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Best Digital MultimetersWelcome to best digital multimeters reviews page. You are looking online for a multimeter, but you just do not know where to begin. Sometimes you need to read some reviews and go from there. I have done all the additional work, so you do not have to. Just read my reviews that I picked and you will be all set.

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Our Picks

It is quite difficult to determine which is the best digital multimeter. Upon reading these reviews, I have come down to 3 choices, and they are all made by Fluke. Let’s review them to see why Fluke is your best choice.

The company has been around for decades, and that makes them quite trustworthy. People have been using their products since before they were digital. They are the leading manufacturer of digital multimeters which makes them the best.

I have to say that it is between the Fluke 117 and the Fluke 87 V as my final two choices. The 87 V has a lifetime guarantee which means if it breaks they will replace it. The 87 V has been around for years, and will be around for years to come. Any company that is so dedicated to one model has to know their stuff. The 117 is also an exceptional model.

What is a Digital Multimeter?

A digital multimeter that we also call DMM, that is a test tool. It can be used for testing voltage, resistance and current. DMM is a standard tool for technicians to judge diagnostics in the electronic or electrical industries. It can be also used to test air compressors or angle grinders.

In the early time, DMM was replaced by needle-based analog meters, but they were not accuracy. As the technology was improved, people use DMM for greater accuracy. There was a famous brand in DMM which is Fluke, she introduced her first DMM in 1977.

DMM can test a lot specific needs, you just chose one include advanced options, even temperature or frequency.

Generally speaking, the face of DMM typically includes 4 components:

  • Display: Where measurement data you can read.
  • Buttons: For picking many kinds of different functions.
  • Dial (or rotary switch): For picking primary measurement values ( like: volts, amps, ohms).
  • Input jacks: Where test leads you can insert.

How Does Digital Multimeter Work?

A set of circuits is the most important factor for a digital multi-meter. Generally, the electricity can flow through main board circuits while you let a current of electricity come in, the display will show you data which was measured. Electricity is basically “converted” into current. The current will be measured through the circuits and also the output is displayed. The facility is undergone what’s known as a shunt. The shunt measures resistance from the current that evolves over the circuitry.

Obviously, the particular operation of multi-meters is extremely complex, experts have spent all of their careers just exercising measurement processes.

Many people won’t ever need to bother about the method a multi-meter works internally, they must realize that it will work as well as exactly what the output means.

Tips on picking best digital multimeters

Buyers Guide

Digital multimeters available for sale today are not only for that professional specialists or engineers, but they’re also extensively utilized by the scholars within the engineering labs within their institute for learning reasons. Furthermore, there’s also numerous hobbyists using these meters for various their tasks in your own home. For the needs from the digital multi meter, the purchasers are required to follow a few of the crucial steps that will assist them to buy quality products, it is also based on their needs and requires. This is just a general guide, in the next step, I will talk about some useful points that is how to buy them.

This is a listing of the most basic factors that you simply must consider before purchasing.


The possibility purchasers must first set an acceptable and realistic plan for purchasing an electronic multi meter. Different brands of those items have different prices which is also determined by the feature and excellence of the merchandise.


Since, the machine handles a number of electrical equipment which means you must think about the security features from the product too. Safety becomes a level bigger consideration if you’re handling a circuit using more than 30V and which could also hand out amperes of current. The inclusion from the blueberry plugs and also the internal blast shields become essential. The probes combined with such meters should also possess the wide flanges which supports your fingers to slide lower in the insulation place to expose you using the potential danger of electricity.


There are many features where many are absolutely mandatory although some are optional. All the DMM posseses an Vast screen. Many of them offer backlight features which enable user to watch in dark. The fundamental DMM provides you with fundamental benefits like the mark of V, I and R however the advanced ones can provide your frequency calculation, capacitance as well as the duty cycle. The meters which could have a temperature data offers it either in Celsius or even the F scales. However, there’s a couple of producers that offer both scales for simplicity of use but for the flexibility from the equipment.


The determination of the brand really determines the caliber of the multimeter. Fluke is unquestionably probably the most popular multi meter brands like Mastech, Sinometer and Extech too. The various brand available has a number of different items with different features, performance and quality. You have to search for the very best and top selling brand and consider purchasing an item that is their suitable seller.

