people have found that the one time investment in a high quality mattress topper has made the difference between an agitated restless sleep waking up feeling cloudy headed, and one where you wake up each day fully rested and ready to have the best day you can. It may sound corny, but a good night’s sleep can you give you the unfair advantage you need to enjoy your daily life to its fullest.


In this section you’ll find a variety of information relating to mattress toppers, designed to make is far easier for you to select the best product for you.

This should prove particularly helpful for readers that know little about the developments made in the mattress topper market, although it’s always useful to revisit the basics as a refresher even if you’re an expert in the field.

Below, you’ll find links to each of those sections:

Best For Back Pain

back pain mattress

There’s a lot of talk about how back pain affects your productivity at work and the number of claims that arise from it each year. But surprisingly, not enough is written or said about how it affects one of the most fundamental activities that is pivotal to your overall well being, sleep.

Sleeping With Back Pain Almost Sounds Like An Oxymoron

The only possible remedies that are touted by healthcare experts are to alter your sleep position or try sleeping with a pillow in between your knees when sleeping on the sides.

But once you are done trying all of the home remedies and realize that most of it is baloney, you start to look for more practical solutions that will allow you to get a decent amount of sleep each night without lightning bolts of pain radiating from your spine every now and then.

One of the more believable and safer solutions is to change your mattress topper or buy one that is specialized for back pain management.

Can A Mattress Topper Help In Reducing Back Pain?

The first doubt that most people have is whether using a mattress topper is going to help. And it is a very valid concern because back pain is a condition that is considered to be very difficult to treat.

That an ordinary sheet of foam or fabric can bring about a difference in it seems too good to be true.

And it is true to an extent in some circumstances. If you have chronic back pain for example, or if your back pain is due to an injury, even the best mattress topper for back pain is going to do little to alleviate the condition.

But for many people suffering with back pain, it can make such a huge difference in sleep quality that it’s definitely worth looking at this alternative as an addition to the other back pain management approaches you’re already using.

For example, if you have slept on an old inner spring mattress or an ordinary foam mattress or even worse, a cotton mattress that has uneven surfaces or lumps, then adding the correct mattress topper for back pain could very well be the one of the best decisions that you’d have ever made.

What Are The Best Mattresses Toppers For Back Pain?

There has been an influx of technologically advanced mattress toppers in the past few years. But it goes without saying that there’s a lot of clutter too. Here are some of the more popular choices among customers.

Memory foam mattress toppers: The advantage of memory foam mattress toppers is that it allows the body weight to be evenly spread out all over the mattress. The foam has an ability to adhere to the natural curves of the body. This prevents pressure points from forming and for someone with back pain, it can make a huge difference in the amount of pressure generated on the spine.

Memory foam toppers are available in a gel infused version too. A possible disadvantage is that due to the very nature of the gel, the mattress may not provide you with enough support.

Latex Mattress toppers: Latex is a hypoallergenic choice of material for a mattress topper that offers nearly the same benefits to the spine as a memory foam mattress topper does. An added advantage is that latex is an all-weather material that does not make your body sweat excessively on a hot summer night and keeps you warm on a cold winter one.

Plush Bamboo: Plush Bamboo is a recent addition to the list of mattress toppers for back pain. And little is known about its ability to negate back pain. However, if you are looking for a breathable and extremely soft mattress topper or if your hard mattress is giving you sleepless nights, then you’d want to check out a plush bamboo mattress. The fabric is usually a blend of bamboo and rayon and offers more breath-ability than any other.

The best mattress for back pain will depend on your condition and is a personal decision. The best that you can do is be aware and make an informed choice.

Best For Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers Mattress

What position do you sleep in? Are you a back sleeper? Or perhaps you rest more soundly in the side position? Maybe you sleep on your front?

The position we sleep in is a very personal thing, there is no “right” way to sleep – we do whatever is comfortable. Sometimes this is by choice, or other times it’s due to pre-existing health conditions and pain.

For most people side sleeping is the most comfortable way, it is the most popular position in the world (41% of people in a 1000 person study slept on their side by choice).

As you can imagine, this has not gone unnoticed by mattress topper manufacturers. There are a wide range of products on the market that have been designed to make side sleeping as comfortable as possible. Today we are going to take a look at a few qualities you should look for in a mattress topper if you are a side sleeper to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Let’s get started


If we are totally honest, this is the only thing that matters when it comes to mattress toppers for side sleepers. Everything else comes secondary to getting the correct density.

When you are sleeping on your back or your front your weight is spread out all over one side of your body. But when you are sleeping on the side all that pressure is still being applied to the mattress, but in a much more concentrated area (because of the reduced contact points with the mattress).

This means that your mattress will compress more when sleeping on your side, and as such you need to ensure you have a product that is up to the job.

While there are many different materials on the market that make great mattress toppers, the most popular (and for good reason) is memory foam. It can be any variation of memory foam (open cell, closed cell, gel) but anything that is not memory foam will likely not provide the type of support that most side-sleepers require.

A soft (low density) mattress will conform very easily to your body shape, and many people think this makes it great for side sleepers. However this is not the case, soft mattress toppers do not have the support required to stop you from rolling about unnecessarily in your sleep.

Conversely, a mattress topper that is too firm will have the opposite issue. It will be strong enough to support you, but unless you are very heavy you won’t be able to get any of these stability benefits.

Ideally, you want a mattress topper that is medium density. You want to be able to make an impression in the mattress that is deep enough for stability while retaining some of the supportive strength to help you balance.

Benefits of a Medium Density Mattress Topper

So what kind of benefits can a medium density memory foam mattress topper provide for side sleepers?

The most obvious one is a better night’s sleep. You will sink the perfect amount into the mattress. You will not roll over, you will not wobble, and your body will be supported throughout the night.

The economic benefits of mattress toppers also apply here (although they are not exclusive to side sleepers). If your current mattress needs replacing, you can give it a new lease on life by just adding a good quality mattress topper and at a fraction of the cost of a new bed.


So there you have it. If you are a side sleeper you should seriously consider investing in a medium density memory foam mattress topper. You will wake up feeling fresher than ever each morning after an amazing night’s sleep.

Cooling Gel

Cooling Gel Mattress

Every night all across the world there are millions of people tossing and turning in their sleep because they are too hot. Some people put a fan on, others blast the air-conditioning all night, and some people just get a poor nights sleep.

Fans and air-conditioning can help you feel cooler, but they are expensive to run as a long term solution (and are also bad for the environment). If only there was a way to feel cooler at night, without the cost and carbon emissions of air-conditioning…

Well as you might have guessed from the title of this article, there is a way – and it’s very effective.

Today we are going to take a look at the revolutionary world of cooling gel mattress toppers to help you find out if they could help you get a cooler, better nights sleep.

What Are Cooling Gel Mattress Toppers?

As you might have guessed from the name, cooling gel mattress toppers contain a liquid gel that helps you stay cool. They are compatible with traditional mattresses but are most commonly used on top of memory foam mattresses (which are notorious for producing lots of heat).

How it does this is a little bit technical. But essentially the memory foam inside the mattress topper is bonded with a special kind of gel. This increases potential airflow throughout the memory foam and stops air from getting trapped and heating up.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooling Gel Mattress Toppers?

The main benefit of cooling gel, (again as you might have guessed from the name!) is that it cools you down while sleeping. This isn’t just some marketing gimmick – it really quite effective. You will instantly notice the difference, especially if you currently have a normal memory foam mattress.

The other benefit that is often overlooked with cooling gel mattress toppers is that they are incredibly comfortable. They made from the exact same material as normal memory foam, they just have the additional airflow made available by the gel. If you love the comfort of normal memory foam, but find them too hot – this could be the material you have been looking for.

Cooling gel mattress toppers are slightly more supportive than traditional memory foam products. The way the gel interacts with the foam means that the resulting material is a little bit firmer. So if you’re looking for added support, this could be the way to go.