Fluke 115 Compact

Fluke 115 Compact

Great Display

Fluke makes some of the best moderately priced digital multimeters on the market. This one has true rms that allow correct measurements on non-linear safety rated. It has a large LED backlight in white, so it works great in areas that are dimly lit. The Fluke 115 checks capacitance, continuity, diode test, and frequency. It will measure for 30 seconds for momentary and 10 for continuous. If you want a True RMS reading for a correct measurement of non-linear loads, then this is a digital multimeter that can do it. The Fluke 115 also offer CAT III 600 V rating in safety.

What is true-rms?

A true-rms device (rms = root mean square) is one of three tools that can measure alternating current (ac) or ac voltage: 1.True-rms digital multimeters (or clamp meter)    2.Average-responding digital multimeter (or clamp meter)    3.Oscilloscope

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Instruction and Guarantee

You can download the CAD Models, MSDS, and Manuals for easy instructions. You can save it digitally, so you never lose it in your manual pile. This digital multimeter also includes a 9 Volt battery along with a 4 mm silicone test lead set. You also have the security of a 3 year warranty with it. If anything goes wrong, it will be placed by Fluke. Sounds like a pretty good guarantee to me.

Famous Brand

This is an ideal digital multimeter for field service technicians, but can also be used for a variety of electrical applications. It has a very easy to open battery door so you can replace the batteries in a snap. This brand has been around since 1948 making the same product. It seems not to trust them 100% when it comes to their digital multimeters. They continue to keep your business, and this industry around the world is continually growing.

Practical Functions

This Fluke will offer you min, max, and average measurements, whichever you prefer. It also has the elapsed time to record its signal fluctuations. You are able to hold it with one hand which makes recording measurements simpler. This means that the packaging it is delivered in is equally small.

If you are on the go quite frequently, you will enjoy the Fluke 115. It is easy to use, and most agree that it is the correct choice when it comes to measurements, voltage, and circuits when on the go. It can be utilized on the job site, or in the comfort of your own home. Your digital multimeter, your choice.

When you open the box, it comes with the multimeter, a holster, a 9 volt battery which is already installed, a 4 mm silicone test lead set and its user manual. You can have a set of instructions on the package, or you can follow the manual that can be found online.

  • Tests resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance
  • Has a CAT III 600 V safety rating
  • Was designed in the USA
  • Flukes are known to be accurate, simple and are able to do everything including measure capacities
  • Many enjoy the way it feels in their hand since it only needs to be held in one
  • It is simple to use and accurate
  • Outperforms snap on meters
  • Refreshes at a much faster rate than other meters
  • Has a gauge bar at the bottom makes it smoother and have better flow than its competitors
  • You are able to rotate quickly between settings with just your thumb – no need to drop everything else to operate it
  • Comes with lead holders on its backside – this makes it much easier to store
  • Many agree that this is the best multimeter at its price
  • Can be used by electricians or anyone who enjoys a bit of DIY around the house
  • Ideal for homeowners
  • The brand name signifies that this model can be utilized for 20 years plus which makes it an investment piece
  • Some believe that the banana plug that belongs to the black test lead can be quite loose – afraid they may need to replace it
  • Some report that their packages were broken open and scuffed. They believe it was from distribution. This does not reflect on the actual product
  • The quality or the display contrast is questionable to some. It works fine at 90 degrees or from an angle below. It could be a lemon, but other models have the same problem when used
  • Is not suitable for testing LEDs
  • Many report that the quality control leaves out missing parts. They sometimes need to be sent back

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Great Design

This particular model comes with different options. I chose the one with the carrying case. You will receive both the digital multimeter and its C35 polyester soft carrying case when purchased. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Now you do not need to worry about buying an additional carrying case for your multimeter.

It has an auto along with a manual ranging for maximum results and flexibility. There is an analogue bar graph with is able to provide quick changing or even unstable signals. That is a plus for a majority of its users. It can measure up to 10 A, 20 A for a maximum or thirty seconds. That seems to be an average amount of Fluke products. The top opens down to able you to exam tools without taking them out of their case. This helps to protect your digital multimeter even more.