So there you have it, a basic overview of cooling gel mattress toppers. If you live in a hot climate, or just run hot while you sleep – these incredible products could literally change your life.

We admit that they are usually a little bit more expensive than traditional memory foam products, but they are well worth the additional small investment.

You spend more time in bed than anywhere else in your home. We think it’s worth investing just that little bit more in something that will make you as comfortable, and as cool as possible.

Cooling Memory Foam

Cooling Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the best inventions that have been released to the general public in the last decade or so. It’s almost magical properties that conform to any shape while providing ample support have been an instant hit for those looking for a sound and comfortable sleep experience.

Memory foam mattress toppers are arguably more popular than full memory foam mattresses. They allow you to have all the comfort of memory foam, at a fraction of a cost. They are durable, relatively inexpensive when compared to a new mattress and very comfortable, what’s not to like! However, there was one issue with traditional memory foam that needed to be addressed.

Memory Foam Wasn’t Very Good For Hot Sleepers

It’s an incredible insulator, which means if you already run hot when you sleep – you are going to be a whole lot hotter. As this issue became apparent, researchers and engineers got together to make a suitable alternative And they succeeded.

What Is Cooling Memory Foam?

Cooling memory foam is the generic term given to a very specific type of memory foam which is called “open cell”. Open cell foam is structurally very different to traditional memory foam.

Traditional memory foam is formed from millions of tiny individual cells which are completely sealed (known as closed cell). This means that when you lie down on the mattress topper, the cells stretch and expand with weight.

Open cell memory foam does the opposite of this. Every individual cell is interlinked with the cells next to it by a very small and narrow tube. This allows airflow within the mattress topper, instead of it being trapped.

Why Are The Advantages Of Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

This open cell design has many different advantages. Obviously, the most important one is the fact that it allows for a much cooler night’s sleep. The air inside the mattress is naturally ventilated with the slightest body-weight shifts that occur while sleeping. This means the air does not get trapped and does not heat up over time.

An additional benefit of open cell memory foam mattress toppers is that they are also much more durable than traditional memory foam. With closed cell traditional products the individual cells can pop under stress over time. This means that the supportive qualities of the mattress topper degrade quicker. As a result of this degradation traditional closed cell memory foam products need to be replaced much more frequently than cooling open cell memory foam products.


If you are the kind of person that gets too hot when sleeping or the kind of person that needs one leg out of the sheets to stay cool then we highly recommend you look into open cell technology.

Such a small difference in design has a real and immediately noticeable impact on the quality (and temperature) of your sleep. While open cell cooling memory foam mattress toppers are a little bit more expensive than traditional products, we think they are worth every penny.

And when you take into account that open cell technology is vastly more durable and longer lasting than traditional memory foam. It can often turn out to be a better value in the long run.

What Are Extra Firm Mattress Toppers?

Extra Firm Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are most well known for being a great way to reinvigorate an existing old mattress that may need replacing (at a fraction of a cost of a buying a completely new mattress). But there are other benefits to be found, especially when the toppers are extra firm.

Here we are going to take a quick look at extra firm mattress toppers, how they help, who needs them, and if it’s worth spending more to buy a better quality product.

Let’s get started.

Who Might Benefit From An Extra Firm Mattress Topper?

We will be the first to admit that there are many people who like a hard mattress for a good night’s sleep. Soft beds simply don’t sit well with some people.

But there are people with specific medical conditions (who would otherwise prefer a softer night’s sleep) that can be helped with a firm mattress topper. Anyone that has had issues with back pain or spinal issues (especially a slipped disk) should strongly consider a firmer mattress (or better yet a firm mattress topper).

The benefits will become immediately apparent, and you will wake up feeling more refreshed than ever before from a pain-free, comfortable, good night’s sleep.

How Does An Extra Firm Mattress Topper Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep?

It sounds like firm mattress toppers are miracle cures from the statement we made above, but they are not. There is a huge amount of reasonably simple science behind the benefits they bring.

It’s all about support…

Rolling around and sinking into a mattress makes the body (and the back) move around more during sleep. A softer mattress puts much more pressure and stress on the bones, and this is why many people with back pain often choose to sleep on their stomach.

This is an uncomfortable sleeping position for many people, who are mainly sleeping that way because of the pain they experience from sleeping on their back.

With an extra firm mattress topper, this issue usually goes away completely for many people. The difference can be instant and allows you to sleep on your back or your side without pain, something you may not have had the luxury to do in years.

Are Expensive Mattress Toppers Better Than The Cheap Ones?

As with most things, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to mattress toppers. The cheaper products can often feel just as comfy as the premium products and can provide great support at first. But reasonably quickly, most of these cheaper made in china mattress toppers will degrade.

They become much less firm and become much less comfy. As a result, you will probably start to experience pain again each night (gradually getting progressively worse). Before you know it you will be sleeping on your stomach again, wishing you had invested a little bit more in the first place.

It’s always a good idea to invest as much as you can in a quality product. There is no other product or item in your home that you will use more than your bed, and having a quality mattress topper is a great way to improve your sleep-heath. You are literally going to spend 8 hours each night lying on it. If you are ever going to spend a little bit extra on a household item, it should be a mattress topper.

The obvious issue with buying something that is a little better quality is that the price will increase slightly. They are premium products, but they are worth every additional cent (and they are not actually that much more expensive). See our Best Mattress Topper Selections in this article.

Buying a higher quality topper will ensure that you get a supportive and comfortable product that should stand the test of time will. Think of it as an investment in your sleep-health that pays for itself every night while you sleep.

We speak from experience that when shopping for a premium extra firm mattress topper it’s smart to take a little time comparing the top brands in order to make the best buying decision for your personal needs.

Here we have taken all the guess work out and put together a collection of the very best extra firm mattress toppers from the top brands for you to see and choose from. A better night’s sleep is now just a “click” away.

Extra Plush Bamboo

Extra Plush Bamboo

We know what you must be thinking from the title of this article. How can Bamboo be used as a comfortable material for a mattress topper? It’s one of the strongest and most durable natural materials in the world!

We know it sounds strange, and we thought the same thing when we first heard about the material being used for mattress toppers. But we are here to tell you that regardless of how crazy it may sound, bamboo can actually be an incredibly comfortable material when transformed into topper material.

Today we are going to take a quick look at what exactly bamboo mattress toppers are, why they are so comfortable, and the reasons why you should even consider one after learning about the benefits of bamboo over other materials.

Let’s get started.

What Is An Extra Plush Bamboo Mattress Topper?

So how can bamboo be a soft and comfortable material that people would want to sleep on?

Well, we will confess, this is not bamboo in any traditional sense of the word. While the raw material is bamboo, it has been transformed into a material that is now suitable to provide the comfort you may be looking for in a mattress topper.

The bamboo has been broken down and stretched into fibrous strands. They are then treated with various softening materials which then turn the strong strands into a soft but durable natural material known as rayon.

Why Extra Plush Bamboo Mattress Toppers Over other Choices?
People who choose a bamboo mattress topper do so for several reasons, let’s take a look. To start with, they are incredibly effective at keeping you cool. Although the bamboo has been processed, it’s still a natural fiber which is slightly porous and allows air flow inside the mattress. It’s like a natural ventilation system, the heat generated from your body flows through the mattress topper instead of getting trapped and heating it up.

The rayon that is formed from bamboo has proven to be very durable. It is a long lasting, hardworking material that makes bamboo mattress toppers stands the test of time. The better quality bamboo toppers can last for years making this particular material a great choice and value.

Bamboo for Body Pain Relief?

Absolutely! If your mattress is to firm and you’re waking up with body aches, the soft, plush nature of a high quality extra plush bamboo mattress topper might be the solution you’re looking for. Many people who were considering getting rid of a perfectly good mattress just because it’s too hard have found great relief by simply adding this particular type of topper.