With this bundle, let’s just focus on the digital multimeter first. As stated previously it can measure 10 A, 20 A for a maximum of thirty seconds. It has a selectable filter that will allow you to change the voltage for accurate readings. You can input alert which will provide an audible warning against the incorrect use of the input jacks. This is a necessity for those who are not as well versed with the machine. There is a manual and auto range for the most flexibility. The analogue bar graph is able to show quick changes or the possibility of unstable signals which is critical for most electricians when using the multimeter.

Carry Case

Now, onto the important case that we purchased along with the multimeter. It was designed to carry many of Fluke’s products of handheld test tool and their accessories. The opening is on the top and goes down which enables the analysis tools without having to take them out of the case itself. The carry case has a Velcro strap which secures whatever you decide to put inside of it. It is made of polyester, and its dimensions are 220 mm x 140 mm x 65 mm (8.7 inches x 5.5 inches x 2.6 inches).

  • The 87 V is able to measure temperature – one of the few thermocouple adapters on the market
  • Top quality – the brand makes the best quality meters on the market, and that are available
  • They have the combination of the best specifications, the best build and the best protection for your meter and for your money
  • Many agree that the 87 is a tight meter in widespread use in the field
  • The Fluke 87-V have a reputation for holding their accuracy that will continue to last for decades
  • They are fused quite well and shielded quite well too. They are even tightly sealed and will even survive falls
  • Their high voltages and their currents, weather and many other challenges will not defeat them
  • The 87 is exceptionally responsive
  • It will continually detect and is quite fast as to where it ‘s hard not to trigger a beep when you are testing by brushing the probes no matter how daintily you touch them
  • Accuracy is great in the 80 series
  • The 80 series has a lifetime warranty – that pays for itself
  • Has been evolving since 1989 – it just gets better with age. This is very odd for a professional electrical accessory
  • One of the most copied and duplicated multimeter’s on the market
  • The buttons are widely spaced which you allows to choose the correct button and not have your big thumb accidentally tap 2
  • It has deafening beeps so you know when it is doing a reading – they also engage you and warn you of its settings and possible misplacements if in incorrect modes
  • The case has not been changed in over 20 years – if it works then why fix it?
  • Everything from the case to the inputs and the buttons is all sealed for protection. The only thing is that it is not waterproof, but it is splash resistant
  • The meter is easily cleaned
  • The accessory kit is what helps to sell this meter
  • Some believe that after 20 years it should have a larger LCD screen
  • Some people have found that the Fluke reps are rude and not helpful when asking questions
  • Operated by primary cell phone signals – this leads some to believe that it can crash or be bricked
  • Some report that their plastic case has disintegrated and that the screen has vanished
  • Was described as a ‘2 pack’ but it is actually just one
  • Some say their thermometer not working when cold – if this is the case it has a lifetime warranty so you should be returning it
  • Does not have an ESR function

Amprobe AM 530 Multimeter

Amprobe AM 530 Multimeter


This product has voltage up to 600 V AC/DC, AC/DC current, resistance, and frequency. It’s true RMS feature is able to measure perfectly voltage and current in every condition possible – even with loud environments that have been challenged by harmonics. It has audible continuity and also zero contact voltage detection along with an installed light.

There is also a diode test with a duty cycle that allows troubleshooting apps. It comes with a carrying case (it is not extra like with the previous Fluke), a 9 volt battery and also a user’s manual. Some of the included components are the reliable test leads, a Velcro strap, and k-type probe. It is relatively lightweight for 12.48 ounces. Amprobe AM 530 can measure temperatures ranging from -40 to 1000 degrees Celsius. It has a liquid crystal display (LCD).

Value for Money

This digital multimeter is often the top choice for electrical contractors. It will measure and even verify the existence of voltage in the area for connected equipment or for repairs needed or even for rewiring electrical objects. It will also inform you of repairs needed, new wiring, continuity of electrical connections, let you know of any brown fuses along with troubleshoot motors and even transformers, it is able to sense accuracy in voltage systems even if they have been affected by harmonics in the area. You will also benefit from its already installed torch, so you are able to differentiate the wires and their colours even in the dark.

It has numerous features that other digital multimeters may or may not have. This one has a set of detachable test leads that will measure up to 10 amps with current AC/DC or AC voltage up to 750 V and DC voltage up to 1000 V and resistance up to 40 mega ohms and capacity of up to 4000 microfarads with a frequency of 10 MHz and micro amps. This particular meter comes with a K-type thermocouple probe that is able to measure temperature. It has a zero contact voltage detector that is able to detect AC voltage and does not even make contact with a circuit. I find that to be quite impressive.