So instead of buying a whole new bed you might want to first try a bamboo mattress topper, it’s only a fraction of the cost of a brand new mattress and can provide the added comfort that is as good (or better) than a whole new bed.

As a final added bonus, bamboo mattress toppers are very easy to clean (unlike some other mattress toppers) most can be thrown in the washing machine and dried with ease.


With more and more people choosing products made from sustainable materials like bamboo, it’s no surprise the mattress topper industry has taken note and now offers some of the most comfortable products on the market today. Consumers love the fact that bamboo is a highly renewable resource that can take sleep comfort to the next level.

Considering the amount of time you spend in your bed and because of the growing popularity and demand for plush bamboo mattress toppers, we have put together a list of the very best ones for people looking for a comfortable and eco friendly solution to a better night’s sleep.

So If you’re looking for additional cooling on those warm summer nights, an extra plush bamboo mattress topper is something you should definitely consider.

Extra Thick

extra thick mattress topper

One of the many considerations that need to be taken into account when buying a mattress topper is the thickness. It’s arguably the most important feature.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the biggest benefit and the biggest downside of an extra thick mattress topper to help you decide on the right thickness for you.

Let’s get started.

The Biggest Benefit – Comfort

This is the most obvious (and important) benefit of an extra thick mattress topper. Regardless of what manufacturers may tell you, there is no substitute for thickness when it comes to comfort.

This is mainly due to the phenomenon known as ‘bottoming out’. Bottoming out is the term used in the mattress topper world for when someone lying on the topper is being supported by the mattress underneath.

Bottoming out usually occurs around the hips, and is an incredibly uncomfortable experience. We personally believe that bottoming out on a mattress topper is worse than not using one at all. When you bottom out it’s not a subconscious thing – you are fully aware that you are touching the mattress below.

It’s a distracting feeling that will have you tossing and turning to try and find a sleeping position that reduces the pressure on your hips. The end result is either sleeping in a position that is uncomfortable or just dealing with the distracting sensation of bottoming out.

We feel this is the biggest issue with mattress toppers in general, and buying an extra thick topper will solve this problem most of the time.

The Biggest Downside – Cost

As you might expect, the comfort benefits we have mentioned above are going to come at an additional cost compared to a thinner mattress topper. This isn’t the manufacturers being greedy, its simple economics. An extra thick mattress topper is going to require extra material, which means an extra cost.

However, we think this is a non-issue for most people looking to dramatically improve their sleep quality a few reasons:

It’s Not That Much More Expensive

In reality, the price difference between an extra thick mattress topper and a standard topper isn’t that much at all. We don’t want to put a dollar figure on it because pricing structures between brands vary – but for most products it shouldn’t break the bank.

If you are already deciding to make the (wise) decision to invest in a mattress topper, the additional cost of going extra thick is almost negligible.

You Spend Nearly Half Your Life Using It

No matter what you do in your home, there is nothing you will spend more time using than your bed. On average we sleep around 6 to 8 hours a day so anything you can do to make your sleeping hours more pleasurable is of course, a good thing!

We can confidently say that in 99.99999% of cases a mattress topper will be the most used product your home. If you were ever going to spend a little bit extra on a product to ensure quality, it should be a mattress topper.

Simply put, you will get as much use from this additional (small) expense than most anything else you’ll buy for your home.

It’s a no brainier in our opinion.

You Don’t Need A New Mattress

Consider this, in most cases it’s not really necessary to buy a whole new bed, simply adding a good high quality thick mattress topper you can avoid spending many hundreds if not several thousands of dollars today and still get the same benefits of a new bed for years to come.

When comparing thick to thin mattress toppers it’s important to understand that most thin toppers typically don’t do a whole lot to really improve your sleep quality because they are more of a pad or cover as opposed to a product that can offer a noticeable improvement to your mattress.

It’s important to consider your overall goal when comparing different thicknesses and densities of mattress toppers knowing that in general, “thicker” is usually better.