More Details

The already installed torch will allow its user to read component values along with notice wire colours and read tags in dark spots. A micoramp reading will identify any changes in flame detector apps. It has a 4000 microfarad capacitance rating for detecting the run and starts capacitors on different motors. The LCD will display reading in digital and on a 41 segment bar graph – you can read either or depending how you were trained.

Also to make things simple for its user, it has an automatic power off mode that will switch the device off after 15 minutes of idle time. This will help to conserve its battery. It also has a low battery indicator that will let you know when its batteries need to be replaced. You are able to prop the device on any surface due to its tilt stand on its back. You can use it hands free then. My favourite part is its Velcro strap that is perfect for hanging. You will not be able to lose your investment now.

  • Made for a professional, but can be used by anyone who enjoys DIY
  • Has a decent overload and blast protection
  • Has a 6000 count chip
  • Test leads are able to be clipped into the rear
  • Its probe barrels are split in to
  • The case it comes with is big enough to hold probes, leads, the Velcro strap and its manual. It fits nicely into your toolbox as well
  • Has all of the features you will ever need for general electric work
  • Has a professional appearance
  • The LCD screen is large and uncluttered
  • Has a good and sturdy feeling case and knob
  • Has excellent waterproofing and the buttons have nice tactile feedback
  • Is easily held and has a very minimal chance of slipping out of your hand, especially with the Velcro strap
  • Has an adequate response time for its cost
  • When you have it in Vac and Iac mode the frequency will be shown in the upper corner
  • Its analog scare is quite fast and is also entirely accurate
  • It has min and max features
  • The battery is easy to replace
  • The probes come with safety tips
  • The fuses are readily accessible when taking out of the case and are even clearly labelled so you should be able to find replacements easily
  • The manual comes on a mini CD which many find to be quite helpful
  • The NVC feature is poor
  • The response time could be faster
  • It does not display frequency and duty cycle at same time in different modes
  • Auto ranging measurements are slower than expected
  • The volt sense feature does not work
  • Narrow vertical LCD viewing angle under indoor lighting
  • The fold out meter stand is not very good – best to just hold it in your hand

Fluke 117 Electricians RMS Multimeter

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

True RMS Multimeter

The Fluke is a step above the 115. It has true RMS for correct measurements on non-linear loads. It has a very clear LED screen with a white back light so you can always read the screen. The multimeter is ergonomically designed in a small, compact size that will provide easy single hand operations. It is ideal for commercial apps that need demanding settings.

This Fluke weighs 1.4 pounds, so it is relatively lightweight. Its dimensions are 6.6 inches x 3.3 inches x 1.8 inches which means it is quite small in size. Its colour is the electrician’s true RMS multimeter, more commonly known as yellow and black so it is easily spotted. It comes with a 9 volt battery.

Accurate Digital Multimeter

This particular digital multimeter is ideal for more commercial sites like hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings. It has 117 integrated non-contact voltage detections to help you get your job done faster and more accurately.

Has VoltAlert which is perfect for non-contact voltage detection. This will help prevent false readings due to ghost voltage. There is a large white LED backlight, so you are able to work in poorly lit areas. Its true RMS is great for accurate measurements along with non-linear loads. You are able to record signal fluctuations with the min, max and the average. It is compatible with the optional magnetic hanger which is ideal for a hand’s free operation. Has a CAT III 600 V safety rate which seems to be what most of the digital multimeters have.