As you might have guessed already, we are big fans of extra thick mattress toppers. They provide unequaled comfort at a fraction of the cost of a whole new mattress. They might be a little bit more expensive than thinner products, but quite honestly when it comes to mattress toppers…

So before you decide to throw out your existing mattress you might want to spend a little time looking into the much more cost effective alternative of adding a thick topper.

Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds

Many of us have received an offer to stay the night at a friend or family members house. Many times we are told ‘we have a spare bed’, and in fact, it turns out upon arrival to be a sofa bed.

We are sure nearly everyone who is reading this has spent the night on a sofa bed, and we are equally sure that everyone will agree they are generally uncomfortable. Oh yes, the dreaded sofa bed, the one with the annoying metal bar that digs into your back and makes you think that sleeping on the floor would be more comfortable!

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a modest investment in a mattress topper for your sofa bed, you can transform a utilitarian (and uncomfortable) sleeping arrangement into one of the best nights sleeps your guests have had in a long time.

Even if you have a mattress topper on your own bed, there are a few specific things you should be aware of when buying a one for a sofa bed. The principles are the same, but the usage will be different.


There is a wide range of materials that mattress toppers are available in. Undoubtedly the most popular material is memory foam, and that is what we recommend. It is the most economical, and comfortable solution by far.

There are a few different variations of memory foam that each have unique qualities. If you live in a hot climate you should certainly look into cooling gel memory foam, or even bamboo (Rayon) memory foam mattress toppers to keep your guests cool.

Memory foam also has an added benefit when being used as a matters topper for a sofa bed. Most sofa beds will not be able to fold back into a sofa with the mattress topper on top of it, which means you will need to store it somewhere.

Memory foam mattress toppers can easily be rolled and squeezed into a surprisingly small space, making storage quick and easy. The amazing properties of this space age material mean that you will not have to worry about it degrading while bunched up in storage. It will be able to withstand whatever you throw at it and work like new time and time again.


The golden rule of mattress toppers is that you can never have one that is too thick. Thicker is always better, and this is especially true when it comes to mattress toppers for sofa beds.

As we previously mentioned, the mattresses on sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable. They are not designed for daily use and need to be reasonably thin to allow the folding mechanism to work properly. With a super thick mattress topper, your guests will never ‘bottom out’ into the hard mattress of the sofa bed.

This actually creates an added bonus for you if you don’t already own a sofa bed. With a good, thick mattress topper you can totally ignore the size and comfort of the included mattress of the sofa bed. It is going to be nothing more than a supportive base for the super comfortable mattress topper and will never be felt by your guests (providing you get a thick enough topper).


When choosing a mattress topper for a sofa bed we like to recommend that people discount their personal preference for density and go for a good middle ground.

The chances are that you will have many different guests sleeping on your sofa bed throughout the years. Each one of them will have a different opinion on optimum density.

Some guests will like to sleep on something so hard it’s like sleeping on the floor, others will like to sleep on something as soft as a pile of goose down feathers.

But the majority of your guests will probably appreciate a nice medium density mattress topper. So in this case the decision is a one size fits all kind of thing.

It’s the safest way to guarantee anyone that sleeps on your sofa bed will get a good night sleep. It might not be perfect for everyone, but it’s going to be more than acceptable for most people.


So there you have it, the three main considerations you should take into account when buying a mattress topper for your bed. We personally think it’s a very selfless act to invest in a quality mattress topper that you will probably never personally use.

The only problem is that you are going to have to start taking reservations for all the people that want to sleep over at your home. But seriously, no one wants their guests to be uncomfortable during their visit so making a small investment in a high quality mattress topper for your sofa bed is a simple way may your guests stay more pleasurable.

The Best For Hip Pain And Bursitis

Hip Pain And Bursitis Mattress

For most people getting into their comfy bed is something they look forward to. Being able to lie down and totally relax into a deep gentle sleep is something many of us take for granted (when we really shouldn’t).

For anyone who deals with any kind of joint pain, arthritis, or bursitis – going to bed can be a painful and occasionally daunting experience. The relaxation is replaced with a certain amount of anxiety. The comfortable cozy bed turns into a place which can cause pain and discomfort each and every night. The slightest misalignment of the body can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep, and a night of aggravating pain.

This issue is widespread, millions of people all over the world will experience this anxious, painful night time limbo every day. Because of the size of the issue, there was a huge demand for a solution.

And companies rose to the challenge to meet this demand.

Today there is a wide range of mattress toppers that are specifically designed to help people who suffer from a range of joint pain issues. They have properties and features that can help even the most chronic sufferers get a good night’s sleep.

This is not a niche market, and there are dozens of products to choose from. It can be a little bit confusing at first (especially if this is the first time you find yourself shopping around for one).

There are few things to take into account, so let’s take a look at some of the qualities and properties you should look out for…


You might expect this to be the longest section in this article, but in reality it’s the simplest. This is because there is nothing that comes close to memory foam when it comes to materials for mattress toppers that can help joint pain.

The gentle yet supportive properties of this incredible material (that was developed by NASA) are almost custom made for the purpose of helping people with pain get a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattress toppers will conform to your body and spread your weight over a large surface area. This means less pressure on your joints, and less pain from the moment you lie down.


When it comes to density, you should be looking for a memory foam mattress topper that is a good middle ground. Not too soft, and not too hard.

It may seem like common sense to get the softest mattress topper possible, but this is actually the wrong choice. A mattress topper that is too soft will not provide the support your body needs throughout the night to keep you in place. You might be comfortable while you are conscious, but our body loves to move while we sleep (and a soft mattress topper encourages it to move as much as possible).

On the other hand, if you have a mattress topper that is too dense, then you will not get the full pain relief benefits of memory foam. Admittedly it would still be better than a traditional sprung mattress, but it’s not ideal.

A good medium density memory foam is the perfect middle ground between support and comfort and will give you the best chance possible for a good night’s sleep. Medium density is considered to have a rating of between 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot and almost all manufactures will list the density rating in their product specifications.


Ideally, you should try and get the thickest memory foam mattress topper you can find. Some of the cheaper thinner products can “bottom out” at times.

Bottoming out basically means your mattress topper is too thin and part of your body is being supported by the mattress underneath the topper. When this happens, the first part of the body to bottom out is the hips, and a large amount of pressure is placed there.

As you can imagine, this is not what you want if you already suffer from hip pain – so make sure you get a product that is thick enough to support your weight. The best thickness range is typically between 3 and 5 inches.


So there you have it, the three main things you should look for in a mattress topper for hip pain and bursitis. By getting a thick, medium density, memory foam mattress topper you are going to drastically improve the comfort and quality of your sleep.

We can’t promise the pain will go away completely but adding a high quality mattress topper should be looked at as another tool to help relieve some of the pain and promote your overall sleep health.

Knowing that so many people are looking for ways to ease their pain during sleep, we have put together a list of best Mattress toppers for hip pain and bursitis for you.

Mattress Pad vs. Topper

A lot of people get confused between a mattress pad and a mattress topper. And for good reason too. At first glance, both may look very similar.

To top it off, manufacturers and brands add to the confusion by interchanging the terms when describing their products.

So, brand “A” calls a topper a pad and brand “B” calls a pad a topper which actually, looks like the pad from brand “A” and brand “C” calls everything toppers.

Ok, I got lost there for a second myself.

The point is, there’s a huge difference between the two products and if you are looking to improve the comfort of your mattress or the support for your spine, neck or hips, then you need to be very specific about the differences between toppers and pads so you can make an educated decision as to the best choice that best meets your sleep goals.

Today, we are going to discuss those differences and hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

What Is A Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is an extra cushioning layer that works as an extension and addition to your mattress. Toppers can be made from foam, featherbed, memory foam, bamboo, latex and several other materials.

Mattress toppers can vary in thickness, typically from 3-8 inches. If your old and rundown mattress is giving you sore spots on your back or even worse, lower back pain from unwanted pressure points, then adding the right mattress topper can bring the added support and relief you need.