  • Fluke’s are famous for their quality, durability, and accuracy when it comes to readings
  • Battery replacement is easy. The 9 volt battery compartment is beneath the stands flap and is only fastened with a single small screw
  • Can be used by someone who is not an electrician. Perfect for those who enjoy a little DIY around the house
  • Is a high quality made product
  • True RMS and will read the entire input, especially the AC sines
  • Is smaller in size that the Fluke 87
  • Will last for decades to come
  • Has a magnetic strap that allows you to hang the meter on the side of your car or bike. The magnet is able to hold the weight of the meter which is almost unheard of
  • Can measure a simple task of seeing what the voltage is on AA batteries
  • Has a 6000 count display with 4 updates per second
  • Has a 33 segment bar graph along with 32 updates per second
  • The manual is written in 9 languages, so there is one that you are surly to understand
  • The meter has good numeric resolution
  • Made in China, not the USA as many would like and expect
  • Many report the holster is skimpy and leaves part of the front panel and the knob exposed which makes it more prone to damage if the meter falls. The previous Fluke holsters were of a better made quality
  • The display is much lower contrast than previous Fluke meters. The background is quite dark and is quite difficult to read the digits
  • They provided a manual booklet, but one can be downloaded as a PDF from the manufacturer’s website making it easier to locate what you are looking for
  • The leads have too much memory
  • They are not as comfortable to use as previous models
  • Most of its users are disappointed in the holster
  • The display is quite terrible especially at such a small angle of view when flipped out of the stand
  • Product description indicates it was made in the USA, but this is false
  • Some report of the meter flickering which makes people want to return it
  • The product review on the site is different than what is actually sent – this has upset many people

Extech EX330 Autoranging Multimeter

Extech EX330 Autoranging Multimeter

Great Design

The Extech has a built in and zero contact AC voltage detector. It provides a 4000 count auto ranging multimeter and measures AC/DC voltage along with current, duty cycle, temperature, frequency, and resistance. As per usual, there is a Cat III 600 V UL listed. It has a type K temperature probe. There is also a rubber holster protector meter.

It weighs 1.1 pounds, so it is lighter than many of its competitors. Its dimensions are as followed: 5.7 inches x 1.6 inches x 2.9 inches. Included are 2 AAA batteries in which the machine runs off. Has a 1 year warranty that covers parts and labor.

This is an ideal candidate for troubleshooting. It includes 2 meters in a single easy to read, small sized device. It accuracy to 600 volts is 0.5% which is comparable to its competitors. The Extech has an easy to read LED display along with an audible beeper and red LED indicator. It will also notify you of a low battery.


It features a large digit 4000 count display and has 12 total functions that include frequency, duty cycle, capacitance and even temperature. There is a built in thermometer with Type K probe that is able to read both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings depending where you are in the world using the machine.

AC Voltage Detector: this is built in and is a zero contact AC Voltage detector. It uses a plethora or audible beeper and red LED indicator lights, so you know the presence of voltage incase something you want is place near live wires, outlets, switches and more.

Large One Inch Digits: It has a 2000 count LED displace which shows big single digits, so you are more easily able to read it. You are even able to read it where the light is dim or where it is completely dark.

Auto Ranging: You will have a convenient operation that will able you to choose the correct measurement range if you are working with a variety of different components, from tiny electronics to your main electrical sources.

Max Hold and Data hold: This (max hold) will able you to capture the machines highest reading. It will display each update and time when a higher reading is reached. The data hold will allow you to freeze the current display and this will allow you to review and even take notes on the current reading.

Auto power off: This will take place after being idle for 15 minutes. You will be thankful since it will conserve battery life which means you will be replacing them less often. It seems as though the average switch off time for these machines is around the 15 minute mark.

Type k temperature: There is a built in thermometer which can measure temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. You choose which is best for you.

  • Passed other compliant calibration testing and also verified tests that included, but were not limited to resistance, capacitance, voltage both AC and DC, current 100mA 3A and thermocouple
  • The included k-type thermocouple works quite well and is probably the least inexpensive way to calibrate a digital soldering iron you will find anywhere
  • The multimeter feels solid. The removable orange rubber casing feels as though it can survive some heavy duty falls. The main knob seems quite solid and should not wear out prematurely
  • Has a very large and clear display
  • The auto off takes several minutes to work but is neither too short nor too long. At about a minute prior to shutting off it beeps to warn you that you have left it idle for the past 14 minutes and to use it or else it will shut off
  • It measures microamps, duty cycle, and frequency which is nice for a less expensive multimeter
  • The auto ranging overshoot is very bad. Immediate readings are unreliable
  • The meter can be slow to settle, so it takes a lot of time for measurements to be accurate
  • The fold out leg is quite narrow which makes it quite difficult to keep multimeter stable. Holding it one handed is quite difficult as well
  • Some report the packaging to e off. Many report not having a temperature sensor included and zero manuals. It only contained cardboard packaging, plastic, and the multimeter
  • Most are upset about the inaccurate readings it provides. This seems to be the most reported con of them all