In many cases this simple improvement to your existing mattress can make a dramatic difference in your quality of sleep and is much more economical than replacing a mattress which in turn can give a new lease on life to your old bed.

Mattress toppers usually have either anchor straps or elastic skirting which allow you to secure it to your old mattress and ensures that it stays in place even if you toss and turn around a lot in bed.

One of the goals of adding a high quality mattress topper to your bed is to of course reduce or eliminate tossing & turning and provide you with a restful night’s sleep.

Choosing the right topper whether it’s soft, firm, cooling or heated is key to a successful purchase. For now this article will continue to break down the differences between a topper and a simple mattress pad.

Toppers are also available for specific medical conditions like arthritis, chronic back pain and GERD.


  • Cost effective way to improve comfort
  • Available in a variety of fill materials
  • Available in varying thicknesses
  • Most of them are stain resistant and machine washable
  • Specialty toppers can offer therapeutic support

What Are Mattress Pads?

Mattress pads were typically designed to protect the mattress from possible staining. For this reason, you’ll find that it also covers the four sides of the mattress.

However, due to the demand for multipurpose accessories, an extra comfort layer was added on top to make it a cheaper replacement for a topper.
The extra layer can be as thin as 1 inch of polyester or as thick as 4 inches of luxurious quilted filling. Some brands even offer a memory foam pad or a waterproof one for geriatric use.


  • Protective layer that extends over the mattress
  • Available in varying thicknesses
  • Usually have a quilted filling

Which one is right for you?

That depends on what your goal is. If you are just looking for something that keeps your mattress protected, go for a mattress pad by all means. It will be a lot cheaper than buying a topper, but don’t expect a simple pad to improve your sleep experience.
On the other hand, if you’re experiencing restless sleep due to an uncomfortable mattress which is resulting in back, hip or joint pain, then a good quality mattress topper can provide is worth having a closer look at.


We hope this information has helped clear up some of the confusion as to the differences between a mattress pad vs topper so you can decide which is best for you.

Can Hard Toppers Give A Better Night’s Sleep?

It seems a little strange that anyone would even consider a hard mattress topper to begin with? After all one would think that the reason to buy a topper in the first place is to add additional cushion to an uncomfortable mattress.

The reality is, there are as many different types of mattress toppers as there are people who need them. For those who require a lot of support in order to sleep soundly, an extra firm or even hard mattress topper can be the best choice.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hard Mattress Topper?

The most common reason one would buy a hard mattress topper is that their existing bed is sagging or too soft. This situation can cause back, hip or neck problems during sleep not to mention a general lack of sleep and because adding a hard mattress topper to a failing bed will many times solve these problems.

What Materials Should You Look For In A Hard Mattress Topper?

This one is pretty simple-memory foam wins hands down! Yes there are other choices such as bamboo, latex, cooling gel, wool and others but we have found that memory foam is absolutely the best choice for a hard mattress topper so we’ll stick with this and explore the best firm and hard mattress toppers made from memory foam.

It’s All About Memory Foam Density!

The density or thickness is for the most part what separates hard, firm and soft mattress toppers, the denser the memory foam, the firmer it will be. The rule of thumb for high density or hard memory foam is to look for toppers that have a density rating of at least 6 pounds per foot or more and are between 3 and 5 inches thick.

It’s not as important to know exactly what the numbers mean, as long as you stay within this density range you’ll be in the ballpark. Most mattress topper manufactures will list the density rating in the specifications for their products.


If there’s nothing wrong with your existing bed other than it’s too soft or lacks the proper support, you can improve or even eliminate your sleep problems by simply adding a good quality hard mattress topper.

Key points to remember: Stick with a high density memory foam topper with density ratings of at least 6 pounds per foot and 3 to 5 inches thick. We also recommend checking out the warrantee and reviews from other people who have purchased the product you’re looking for.

By choosing to invest in a quality mattress topper you’ll still save many hundreds of dollars compared to buying a whole new bed, so it really is worth giving this option some serious consideration.